Report: Browns aren’t seeking first-round selection for Baker Mayfield

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The Browns want to trade Baker Mayfield as soon as possible, and to that end, they have lowered their asking price. Cleveland is not seeking a first-round choice for the quarterback, Mary Kay Cabot of reports.

That’s a good thing, since no team likely would be willing to give up a first-rounder anyway.

The market for Mayfield has dried up. The Saints, Colts and Falcons presumably are out of the starting quarterback market, and the Panthers reportedly aren’t interested in Mayfield. His $18.86 million guaranteed salary makes it unlikely anyone would trade for Mayfield to be a backup.

The Seahawks have inquired about Mayfield and could get more intrigued at the right price, Cabot reports. Seattle has Drew Lock penciled in as its starter after acquiring him in the trade that sent Russell Wilson to Denver.

As Mike Florio has mentioned, the Lions make some sense with former Browns General Manager John Dorsey on their staff as a senior personnel executive. It is unknown if the Lions, with Jared Goff as their starter, have any interest in Mayfield if the price is little to nothing.

But the Browns currently have no plans to pay some of Mayfield’s salary, according to Cabot, and that could make it harder for Cleveland to get rid of him.

17 responses to “Report: Browns aren’t seeking first-round selection for Baker Mayfield

  1. In reality, the Browns would be lucky to get a 3rd. But true offers are probably less than that. They waited too long and the market is dry.. teams know he’s going to most likely get cut. Why pay when they can wait two months and get him for free?

  2. I would definitely watch more Lions games if Mayfield played there. But I don’t see this happening unless the Lions are inclined to deal Goff to Seattle.

  3. Well, that’s good, because they aren’t going to get a first-round pick for Mayfield

  4. Goff’s cap number is north of 31M this year and you think a rebuilding team will add another 19M to one position. Meanwhile the Lions have 21M cap space. Not sure how you think that could work. Also, IMO Baker is definitely not a Dan Campbell guy.

  5. Mayfield stays with the Browns to be the starter while Watson is suspended at the very least.That is Cleveland’s plan. 1 Million for Watson on top of Mayfields salary. Salary Cap friendly.

  6. Eventually we’ll be hearing that they aren’t seeking anything for him. They may even have to do a Brock Osweiler sort of trade.

  7. footballismybusiness says:
    March 23, 2022 at 4:12 pm
    I would definitely watch more Lions games if Mayfield played there. But I don’t see this happening unless the Lions are inclined to deal Goff to Seattle.
    The problem with your statement is that Seattle is not “inclined” to deal for a QB with a 30 million dollar salary and very little skills to justify it….

  8. I get that Mayfield is petulant and arrogant and abrasive and needs to grow up in some regards. Fine. But the Browns are the ones that showed their sheer ineptitude in how this whole thing was handled.

    Mayfield was a 3 year starter and first round draft pick – it’s extremely classless (and highly stupid) to publicly trash him. By doing so the Browns look immature themselves and petty…AND…hey, geniuses – you trashed the guy you’re trying to now trade. Seriously, it makes them look like witless buffoons.

    A non-dysfunctional organization would’ve communicated with Mayfield before the Watson thing became public and tried to keep things professional. Baker was obviously upset and surprised by the news that they were trying to get Watson when the previous week the team had stated publicly that he was their QB in 2022.

    Mayfield didn’t create this mess – don’t let the Browns off the hook for how poorly this was handled. We’ll see how Watson works out, but this whole thing made the team look childish and extremely foolish.

    Jimmy Haslam – always eager to prove he’s an idiot.

  9. Wow can’t believe I missed this article from a couple of days ago. Browns no longer seeking a first round draft pick? Duh!! Awfully big of them to reduce their asking price.

  10. Browns should get at least a 3rd. Baker’s still young, broke the rookie TD record in only 13 1/2 games, had a solid ’20, and started ’21 well before injury–all despite mowing through 3 HCs/OCs in 4 yrs. And this is a guy who didn’t have the benefit of a true #1 like Hopkins, or a blazer like Fuller, and Stefanski’s run first, TE heavy offense, isn’t built for racking up gaudy QB stats regardless. As for the Browns publicly dissing a guy they’re trying to trade–not a super “adult” thing to do. Perhaps, given the monstrous allegations against Watson, they felt the need to make a bigger monster of Mayfield, if only to justify a trade that to many seemed unconscionable. While Baker may be a sore loser, you don’t really want the, “Nobody loses like me!” guy either. Assuming he gets healthy, at $18M he’s as likely to be a steal as Watson is to be an unwieldy albatross at $46M. And I’m sure Baker’s already dreaming of planting another team’s flag, like a stake in the heart, of Cleveland Stadium, and I don’t really blame him.

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