Competition Committee makes no proposals for new playing rules

NFL: JAN 23 AFC Divisional Round - Bills at Chiefs
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The NFL rulebook may be completely unchanged in 2022.

The Competition Committee made no proposals at all for new playing rules for the owners to vote upon at the upcoming league meeting. The committee’s only recommendation was to make permanent last year’s rule change limiting the number of players on the receiving team who could line up in the setup zone to recover an onside kick. (Last year the rule was changed only for a one-year trial.)

And the only rule changes that were proposed by teams were the two different potential changes to overtime that have been submitted.

If the owners vote to make last year’s kickoff rule change permanent, and neither of the two overtime proposals gets the necessary three-fourths majority to pass, that would result in the league having the exact same playing rules in 2022 that it had in 2021. That’s highly unusual: According to, the NFL hasn’t kept its rulebook the same for two consecutive seasons since 1965-66.

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