Market for receivers could price DK Metcalf out of Seattle

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams
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Recently, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said the team will do everything it can to keep receiver DK Metcalf. That ultimately may not be enough.

From the contracts given by the Chargers to Mike Williams, by the Raiders to Davante Adams, and by the Dolphins to Tyreek Hill, the market recently has gone haywire. And those developments definitely will impact the willingness and ability of the Seahawks to pay Metcalf.

Appearing Thursday on 710 AM in Seattle, Seahawks G.M. John Schneider was asked about the impact of recent receiver contracts on the situation with Metcalf, and specifically whether these new contracts give the Seahawks more urgency to get a deal done.

“There’s a sense of shock when you see where the numbers are going, especially at that position,” Schneider said, via Michael-Shawn Dugar of “Everybody loves DK. He’s a great player. People have to game plan for him, and he influences every single game that he’s a part of, whether it’s people shifting coverages his way or him just running straight through the coverage or having guys play man where he’s just tossing people off him. He influences games, there’s no question about it. We love him. Everybody in the building loves him. Specifically with extensions and contract situations, we don’t get into that. Yeah, he’s an unbelievable player. It’s a great question because when you look at it around the league, you’re look at Davante deal and Mike Williams’s deal and obviously what happened with Tyreek.”

Metcalf is due to make $3.986 million in 2022, the final year of his rookie contract. The Seahawks then would be able to apply the franchise tag, or trade him.

Or they can trade him now, if they get an offer they can’t or won’t refuse. It all comes down to whether another team with an eff-them-picks mentality decides to make the investment of draft choices and cap space to placate the Seahawks and Metcalf.

And Metcalf clearly isn’t untouchable. The only supposedly untouchable player in Seattle was officially traded to Denver eight days ago.

24 responses to “Market for receivers could price DK Metcalf out of Seattle

  1. Not sure why they would be priced out. QBs make the most on a team, and they just traded away their franchise QB, while they search for his replacement.

  2. The league recognizes his talent. Good. Seattle will probably pay Metcalf enough to make everyone say Seattle is crazy. Such is life.

  3. DK could always take a cap friendly / team first deal – you know, it’s really sad that that has to be a joke. I understand the demand for top-tier talent, but the WR market is getting a little crazy. I guess, in a way, I can’t blame them – a LOT of potentially gifted WRs coming in with this draft – cash in while the demand is sky high I guess. Issue always being that salaries set so much precedent – always gotta make more than the last guy.

    Don’t know what I’d do if I ever heard someone like DK say he’s already rich, 5 million a year is fine,now let’s go get a ring. Maybe that’s what’s missing – the drive for the ring – now it’s all about money. Hell, I have money (not THEIR money – they’d commit seppuku if they woke up with my money) but I’ll never have a SB ring. Guess that ring doesn’t mean much now – maybe it never really did. Sad

  4. Well if you really are gonna rebuild better load up on the picks of wot is supposed to be a deep and quality draft … may not be the case next year so will be interesting to see the dynamics ultimately at play be it before the draft or otherwise.

  5. If he thinks he’s even close to Adams or Tyreek Hill money the Seahawks should definitely trade him.

  6. It would be smart to trade him while his value seems to be high… Is it going to improve this year with Drew Lock?

  7. Patriots should make a move. I’m a Giants fan, we need a 40 draft picks so not for us:)

  8. I could see this; I had forgotten about Metcalf when thinking the Chiefs had to have a plan B to replace Hill rather than hoping the exact right WR falls to them in the draft. Metcalf couldn’t seek anything Like T. Hill money.

  9. If Seattle sticks with the Lock and Geno show, Metcalf ought to hold out because its obvious the Birds will tank the season. Who wants to play for that scenario in a contract year? Play hard for your fans Seattle and get a QB.

  10. Everyone wants to play for the soon to be world Champion Minnesota Vikings……

  11. Seahawks had some of the highest cap space heading into this free agency period, they had an even more insane amount for next year. Out of all the teams, Seattle can afford DK’s upcoming big contract.

  12. But what’s truly being hidden here is the fact that Wilkins was the 46th ranked WR in the league in 2016 and yet he was given a $48mil($16mil/yr) 3yr contract for being the 46th ranked WR in the NFL, these kinds of deals are what sets these markets on it’s head and there’s no one to thank for that other than the Chiefs!

  13. The bigger question in Seattle for next year is Tyler Lockett…he is really good wide receiver that other teams should be gunning for…Metcalf is young and will stay in Seattle, Lockett is ready to be traded to a play-off team so Seattle can get more draft picks….

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