It’s way too late for Tom Brady to make a play for a new team

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Before Tom Brady unretired and returned to the Buccaneers, we reported that the Dolphins were contemplating a package deal of Brady and former Saints coach Sean Payton, a plan that was derailed by the Brian Flores litigation.

Now that the Dolphins seemingly have everything but a franchise quarterback (sorry, TuAnon), talk of Brady going to Miami has been revised.

Dale Arnold claimed Thursday on WEEI radio that he wouldn’t be surprised if Brady goes to the Dolphins, and that he has heard the parties are “working on it.” (Arnold apparently was the first to report that Brady to the Buccaneers was a done deal in 2020. I don’t know that this is the case, and I’m not inclined to track through two-year-old tweets to confirm or debunk it.)

As much as I love chaos, this seems like a major stretch. Brady returned just in time to keep the Bucs from making a run at Deshaun Watson, or some other quarterback to replace Brady. (That said, they could still go get Baker Mayfield, an apparent favorite of coach Bruce Arians.) Also, Brady has actively recruited players like center Ryan Jensen and defensive back Logan Ryan and running back Leonard Fournette to sign contracts with the team. If Brady would leave now, he would be making a heel turn even bigger and more unexpected than the one Aaron Rodgers has executed in recent months.

Now, 2023? That’s a different story. Miami could make sense then. For now, though, the idea of Brady leaving the Bucs seems even harder to imagine than him retiring and coming back after only 40 days.

51 responses to “It’s way too late for Tom Brady to make a play for a new team

  1. He already started and finished his play for a new team and it didn’t work out. That’s what the “retirement” was.

  2. I feel like the Antonio Brown incident made him want to change teams but he changed his mind, classier decision to stay put.

  3. Miami has two number ones next year. I’m not sayin’ I would, I’m just sayin’………..

  4. Leave now? Even if he can, wow what a large amount of tarnish for his legacy – likely enough to alienate even his staunchest supporters.

  5. It’s not totally insane to see the fins stack the team this year and give Tua a real shot. If he blows it Brady could be the answer for a year or two to make a run. Crazier things have happened…

  6. Utter nonsense!! We have been horrible the past decade. Can you just imagine what the backlash from Bucs fans would be? No way in heckle we trade the greatest qb ever. Its silly. He improves our image he makes the organization better and he makes the owner tons and tons of money. Plus we adore the guy for choosing us!!

  7. As Brady said previously… “Never say never”.
    There’d be some upset Bucs 2-season ticket holders but…

  8. What would the Dolphins give up to trade for Brady? They just gave away picks for Hill. They don’t have the ammo.

  9. I love you Mike, even bought your book, but I really wish you’d stop with this nonsense.

  10. Well as a Phin fan, Tom can kick rocks.

    The Tua jabs are unnecessary at this point. He has 2021 to prove he is worth the continued investment.

    Miami sitting on 2x#1s next year make it so.

  11. Brady choosing to go to a stacked Tampa bay team as a free agent is one thing. Forcing your way out to a stacked Miami team would be complete BS. I don’t think even Mr. Ego himself would do that.

  12. That would be cold as ice if he goes to the Dolphins. Players signed up to return because of Brady.

  13. When your in one year at a time mode and as long as Bucs put a team that can win it all, why go Ams have to learn a new offense and adjust to new coaches?

  14. Guess some people can’t admit they were wrong. TB was never going to play for another team this upcoming season. Buccaneers were not going to trade him.

  15. Tom Brady won’t be playing for the Dolphins or any other team besides the Buccaneers in 2023. If the Bucs are smart, they’ll franchise tag Brady. No team is going to want to give up two first round picks for a 46 year old QB.

  16. Brady to Miami this year! Why do you think Gronk hasnt resigned with the Bucs yet? No way Miami put the that high flying offense together for Tua. If not this year, he’ll be there next year.

  17. I was contemplating submitting a package deal to the Dolphins as well but apparently in my dreams I was overqualified.

  18. My opinion of Brady would immediately turn into hatred of that truly happened… Not a chance this happens

  19. So we’re trusting a report from Boston?They haven’t been right on anything about Brady since he left. They are just bitter.

  20. Miami still only has 40% of an OLine. Brady is too smart to end his career on IR.

  21. There you go folks, its your weekly Tom Brady story drop that will swill rumors and once again put him back in the spotlight….. right where he likes to be !

  22. So many issues here. There is nothing with MIA to suggest Brady would want to go to a train wreck, even with the Brian Flores litigation aside. Next, the Bucs had terrible local support for five years with the Jameis Winston saga and embarassment. It is nutty to suggest the Bucs EVER were serious about “a run” at Deshaun Watson. Tom Brady has singhandedly changed things in Tampa with two playoff years and a SB win. Tampa Bay is not going to reverse course to another embarassing run.

  23. He isn’t leaving unless the Bucs and Dolphins make a huge trade. The problem with a trade is that players have stayed or come to Tampa because Brady returned. How those players would react will play into any decision Tampa makes.

  24. Writing this as a Dolphins fan…. if Tom Brady forces his way to Miami after all he’s pulled (unless Arians actually wants Baker Mayfield)… then he’s the most selfish athlete in sports history

  25. Yeah and who thought he’d ever be playing for anyone but Pats 3 seasons ago especially the Bucs. You never say never.

  26. Maybe…. Brady agreed to unretire because he and the Bucs agreed to something with a third party yet to be disclosed.

  27. This is the NFL, where absolutely anything is possible. It’s the best reality show on TV. Just when you think you have things figured out, another bombshell drops…and this is just the offseason.

  28. The Dolphins are in no way “stacked” for any QB in NFL history to just come in and lead them to anything other than a wild card berth!

  29. GiantsOwnBrady says:
    March 24, 2022 at 11:08 pm
    I wonder how Patriots fans would feel about Brady going to the Dolphins?
    It should be unanimous or they’re not Patriot fans.

  30. To make a deal like this, it has to work for three parties: Brady, the Bucs, the Dolphins. Why in the world would Brady want to leave the NFC? Yeah, the Bucs have a tough schedule this year, what with having to play the AFC West and NFC West, plus the Bengals, Cowboys and Ravens, but they should be able to win the NFC South and then have a decent chance of winning the NFC to get to the Super Bowl. Compare this to the utter bloodbath that the AFC will be this year. Why would he sign up for that, which would also require him to get used to a bunch of new coaches and teammates, and learn a new playbook? Remember, he said it took him most of his first season to get comfortable with the Bucs playbook.

    It’s obvious that this trade would be a disaster for the Bucs. Players and fans would be really ticked off. Who’s going to be their QB? Baker Mayfield? Don’t make me laugh.

    Even for the Dolphins it doesn’t make much sense. Yeah, plugging in an elite QB would be an uplift for them, but Brady’s not going to play forever. (Is he?) He might not even go beyond 2022. They’re going to ride with Tua in 2022 and if it doesn’t work out, they’ll make a QB change in 2023. Maybe make a big deal for Brady then, but I would be very surprised.

  31. Brady to the Dolphins, I’d like to see this. They go 20-0 and the surviving 1972 Dolphin members are left with unopened champagne bottles.

  32. GiantsOwnBrady says:
    March 24, 2022 at 11:08 pm
    I wonder how Patriots fans would feel about Brady going to the Dolphins?


    The same way we felt when he went to Tampa Bay… sick.

  33. remizak says:
    March 25, 2022 at 10:54 am
    To make a deal like this, it has to work for three parties: Brady, the Bucs, the Dolphins. Why in the world would Brady want to leave the NFC? Yeah, the Bucs have a tough schedule this year….

    The Bucs do not have a very difficult schedule. Their three toughest teams they play, the Rams, Packers and Chiefs, they play at home. They are in a cupcake division where they play Atlanta, Carolina and NO 6 times. And please don’t tell me how they struggle with NO. That was when they had Drew Brees.

  34. Itll be a cold day in hell before I (lifelong Dolphins fan) root for Tom Brady.

  35. Well, if Brady goes to the Dolphins after recruiting players to the Bucs and calling Godwin and Mike Evans that he’s back, then goodbye. I would lose my respect and admiration for him.

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