It’s no excuses for Tua Tagovailoa in 2022

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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On one hand, the Dolphins have given quarterback Tua Tagovailoa an extreme degree of support in 2022. On the other hand, the Dolphins have given quarterback Tua Tagovailoa an extreme degree of support in 2022.

Tua has no excuses this year. None. The Dolphins have a solid defense, and they’ve beefed up their offense with multiple linemen (including Terron Armstead), multiple running backs (Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert), and receiver Tyreek Hill. New coach Mike McDaniel, an offensive genius who will make the most out of the pieces the Dolphins have, will put Tua in the best position possible to win.

Eventually, it all comes down to Tua. Can he execute? Can he stay healthy? Can he avoid giving “backup” Teddy Bridgewater an opening?

If Tua can, that’s great both for the team and for the fifth overall pick in the 2020 draft. If he can’t, someone else will be playing quarterback for the Dolphins in 2023.

And the Dolphins will have their pick of plenty of options. They’ll be the team for which every established quarterback wants to play next year, once the now-annual quarterback carousel starts to spin.

We won’t name names (other than Tom Brady). Do we really need to? Look around. The candidates to be traded or signed in 2023 are obvious. And they’ll all be clamoring for a chance to quarterback the Dolphins, unless Tua finally cements himself as the quarterback of the present, and future.

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  1. With Brian Flores gone, we have no idea if their defense is “solid”. In fact, it will probably be worse than last year.

    And, a generic RB like Mostert, no Devonte Parker or an oft-injured Armstead won’t mean much of a move of the needle.

    We heard the same thing about the 2020 team with 237 million in signings, an NFL record.

    A rookie coach and new staff? Those are never great.

  2. Josh Allen needed Diggs in his 3rd year to take the next step. This despite having a CS and FO putting the line and other offensive needs eventually in place.

    Tua hasn’t had that support in Davie. Until now.

  3. I’m not sure why the Dolphins made this move. The AFC is strong and it is likely only one team, barring injuries, will come out of the AFC East in January – The Bills.

    But good luck to them.

  4. Other than some injuries, Tua doesn’t need any excuses. His numbers per game are very similar to Mac Jones, who was a pro-bowler and widely acclaimed as a good QB. The guy is far from elite, but there are plenty around the league worse than him.

  5. Think about the Oline if Armstead goes down… Pretty obvious problem needing a solution before it happens.

  6. They don’t care about Tua. The team is stacked for whoever they have in the next three years. This is a mildly long term move–they’re opening the window a year early. It’s smart.

  7. Don’t forget another big option. They still have 2 1st round picks in next years draft that they could find their future Qb with plenty of talent coming out next year!Fins Up

  8. Every year there is a team that blows all other teams away with free agent additions and trades. Oddly enough that team rarely wins the super bowl. Miami has a bunch of new moving pieces. All the new pieces won’t gel that fast but as of right now the Dolphins are the super bowl winners of the off season.

  9. False. He has a multitude of excuses and they all center around the fact that he is not a good QB.

  10. Yeah… we get it. Yeah, Tua gets it. He needs to play better than just a slightly above average QB. But let me ask – where is all this criticism of: Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones? Seriously… I ask for once, look at what he dealt w/ and tell me what QB would flourish in that environment? Probably won’t let this be posted but it needs to be. Stop w/ the Tua needs to prove stuff and let it play out. If he fails – then so be it. But level set the animosity because it’s palatable. And I’m not even a Tuaanon – just a guy who reads this and say – WTH.

  11. There is an excuse though, a head coach whose qualifications are having the NFL coaching equivalent of a cup of coffee with Kyle Shanahan. He could be the next Sean McVay or the next Matt Nagy. A lot of resources to invest when your head coach is a giant question mark.

  12. Tua played behind the worst offensive line in the NFL last year with an offence that had two offensive coordinators ???? it will be a totally different story this year

  13. Congratulations, Coach McDaniel. Just about everyone in NFL media outlets has stated any failures by Miami this year is on Tua, no one else. Your job should be secure for at least two years, easy.

  14. Tua can win 7 or 8 games a year but he’s not going to get you to the promised land, the last two seasons he collapsed when a playoff spot was on the line.

  15. Isn’t this the same with all QBs? What happens if Watson flops with the Browns? Wilson flops with the Broncos? I would say Tua does have a shorter leash especially with all the talent that has been brought in. But his time in Miami hasn’t exactly been easy on him. Multiple OCs. Revolving door with receivers. The Watson stuff that was hanging over him. I think this may actually be his first year where he could have a level of comfort and continuity. Teddy is there to be a professional, stay ready, and push the starter. Competition brings out the best in players. If Tua and the majority of the offense stay healthy then this team could be really dangerous. Something we haven’t seen from Miami in quite sometime.

  16. If the new HC can get the most out of his offensive line and schemes on offense, Tua or Bridgewater have a chance but being a young HC, McDaniel has to deliver on gameday and getting the most out of his assistant coaches.

  17. Tua and 2 ones to Tampa for Brady is happening. Why else has Brady not got a new deal yet. Terrible look for Brady … but what are you going to do.

  18. People will be clamoring to play with chase Edmonds and Raheem mostart? Lol ok then.

    Tua will
    Never be josh allen… Miami’s added some nice pieces for sure, but they need free agency bc they can’t draft worth a damn .

  19. Don’t know why everyone is being so hard on Tua. Dude has been under constant pressure of not being wanted on the team, might I add the team that decided to draft him. I think he’s fine.

  20. Tua is a back up level NFL QB. If the Dolphins don’t know it, they’re lying to themselves.

  21. Funny how other fan bases are worried enough to try and troll Tua. I look forward to next season as the fins have had a crap O-line for last 8-10 yrs.

  22. “Tua will
    Never be josh allen… Miami’s added some nice pieces for sure, but they need free agency bc they can’t draft worth a damn”

    Completely disagree. Josh Allen was not Josh Allen until Steffon Diggs came to town in his 3rd seasons. If you compare the first two seasons between Tua and Allen Tua has the better passing rating, PFF Grade and QBR.

  23. To all those who cite the inevitability of Bridgewater ending up as the starter: Did you watch Teddy play last season? He’s as dispassionate a quarterback as I’ve ever seen. Looks like he wants to be anywhere but in the game, and plays like it.

  24. Excited to see what Tua can do with these pieces, and putting him in a position to succeed. That oline was atrocious and GM hasn’t been hitting on draft picks outside that kid lighting it up for Pittsburgh

    Fournette would have looked great back there.

  25. Tua will be decent, which is the worst for GMs to deal with. If you draft a josh Rosen you can see it immediately and move on quickly. Or you get a Joe Burrow or Justin Herbert and can be set for a decade. But if you get a qb who leads you to 9-8 and squeaking into the playoffs or 8-9 and just missing, it becomes really hard to extend, trade, or demote him. That’s what Tua has been. Though, the league thought the same of Josh Allen in years 1 & 2.

  26. Miami’s added some nice pieces for sure, but they need free agency bc they can’t draft worth a damn .


    The Bills signed 7 free agents this offseason. More than half the Bills players are free agents signees….I guess the Bills cant draft worth a damn either, huh?

  27. It’s funny, Justin Herbert get help and it’s celebrated, but Tua gets the same and somehow a guy who has a better w-l record in college and the pros and has had to deal with an inept gm and coach, the spector of being traded, turnstile of OC’s and more garbage than Herbert will ever know in his entire career, but we’re already at the ultimatum stage? Unreal. Enjoy your arm-porn qb as he overthrows and sails balls overhead at critical times…just like in college.

  28. I may eat my words, but when I watch That play he just doesn’t seem to get it. I don’t see the fire, I see someone who seems to be in over his head. I would like to see him succeed, he is a good guy. But I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  29. The key piece is Mike McDaniel. The 49ers offense, of which he was a vital part, excelled at creating YAC opportunities. With the speed that the Dolphins have at WR and RB there will be a lot of explosive plays. Plus, Tua threw a really nice long ball at Alabama. Presumably he hasn’t forgotten how. Hill and Waddle are perfect WR’s to capitalize on that.

  30. If Tom Brady can take the Dolphins to a SB in 2023 in that AFC I’ll take back anything bad I’ve ever said about the man. It would be his greatest accomplishment to date.

  31. touchback6 says:
    March 25, 2022 at 9:17 pm
    With Brian Flores gone, we have no idea if their defense is “solid”. In fact, it will probably be worse than last year.


    You are right. We saw how far the Pats’ defense degraded since Flores left. BB should have begged him to come back to NE

  32. I serioulsy doubt Tom Brady will play for the Dolphins or any other team in 2023 unless it’s a trade. If the Bucs don’t sign him to an extension, they’ll franchise tag him before free agency next year. No way they let him walk for nothing. Even if he announces his retirement again, the Bucs should tag him, to protect themselves. Espcially if Brady does another phony retirement just so he can play for the team he wants to.

  33. ballsonchin says:
    March 25, 2022 at 10:46 pm

    I’m curious what his army of fanboys think he does particularly well.

    Not a Fanboy, but he had the best QBR out of the RPO. McDaniel Offense is designed around crossing passes over the middle and YAC (Waddle and Hill); not bombs away. Every team has leave Safeties high because of the. Now the danger is TE’s (swap Kittle for Gesicki) and then the speed threat of Mostert out of the Backfield. Finally, Miami will use the #1 rated blocking Fullback. Go ahead and hate on Tua… I did too and am a very loyal Fins Fan. This year will be different. As bad as you all make him out to be, he still had a better first 2 years that Josh Allen and a better W-L record than the golden boy, Justin Herbert. Make a level playing field and Tua can succeed. I know I am right because we watched Tannehill go through the same scenario.

  34. I’m a big fan of Tua Tagovailoa and I think that the Dolphins are building a really good team.The kid is obviously not one of the league’s big arms, but next to Teddy Bridgewater, he’s got a hose.

  35. The Dolphins have not beaten the Bills since Josh Allen’s rookie year. 0-7.

  36. The hip injury took away a lot of Tua’s mobility. He was a left handed Russell Wilson before the injury. It’s hard to see Tua succeed playing only from the pocket. He is too small.

  37. “touchback6 says:
    March 25, 2022 at 9:17 pm
    With Brian Flores gone, we have no idea if their defense is “solid”. In fact, it will probably be worse than last year.

    And, a generic RB like Mostert, no Devonte Parker or an oft-injured Armstead won’t mean much of a move of the needle.

    We heard the same thing about the 2020 team with 237 million in signings, an NFL record.

    A rookie coach and new staff? Those are never great”.

    I can’t tell if you’re trolling, or just an intellectually disabled person with no knowledge of football. It’s probably the latter.

  38. The Dolphins didn’t handle this thing right from the get go. You can’t keep rotating out OC and poorly addressing the OL that the kid needs to succeed. That being said, the decision to pick him over Herbert may very well go down as an all time draft blunder. Can you imagine if they had Herbert with these receivers now and the fact they had the chance to pick Jonathon Taylor too? They’d be scary good. But we will never know. I hope he does well. he seems to be a good guy, but at the end of the day that doesn’t help you win games.

  39. If you’re a fan of the team, it’s something to be excited about. The Dolphins haven’t had an offense ranked in the the top ten since 1995. Personally, I’m interested in seeing what Coach McDaniel comes up with. Tua doesn’t have a bazooka for an arm, but he can get the ball down the field if he can step into his throw. And be fair, he’s never had a receiver who could stretch the field, never had a good complimentary running game and the guys up front were arguably the worst offensive line in the league. Now they have more weapons and (hopefully) better blocking. The upgrade in offensive coaching was their biggest improvement over last season.

  40. Tua appears to lack confidence. Otherwise, he looks pretty good to me.

    Mike McDaniel was the *perfect* hire for this team. He is calm and smart. I expect Tua to thrive. Having the most elite receiving duo in the AFC will help bolster Tua’s confidence.

    Hopefully though the Patriots can sneak a win in this year. 😜

  41. There have been a lot of “genius” coaches who left New England and Tom Brady, who seemed to forget how to coach as soon as they separated from Brady. Among the list is a guy named Belichick.

  42. I hate how the media and fans perpetuate this narrative that the fate of the entire team is the QB’s responsibility, as though they exist in a vacuum and control all the pieces. People say “Tua sucks” or “Mayfield sucks” or add endless QB names that have played for bad organizations over the years. Changing the HC or OC and having a young guy learn a new system over and over again doesn’t develop him as a QB. Mayfield has had 4 HCs and 4 OCs – but it’s HIS fault, and not the organization’s? Same with Tua.

    Bad teams draft QBs, start them too soon and then put impossible expectations on them. Sure, sometimes teams are missing that one piece to get to the next level – but (using the examples I’ve already given) Miami and Cleveland are at the bottom of the barrel, which is the direct result of bad owners never allowing their organizations to build any stability.

    But TUA has no excuses. What about the team that drafted him, has acted like they don’t want him and have done nothing until now to build the team around him? They’re off the hook? It’s a disingenuous, broken narrative.

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