Deshaun Watson’s comments about new Cleveland contract hurt his credibility

Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Deshaun Watson
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Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson needs fans and media to believe that he didn’t violate the rights of any of the 22 woman who have sued him for sexual misconduct during massage sessions. That makes his overall credibility directly relevant to the question of whether he should be believed when he insists that he did nothing wrong.

Regarding his overall credibility, Watson did himself no favors when he claimed during his introductory press conference that his decision to select the Browns had nothing to do with the five-year, fully-guaranteed, $230 million contract the team offered him.

“Actually, it had nothing to do with the contract,” Watson said regarding his selection of the Browns. “I did not know about the contract until I told my agent that I wanted to come and be a Cleveland Brown. That was secondary. That was after the fact that we spoke on the phone with [Andrew Berry], Kevin and the Haslam family. That had nothing to do with me choosing the Cleveland Browns.”

That’s just not believable. Multiple reports have indicated that, when Watson was struggling with four potential destinations, he eliminated the Browns first. Next came the Panthers, who per multiple reports were unwilling to guarantee the final two years of the new five-year deal.

Of course the contract became a major factor. To suggest otherwise offends the person of even the most average intelligence (i.e., me). Russell Wilson, who has only two years left on his current deal, didn’t get a new contract when he was traded to the Broncos. And as to the claim by Browns G.M. Andrew Berry that Watson’s new team simply wanted one more year of control, they surely could have gotten it without ripping up the contract Watson received in September 2020 and replacing it with an unprecedented five-year, fully-guaranteed deal.

The mere fact that the Browns became the first team to guarantee every single payment FOR FIVE YEARS into the future shows that, indeed, it was about the contract. Watson can say it wasn’t about the contract, and the rest of us can say, “I don’t believe you.”

And if people don’t believe Watson about this, will they believe him about more important things, like whether he did indeed cross the line with 22 massage therapists who weren’t willing to convert the session into a consensual sexual encounter?

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  1. Browns fan here. I’ve been haunted by this team since 1986. Since they returned in 99, I’ve come to believe that they are more tone deaf and stupid as opposed to liars. I could be wrong, but I believe that they believe they are telling the truth which makes them look more foolish than shady. Not sure why I keep going back to a restaurant that continually disappoints and serves sour food…but I’ll tip the waiter and come back. Some would argue that I’m the fool; they’d be right. Welp, back to rooting for them!

  2. Why… He knows why he choose Cleveland better than anyone… and most analysis thought before he choose that his best choice was Cleveland as far as team talent and winning now ability plus they had the cap space… He doesn’t need to make-up a reason, if he said the contract was the reason, so what… that almost always plays the biggest part in every players choice… What the point of this opinion and new area of attack on him, more smoke and mirror aimed at a further attempt to sway public opinion against him even more. That sad and should stop…

  3. Could have said, “the contract the Browns presented showed a commitment in me as a person and player, and that made me want to be in Cleveland.”

    Honest. Not greedy. Needle threaded.

  4. His credibility took a massive torpedo before this conference even started

  5. C’mon man. He was just saying the contract wasn’t the most important thing.
    You should reread his comments

  6. I totally believe him. He had no idea he was getting ONLY $230 million to go to Cleveland. He just assumed it was going to be WAY more than what Mahomes got. You know what happens when you assume though…

  7. I’ve always had affection for the Bills, Lions and Browns. Great fans, your typical blue collar classic footballers. I’ll be scratching the Browns off that list with their garbage ownership, scummy organization and new pervert QB. I will enjoy watching this blow up in their face. I just feel terrible for the fans, they deserve so much better.

  8. Imagine being so simple that you hold an NFL player to saying the truth of it was all about the money and the fans can go to hell. What a pathetic expectation. I’d say 2 grand juries lead to more credibility to playing nice at a presser.

  9. Or Cleveland is so incompetent they gave someone an unprecedented 5 year guaranteed contract without needing to do it.

  10. QB & organization/owner are perfect for each other. Popcorn is in the microwave, just waiting for the implosion.

  11. Or he told the truth & he made up his mind on Cleveland being the team he wanted to be on and then the contract he was offered was the icing on the cake . The idea that Watson would care what anyone thought about his answer is absurd. He answered the question asked, why should that be doubted as anything other then truthful? What if saying the Browns were out was ploy to get more money and a better deal and it worked and got him on the team that he wanted to be on from the get go .

  12. So many experts on here doubting Watson’s version of the contract despite not being in the room… or even the state! Albert Breer wrote a story for Sports Illustrated entitled “Why Deshaun Watson Chose the Browns” on March 21st detailing and confirming Watson’s take. According to Breer’s sources, Watson did indeed choose the Browns due to their loaded, young roster and his positive impression of Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski. He was also impressed with the Owners knowledge of the players on their roster. After initially turning the Browns down due to the bad Cleveland weather, he quickly changed his mind and told his agent to contact the Browns and get a deal done.

  13. It’s funny that Watson had it down to 4 teams that he would play for. The Browns,Falcons,Panthers,and Saints. The Browns were the 1st team that he eliminated. A few days later,he’s a Cleveland Brown. What changed?

  14. No matter what Cleveland (Not just the Browns) teams due it always garners negativity and ridicule. Then you all seem confounded when the teams make a statement to all of you basically telling you all to kick rocks. Lol! It’s like you think your voice really matters or what you people think is significant. Well your voice, opinions, disillusioned facts, wrong info, uneasy temperament, insincerity, general disposition and any and everything else that can describe your strange affliction with The people and the Teams of Cleveland/N. E.0h10. It is markedly apparent you all have no intention of ever seeing anything CLE ever does as serious, intentional or reasonable, and that’s bias. So in the social climate of today 2022 CLE faces discrimination, prejudice, and exclusion as well as dishonest reporting, and non-factual representations of issues and situations that happen within the franchises. Don’t think so? Ask 31 other teams how they manage their budgeted cap space while writing new contracts. Look into what the GMs around the league do when they write up a sizable contract and ask them about the first year of that contract. According to most of you AND the media, it is only because theyre trying to accommodate their new polarizing QB. Sure, whatever you say information man. Ignorance thru and through. Look into it, why would you report something you haven’t looked into fully? Are you ONLY working to assist those wanting to make everything appear a certain way, or are you working with truth and reason? CLE and and the Browns and as well the loyal ownership, dedicated management and even the coaching staff DO NOT HOLD YOU, ALL OF YOU, WITH ANY REGARD WHATSOEVER! AND everytime you snicker and play footsie and grab azt with one another,at the yuk-yuks water cooler over another Browns joke, just remember you, your words , and your actions are of ZERO significance over here. So carry on, misery loves company and you all need this from one another in order to survive. Stick together and you’ll go far!

  15. Why would there be an implosion in Cleveland? Everyone to a man in the Texans locker room considered Watson an ideal teammate and a great young leader. He was adored in the Houston community because of his contributions, both time and money, to many causes. You’ve forgotten he paid the salaries of concession, food service and other stadium staff during the first year of the pandemic? None of that has changed based upon several transactional interactions with sex workers… errr… massage therapists

  16. He should run for Congress after he’s done with football. Of course it was about the contract or else he would be somewhere else. Why even lie about it? How can anyone believe anything he says now? It’s going to be an interesting five years in Cleveland. If they don’t win just watch how much they start to go after Watson and the owners.

  17. Most repulsive player in the NFL… He is going to get booed in every game even at home…LoL

  18. We all know Watson was on a conference call with his agent and Haslam and was yelling into the phone “Jimmy, SHOW ME THE MonEEEYY!!!”

  19. Liars gonna lie. Browns gonna Brown. Total failure of a franchise. Always has been (since Jim Brown left) and always will be.

  20. Every player says it’s not about the contract, but it’s nearly always about the money. Guys that take less money to be where they want to be, those guys can be taken at their word. I don’t begrudge anyone for maximizing their earnings and I get it’s part of the game to lie, but in this case there was too much publicity about eliminating the Browns. He got caught and didn’t know enough to acknowledge that the contract was just “part” of the decision.

  21. The point is that It is such an asinine statement that it’s clear that he thinks people are idiots.

  22. If the contract didn’t matter and all he wanted to do was go to Cleveland regardless, then they wouldn’t have offered something as preposterous as a five-year guaranteed contract.

    It’s completely insane. The greatest players in NFL history, of which Watson definitely isn’t one, have never gotten that kind of contract. No one would do that unless they were desperate and it was completely necessary to get the player.

    To suggest otherwise, and to imply that he “didn’t know” about the contract, is insulting.

  23. And I will say it again, if the Browns fans continue to support and root for the Browns after this they don’t deserve to win a SB or to even have a winning team!

    And I bet they will continue support them just like the fools always do!

  24. Say what you want about the Browns, they have major talent on both sides of the ball. All they were missing is a QB.

    The Steelers are rebuilding. The Bengals are formidable but may regress to the mean. The Ravens reign is probably over once Jackson signs a new deal.

    The Panthers are a decent team. The Falcons aren’t very good. The Saints aren’t what they used to be.

    The Browns aren’t a bad choice.

  25. 0h10 says:
    Have fun defending Therapist for his entire stay in Cleveland… even though Cleveland wasn’t his first, second or third choice.

  26. There are about 1440 players in the NFL. only one is getting sued by 22 women all claiming the same violation. 1 out of 1440. And you believe what?

  27. If he plays great the last year of the contract will be a bargain for the Browns.

  28. I know the player will have the money after these next 5 years but I hope said 5 years are futile and failure marked for player and clownshow team.

  29. “What the point of this opinion and new area of attack on him, more smoke and mirror aimed at a further attempt to sway public opinion against him even more”

    He’s actually pretty good at swaying public opinion against himself without anyone’s help. First, he abandoned his team last year after a spat with ownership. Sat out the entire year because baby didn’t get his way. Second, when 22 people accuse you of something, chances are you did something bad. And the stories are not flattering. Then, you tell the Browns no thanks, then agree when they give you the largest contract in NFL history. Then you deny it. All this is what he personally has done. No one made him do any of it. If the public interprets it as him being a bad guy, a bad teammate, and a lying panderer, then we apologize for looking at tangible things he has done and, based on those facts, make a reasonable conclusion.

  30. Will the past blemishes of the 22 accusers be published with the same zeal when they are uncovered? Or will the people who published story after story on Watson suddenly get principled and “protect the victims?”

  31. I don’t know. Having a chance to win may neutralize the difference between choosing between 180 million and 230 million especially when you already have millions and have played on a terrible team.

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