Report: Giants open to trading a 2022 first-round pick for one in 2023

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With the fifth and seventh picks in this year’s draft, the Giants have a chance to add a couple of top prospects to a roster in need of talent across the board but there’s no guarantee they’ll be making both of those picks.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reports that the team is open to trading one of those picks. Such a report is no surprise with the draft a little over a month away, but the return they are looking for is a bit less expected. Vacchiano reports the team is looking for a package that includes a 2023 first-rounder in return.

One reason cited for that desire is financial. The team remains short on cap space and dealing away a first-round pick would lessen the cap hit the incoming draft class will bring to the team and possibly allow them to hold onto cornerback James Bradberry for the 2022 season.

Another is that the team will be in the quarterback market if Daniel Jones‘ 2023 season resembles his first three pro outings and two first-round picks for the 2023 offseason would help their ability to make moves on that front.

Their chances of pulling off such a deal would improve if teams in the market for quarterbacks now fall in love with a prospect and feel the need to jump over other clubs and we’re sure to hear more chatter about that in the coming weeks.

29 responses to “Report: Giants open to trading a 2022 first-round pick for one in 2023

  1. The Giants did the same thing last year with the Bears. They would still have two 2022 1st round picks… of them just would be lower than the 5 or the 7.

  2. Dolphins should be interested in this. Problem is the pick is too high to trade for. They’d have to trade down to 12-14 range. Miami has two firsts in 2023 but they certainly can’t move both of them. Dolphins have some young highly drafted players, especially on the OL, they could add to the deal to get something done.

    The Eagles should be eyeing a 2023 first for the same reasons.

  3. Let’s just all agree that the free agent market moves are proof that this years draft class is plain Jane average at best.

    Now this with the G men just proved it even more.


  4. Giants GM: Any team in need of a QB in this year’s draft, come on down! The price is right…

  5. Sounds strange to do this for cap space. Aren’t rookie contracts especially team-friendly, dollar-wise? Or is it still big cap hit?

  6. Some team will trade this year’s first and next year’s first for that #5 pick. Malik Beazley is the darling of the QB class and most assume that the Panthers will take him at 6. If you want him, you have to get to 5.

    But it sounds like the Giants don’t want to trade back, they want to get out of the first round altogether? How are they so strapped for cap space with a QB on a rookie deal and very little talent?

  7. This draft is.not too heavy but it’s as deep as any recent draft. It’s just not exciting because it’s a bad qb year.

  8. The Giants are NOT trying to get out of the 1st round for financial reasons, they have more than enough cap space after this year. There is some miscommunication happening. The Giants are picking twice in the first round in 2022, unless some team gave them multiple future 1st rounders for ONE of their two picks this year.

  9. Problem with this that they have 2 very high picks and trading one of them now for one that probably won’t be as high next year is probably not a great trade. Would definitely need to get much more than just someone’s first next year and would also need the team trading for it to be a bad team.

  10. They’ve come to the obvious conclusion that 2022 won’t be a winning year. May finally have a GM that gets it.

  11. The NFL is the greatest sports soap opera going, it makes news when there is no news.

  12. So the Giants sign Tyrod Taylor to become one of the highest paid backup quarterbacks in the NFL and now can’t afford to pay their 2 top 10 draft picks? This new regime is not starting off very well.

  13. It’s still hard to believe they let Gettleman “retire” with fanfare. He should’ve been kicked to the curb with it being made clear he was part of the problem.

  14. Financial? That doesn’t make any sense. Getting a first-round talent on a rookie deal is usually cheaper than keeping a higher compensated veteran. Wouldn’t it be better to keep that pick and cut someone? You can’t tell me they consider everyone on the roster as better than a top ten pick.

  15. raiderdave31 says:
    March 25, 2022 at 10:13 am
    Let’s just all agree that the free agent market moves are proof that this years draft class is plain Jane average at best.

    Now this with the G men just proved it even more.



    Not even close. The only trades made were all pro QBs and the two best WRs in the NFL, which were traded for picks in the 20s.

    Giants are wise to develop a better plan to acquire a franchise QB and spread their assets across multiple drafts.

    The pass rushers, OTs and DBs at the top of the draft would hardly make anyone want to trade out of the first half of the first round.

    This draft has everything but QBs.

  16. So Daniel Jones can start counting down until they draft Bryce Young or CJ Stroud?

  17. No coincidence this note comes out a few days after the Chiefs need to replace Tyreek Hill, and picked up a slew of picks that would help them trade up.

    Chiefs trade up to #7 for #30 and their 1st next year, plus the 4th Round pick in 2022 they got from the Dolphins. Then trade down to #11 from Washington, who leapfrogs Atlanta & Seattle to take the 1st QB off the board, while also picking up #47.

    Chiefs select Drake London, George Karlaftis, or Bernhard Raimann to fill a huge need at #11 – Karlaftis would be my pick. Still can address CB/S at #29 (Daxton Hill or Jalen Pitre), and then LB, WR, and OT at #47, #50, #62 and #94. Chad Muma, Alec Pierce, and Daniel Faalele, or later, Max Mitchell. Grab JoJo Domann from Nebraska to replace Dan Sorensen. Fill out DB, RB, DL depth with remaining picks.

    Use cap space to sign ODB to be #1 receiver. Maybe reunite with Tyrann Mathieu.

    Great offseason.

  18. This draft has probably the deepest collection of very good recievers its seen in the last 5 years. Its lacking 1st round QB’s and very few 1st round Linebackers.

  19. Lions call, say 2OA and the Rams 2023 1st rd pick and 2022 late rounder for 5 and 7 this year….

    Who hangs up?

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