Competition Committee proposes preventing playoff teams from signing players cut by non-playoff teams

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Sometimes, NFL rule changes close large loopholes. On other occasions, the rules address a problem that really hasn’t been a problem.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that the NFL’s Competition Committee has proposed that playoff teams not be permitted to sign players released by non-playoff teams.

The issue rarely arises. During the 2020 playoffs, the Ravens released running back Mark Ingram and quarterback Robert Griffin III after Baltimore was eliminated from the postseason. Neither was claimed on waivers, making them eligible to be signed by any of the remaining playoff teams.

But no one signed either of them. In fact, I can’t think of a single time that a non-playoff team cut a player who was then signed by a playoff team. Which of course makes me more convinced it has happened, and that I’m forgetting who it was and when it occurred.

That said, it doesn’t seem to be a major problem. So why bother? If the NFL is thinking about closing loopholes, how about the one that lets a player facing a suspension deliberately take a low salary and minimize the money he’ll lose during the games he misses?

14 responses to “Competition Committee proposes preventing playoff teams from signing players cut by non-playoff teams

  1. Didn’t a Colt o lineman get cut after a wildcard loss and sign with the Pack last year?

  2. What’s the time limit on this … for the remainder of the season, or longer? Sounds like a foolish rule. If I were a player who had just been cut, I think I’d be more than a little ticked off if by rule I was not allowed to sign with a better team. Hope this doesn’t go into effect.

  3. No, no more stupid rules to clog this up even more. NFL, ‘if it’s not broke, fix it till it is’

  4. how about closing the loophole where a player accrues enough seasons to hit free agency yet gets franchise tagged?

  5. It happened just this past season. The player was Damion Square from the Raiders. He played for the Raiders against the Bengals, and once Las Vegas was eliminated, the Bengals picked him up, and he was activated for them. The first time in NFL history a player has played for two different teams in the playoffs.

  6. Ben Tate was cut by the Browns then signed with the Steelers for the playoffs.

    Do you think it’s right that someone’s talent determines the amount they pay in a fine for similar offenses?

    I’m not in support of Watson but in theory the more talented a player is the more he would pay in the amount of a fine or suspension. I’m not sure that is the correct way of doing things either.

  7. Players could sue for restraint of trade by league restricting employment choices.

  8. Bill Belichick is kicking air right now.

    Who proposed this nonsense? Why not let a player chase a chip?

  9. Eric Weddle was “retired” and played a great role. Why not give other competitors the same chance to contribute to a team?

  10. Yes, I don’t see where there has been any real problem or issue on this front.

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