Chiefs granted Tyreek Hill permission to seek a trade

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Patrick Mahomes could join Aaron Rodgers in the club of QBs who have lost their best wide receiver this offseason.

According to a report from NFL Media, the Chiefs have given Tyreek Hill‘s agent permission to seek a trade after extension talks between the team and player have stalled. The report adds that Kansas City has offered to make Hill one of the highest-paid receivers in the league.

The Jets and Dolphins are in “serious talks” to acquire Hill, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

If the Chiefs are to trade Hill, one player who could help replace him is former Packers receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling. NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero reports Valdes-Scantling is on a free-agent visit with Kansas City on Wednesday.

The Chiefs have also signed former Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster in free agency.

Hill is entering the last season of a three-year contract extension he signed in September 2019. While his base salary is set to be $3.435 million, he’s also due a $15 million roster bonus, a $1.5 million per game bonus, and a $1.450 million prorated bonus this season. His cap number is $21.885 million.

Hill has been an integral part of Kansas City’s offense since emerging as a full-time starter in 2017. But his production has only gone up since Mahomes took over as Kansas City’s QB1 in 2018. Last season, he caught a career-high 111 passes for 1,239 yards with nine touchdowns. He had 87 receptions for 1,276 yards with 15 TDs in 2020.

Hill is a two-time first-team All-Pro as a receiver and also was a first-team All-Pro returner as a rookie in 2016.

The Chiefs selected Hill in the fifth round of the 2016 draft.

52 responses to “Chiefs granted Tyreek Hill permission to seek a trade

  1. LOL!

    When you get yourself into cap hell and the chickens come home to roost, here you are.

    As BB waits in the weeds with the 5th most cap space entering 2023.


  2. Ty.. call Eric Decker and ask his thoughts on what life was like after Peyton Manning…

  3. A big loss to KC offense if they allow Hill to walk away… If Hill does walk away because of money (he does have a SB ring), it will eventually be a big loss to him as well as he may not be able to keep up as consistent high numbers under a mediocre QB than he was playing for Mahomes….

  4. got his SB ring a few seasons ago and looking to get that HUGE payday.

    can’t say I blame him, but he better be prepared for what comes w playing for a team not in SB Contention every season, and he better pre prepared for a step down in who is throwing him the ball.

  5. Wow. Hill is a terrific athlete, unstoppable in the open field, and entering his peak performance years. Chiefs might be able to back up the truck in a trade. Everyone can be replaced. Except Mahomes.

  6. Thats surprising. However, I knew it would be a contract ordeal. Seeing lesser talents get paid is damaging to his massive ego I guess. Guy is a dirtbag and diva, guess they are ready deal him but again its definitely odd when a player wants to go to a team that is not as a good while being on a top team. I really do not know it is money as much as ego.

  7. The AFC has become an arms race and KC wants to lose one of their biggest guns. If Hill goes, they could miss out on even making the playoffs in a stacked AFCW and AFC in general.

  8. If he leaves KC, it leaves a huge void for the Chiefs and automatically drops them down a notch, I dont care what you replace him with. His speed and ATC ability are the tops in the league, and make it easy for Kelce to get open.

  9. On behalf of all of us in Buffalo please give Hill $25 million per or trade him for fair compensation.

  10. Love to have him in Green Bay but he has character issues so I’d rather not.

  11. I doubt the Chiefs would send him anywhere in the AFC. Realistically teams like the 49ers, Cardinals, Saints, Packers, and Falcons make sense for this trade. Although Dolphins would be interesting to see.

  12. Chiefs are going to need some top draft capital in exchange for Hill. A 1st and maybe a 4th this year or next at a minimum. I was hopeful it wouldn’t come to this, but the realities are there is not enough money for all the weapons the Chiefs want to retain. Hope both sides can maximize their haul from this.

  13. The gap between KC and the rest of the West has officially been closed. Should be an interesting season coming up…

  14. Things like this are why Veach structured Mahomes contract the way he did. When those big money years come around they happen to coincide with other players that will have to choose whether they want money or wins. And the QB money drops gradually as they’re able to draft replacements for guys like Hill and eventually (and sadly) Kelce. That’s one reason I wasn’t worrying about how big PM’s deal was.

  15. I doubt Hill is going anywhere. KC will meet his asking price once they see Hill shopping around.

  16. Defense is highly suspect, and they’re downgrading offensive talent. Dare I say this short-lived, one-championship dynasty is over?

  17. oh, this would be great. Raiders signing Adams forces the hand of the Chiefs who can’t pay Hill the same contract. I hope he goes to the Jets and beats up on the Pats secondary.

  18. Well, that changes things…. He can’t be the highest paid receiver, he’s just not that guy. But to be paid as one of the top receivers, and he’s still not satisfied. Sometimes you have to let them walk. If they can use his cap hit for a good FA and then get some good draft picks, that’s great. But Hill is definitely a reliable, proven #1 WR, that’s hard to replace…

  19. Hill already has a superbowl ring. If this is going to be his last big contract, I don’t blame him for getting the most money possible. I also don’t blame the Chiefs for balking at the request and moving on. They will probably get a 1st and another high pick, and Hill will get the contract he seeks. It’s just buisness.

  20. If KC is offering to make him one of the highest paid WRs in the league, what is he arguing about? Given his past, I wonder if there may be some behind the scenes issues involved?
    Go to the Jets Tyreek. Learn what life is like with a sub-par QB and when you are being booed by your fans because the team isn’t meeting expectations.

  21. This will be the cycle. QB gets huge payday and then loses established skill players. Time to see if Mahomes can thrive with new talent around him. Eventually a team may have to let a player sit and actually fine them for this if I don’t get an extension I’m not playing thing. If he wanted a two year deal then that’s what he should have signed.

  22. I am excited about a Miami offense with Waddle, Parker, Kelce, and Hill but can Chris Grier get it done? Plus two first-round picks is a bit much.

  23. You start paying the quarterback and something has to give.

  24. Well, he hasn’t been traded yet, but I guess the winning along with the millions he’s already getting isn’t enough. So he’ll be even richer, and will never win another Super Bowl. Be careful what you wish for.

  25. It’s the last big deal he’s going to get in the league. It’s an easy decision if you already have a ring, and KC probably is better off in the long run too because even though he has special speed, he’s not a true #1 receiver due to his size, but you have to pay him like one. Similar to Hunt when he left and everyone thought he’d be great, I doubt Hill ever looks the same outside of the Reid orbit. He just knows how to use offensive players to their full potential.

  26. This is what happens when nominally talented players like Kirk get oversized contracts…

  27. Mahomes is at the stage where his mobility and accuracy buy time for receivers to get open. Not many receivers can then turn anything they catch into a potential touchdown like Tyreek Hill can but lots of receivers can get open and make the catch. So KC will probably continue to dominate but have longer drives which gives their defense more rest. I really don’t see this as a team killer like so many people are sdaying.

  28. Everyone saying it’s because of cap helol. But I disagree, they just don’t want to overpay based on their measure of his current talent level. This is the way Andy Reid teams have always worked. He will always get rid of players that seem like they are still in their prime, but in their eyes are just starting to go down hill a little and start asking for too much money. Time well tell, but it’s a philosophy that has worked out well in general.

  29. I hope scantling goes to KC, they could use a straight line receiver who cant catch worth a darn.

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