Kyler Murray: Social media scrub had nothing to do with Cardinals

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Kyler Murray created a stir when he removed all references to the Cardinals from his social media accounts in February.

Later in the month, Murray’s agent issued a lengthy statement that said the quarterback wants a new deal and has proposed a contract. At that point, it seemed like Murray’s social-media message was clear: He wasn’t happy with the Cardinals and wanted to get paid.

Since then, Murray has put the Cardinals images back on his social media pages. A source told PFT at the time it was an olive branch from Murray to the club given the frayed relationship between the two parties.

Now at a charity event on Thursday, Murray claimed scrubbing his social media didn’t have anything to do with the Cardinals. Instead, he says he just did it to do it.

“No that was — like I said, if you’re a kid my age, you’re used to like … people take off all of their — that’s just a thing,” Murray explained, via Mark McClune of CBS 5 and 3TV. “Honestly, like I said, I took everything off of it, beside one picture. So it had nothing to do with the Cardinals or anything like that.”

But given the statement Murray’s agent sent out in late February, it still seems likely Murray was intending to send some sort of message — though now, that message has been received.

Murray, who turns 25 in August, expressed some surprise and wonder that he was trending on Twitter for so long throughout February.

“Obviously, you’ve got the whole social media stuff and then coming out with whatever it is about the future and stuff like that,” Murray said. “But honestly, I’m happy where I’m at. I’m just being where my feet are and keeping football the main thing — like I always have.”

So at least for now, Murray is publicly satisfied with the Cardinals as he heads into his fourth season.

“I’m an Arizona Cardinal,” Murray said. “I’ve done nothing but give my all to the Cardinals and will continue to do that. So I’m not really too worried about it.”

30 responses to “Kyler Murray: Social media scrub had nothing to do with Cardinals

  1. It’s quite obvious that you’re not too worried about it by the way you played the last 6 games. Grow up.

  2. WOW ,could have explained it better by just saying .

    Seasons over,I wiped the pages from last season,”memories”.
    Time to start a new one and forget the past and move forward to the next season.

  3. You know how your message will be received, so in all honesty, that was your intent.

  4. I don’t believe you Kyler. You did that the day after the Probowl, and left it that way for too long.
    Way to send a message to potential free agents, the franchise and the fans, especially since you OK’d your idiot agent
    to immediately begin belittling the FO publicly.
    Some of us don’t just listen to empty words, but look for the actions that tell the truth.

  5. Agree it had nothing to do with the Cards. It was clearly an issue with a spoiled brat that played his team right out of the playoffs. Learn from the mistake and act like a man next time.

  6. It’s just a thing? Is this guy serious? He makes the whole thing worse every time he opens his mouth.

    You will find out, just like Baker Mayfield did, how very replaceable you are.

  7. No secret Kyler didn’t speak to Larry Fitzgerald. Now THAT’S entitled. Spoiled brat.

  8. You would think there would be someone smart of enough around him to tell him to just shut-up and stop digging your own hole. Seems to be on the same path as Baker, failed #1 pick that may or may not get a second contract that will not be one of those mega-contracts but something a lost more close to league minimum prove it deal if you want a better contract.

  9. After seeing the warm reception Baker is getting from teams Kyler better hang on and have a hell of a year!

  10. All I know is that Kyler Murray played beside Russell Wilson in the Pro Bowl and the next day Murray scrubbed his account. We also know Wilson’s trade deal took a month to put together.

  11. This guy needs some media training. I mean that seriously, not taking a shot at him he just doesn’t come off well in interviews. Remember the awkward stuff pre draft where he’s looking to his dad before answering questions? That can improve with some teaching. A 25 year old pro athlete referring to himself as a “kid” is not a good look, especially when he’s looking for a big contract to be the face of an NFL franchise.

  12. He’s sooooo entertaining….

    Love having him in the Division. You’ll never win the West.

  13. When you basically give somebody an ultimatum don’t be surprised by the response.

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