Drew Rosenhaus on Tyreek Hill: Davante Adams deal flipped everything upside down

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Wednesday’s trade sending wide receiver Tyreek Hill from the Chiefs to the Dolphins had its roots in another recent NFL trade.

Hill’s agent Drew Rosenhaus was on 560 Sports in Miami on Thursday and said that he was working toward a contract extension for Hill in Kansas City when the Packers traded Davante Adams to the Raiders. The Raiders then gave Adams a contract that made him the highest-paid wide receiver in the league.

Rosenhaus said he told the Chiefs “that this should be the market for Tyreek” and that it would be to everyone’s benefit if they traded the wideout if they weren’t willing to make that deal.

“The bottom line is he was in the last year of his contract,” Rosenhaus said. “We had actually worked out a restructure that the Chiefs had wanted a week before, and it really looked like we were going to work toward a contract extension. There was even a report that we were close to a deal, that was inaccurate, but we were working on it. Then the Adams deal really flipped everything upside down. The Chiefs, I think they had the foresight to see that Tyreek was in the last year of his contract and we weren’t going to take a deal that wasn’t better than Adams, so they recognized this would probably be their last year with Tyreek, and this was their opportunity to potentially rebuild at that position.”

Hill’s new contract pays out $52.535 million fully guaranteed at signing, with another $19.665 million fully guaranteed by March 2023, while the Chiefs got five picks back from the Dolphins. Time will tell if that works out for a win for both sides.

21 responses to “Drew Rosenhaus on Tyreek Hill: Davante Adams deal flipped everything upside down

  1. No, Drew. You wanted your client to set the market.

    Good for you. Good for Tyreek. But if he wanted to stay in KC, it sure sounds like that could have happened. Davante Adams had nothing to do with it.

  2. This type of money was the downfall of running backs too. Once teams realized they acheived more gain by not putting all of the cap eggs in one basket for stud RBs their market worth plummeted.

    Same thing will happen with WRs. Its just not sustainable to teams with tier 1 qbs, which most teams are after.

  3. That’s fine. It will flip back when teams see that overspending on a guy who touches the ball on (at most) 20% of offensive snaps hurts the roster everywhere else. Or the cap will shoot up so high that these deals won’t look that big.

  4. Tyreek’s previous off-field issues were likely a factor. Nothing imminent, but would not be a surprise either.

  5. Agents have tunnel vision: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    That’s their job.

    Players balance that with their other interests and considerations.

    But with the agent, it’s only about $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  6. Good move by KC. Mahomes is young and they now have draft capital to continue to put a good team around him.

    Questionable move by Miami. They just drafted Waddle last year and now made Hill the league’s highest paid WR. What do you think Waddle and his agent are thinking right now? (Hint: It starts, and ends, with $$$$$$$$$$)

  7. Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Megatron, AJ Green, Hopkins, and Juiio Jones. All could be argued as a top 3 WR at some point in their career, but I don’t believe any of them won a SB.

    I can’t believe Hill get more than Adams, while Hill is fast as can be, its hard to find someone play the position as a whole better than Adams.

  8. A great QB can “make” a great WR. Inversely, a bad QB can definitely make a great WR not worth the $.

  9. Never been a clearer example of choosing money over championships. I get that players want to get as much as they can, but the idea that because one team destroys their cap signing a player, other teams have to follow is unsustainable. Hill basically said goodbye to his best football situation and set himself on a path where he will be with Miami for 3 yrs where they won’t be able to sign anymore top talent and then move on to another team. He’ll never see that backend money. A team simply can’t pay for top QB, LT, DE,, and CB and have any type of talent around them. Did the Falcons teach us nothing?

  10. So what I am seeing is that a deal was close and then Drew decided that Tyreek needed to be paid more than arguably the best WR currently in the NFL. So maybe the report that Tyreek is the diva is wrong. It’s Drew that is the diva and we already knew that.

  11. They need some kid of cap waiver that allows every team to exceed there cap by 10% with one player’s contract. That would allow teams to sign and keep their best QB’s and free up the remaining cap space for other talent to build around the QB.

  12. The Dolphins had a ton of Cap cash and have Waddle and Tua on Rookie contracts. This is the reason this could happen. I think your only looking at Hill’s individual production, but if you consider he changes the way all defenses will prep for him (and Waddle) it will open up an entire Offense on every play. The Picks they gave up were #29, 50 and 121. Who cares! The Dolphins are terrible at drafting anyway. This is a sure thing even if it is only for a few years because we all know it will never last to 5 years anyway. Let’s see what Tua’s got now? If he sucks; the Fins have 2 1st rounders next year and can easily trade up for the best QB. This also delays have a blockbuster QB Contract for 3-4 more years. Breaking this down… the Fins finally have options. They needed to do this to keep up with the AFC.

  13. Tyreek came into the league in the best situation possible. He was in a top notch organization with a HOF coach, QB and TE. He has no idea what it’s like not to be on a perennial playoff and SB contending team.

    I wish him luck, but I think he’s in for more than a bit of culture shock. I hope he feels like the cash haul was worth it.

  14. Has any top receiver ever changed teams to a lesser QB and had similar success as before? In fact, I can only think of two of top receivers who had improved success with a new team–Diggs and Moss–and both had clear upgrades at QB with new team.

  15. I dont blame Hill one bit for going to Miami and getting that contract…
    also for all the “he should have stayed in KC to continue to play for Titles, his career legacy, etc etc”..There are no guarantees KC is going to continue to be great…just like no reason Miami cant become a legit contender.

    Let’s face it – who was thinking Bengals would make it to SB? Anything can happen..

    Plus if I was KC Hell yeah I make that trade.

  16. Now and for the next 3-4 years, Tyreek Hill is a game changer. A momentum swinger of the 1st order.

    The most dangerous receiver and ball carrier on the field during any game he plays in. Even more so than most QBs in the league. Every time he’s in the open field with the ball, he can take it to the house. Kickoffs, punt returns, receiving, taking hand-offs. He did it all for the Chiefs and the Dolphins want the same guy they’ve been watching for 6 years.

    They’ll get all of that. But he’s got six years of wear on those treads, can he deliver consistently after 3 and 4 game losing streaks and finishing out of the playoffs in a year? Don’t know, he’s always played meaningful games in January because he joined a fairly stacked team in 2016.

    And all that ‘baggage’ from his past, is just that. It literally never happened. He hasn’t been with that head case baby mama in years now. No coincidence that drama quit swirling around him when she got axed and sent away.

    Hill is a bonafide stud. KC will struggle to replace all of his valuable attributes. Best deep threat in the league, best return game threat. Best decoy. And he’s a always been a team-first player.

  17. Lets all remember how good a blockbuster WR trade similar to this worked for OBJ going to Cleveland.

  18. Frankly, I’m getting sick how “DaVante set the market”. He set the market because the agents are manipulating everyone. His contract isn’t near what it’s “made” out to be and he actually took far less. D-Hop is getting something like $27 mil per, while Adams is getting $22.5. There are TWO dummy year added on, for the agent to puff his chest out like he had some huge haul.

  19. chebornek says:
    March 24, 2022 at 12:26 pm

    Hill is a bonafide stud. KC will struggle to replace all of his valuable attributes. Best deep threat in the league, best return game threat. Best decoy. And he’s a always been a team-first player.

    Tyreek Hill missed 4 games in 2019, the year they won the Super Bowl. In those games, Mahomes was 103-of-162 for 1,453 yards, 8 touchdowns and no interceptions against the Raiders, Ravens, Lions and Colts. K.C. posted a 3-1 record during that span. Their one loss was during a game where Mahomes was dealing with a reaggravated ankle injury.

    Also, Mecole Hardman really came on strong late last season and even completed a 40+ yard catch on the “WASP” play that made Tyreek so famous. While it’s impossible to say that the Chiefs won’t miss Hill, it’s been clear since he took over the role of KC’s General Manager that Brett Veach always has a plan.

  20. NAH what turned the WR market upside down was in 2017 when the Chiefs gave Watkins who was the 46th ranked WR in the NFL the highest paid contract of $48mil for 3yrs and look where that has the WR market now, that was the root cause of all of this.

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