Scott Fitterer: The door is still open for Cam Newton

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
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After losing out on the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes, the Panthers are a team whose quarterback position is still in flux.

General Manager Scott Fitterer said in a Friday press conference that Sam Darnold, who started 11 games for the team last season and carries a guaranteed $18.8 million guaranteed salary, is still in the lead to be the team’s QB1 entering 2022.

But all options remain on the table for the club — including Cam Newton.

After being released by the Patriots at the start of the regular season, Newton made his way back to the Panthers at midseason. But Carolina was 0-5 in Newton’s starts, with the quarterback completing 55 percent of his passes for 684 yards with four touchdowns and five interceptions in his eight appearances. He also rushed for 230 yards ad five TDs.

“The thing with Cam is it’s got to be a fit for us and it’s got to be a fit for him just as well,” Fitterer said. “He’s looking for a certain opportunity. And the door’s still open for us. We’re very open to Cam. We’ll see where it goes. He knows where we stand. I think he and Matt [Rhule] had a really good conversation, from my understanding. So we’ll just see where it goes.”

Newton was the league MVP in 2015 while also leading the Panthers to an appearance in Super Bowl 50. But after the last two seasons with New England and Carolina, it might be difficult for Newton to enter the season as a team’s unquestioned QB1 in 2022.

34 responses to “Scott Fitterer: The door is still open for Cam Newton

  1. “The door is wide open” equates to “We’ve screwed up this franchise to the point that we’re not winning any time soon, so if we can sell a couple dozen extra tickets at the right price, well….”

  2. I’m not even a panthers fan but that’s comical. Just draft a QB with the sixth pick and stop with the washed up retreads.

  3. Even out of the league for 5 years I’m gonna go out on a huge limb and say that Kap is probably better than the sad sack QBs floating around the league. Newton is done and Darnold is headed for a ten year backup career. I think the owners are way over estimating any fan blowback and if he plays well they’ll forget about it in five minutes…

  4. He was the face of the franchise several year ago so the organization is trying to be kind to him respectful towards him. But there is no way the Panthers are bringing Cam back. He is done.

  5. With those ugly stats from last season, the only way Cam gets any starting snaps is if there are some injuries at QB.

  6. Must be telling how the league thinks of Jimmy G, Cousins and Baker, a team as desperate as Carolina for even a meagerly average QB won’t touch either and would rather have a very used up Cam that actually really sucks especially at trying to pass the ball.

  7. LOL how does it feel to be Sam and Cam……You guys are still our options because we couldn’t sign options A,B,C,D,E,F

  8. After the past two seasons, bringing in Sam, kicking the tires on Cam, after fawning for Deshawn, this franchise has become a joke, an absolute joke. They have secured themselves a place at the bottom of the league’s dumpster with teams like the Texans, Washington, the Jets, and the Browns, and may at be the unequivocal bottom on their own soon enough once they (again) move on from this coach, these quarterbacks, and all the indecision in between whats been a really short tenure for Tepper… maybe money doesn’t buy everything afterall

  9. They’re that desperate? Just draft a QB and you’ll have a better player than sCam Newton.

  10. Nearly all running quarterbacks are done when they hit 30. They don’t have the ability to be a standard drop back qb

  11. Oh my, please bring the Richardson family back. This new ownership group has no idea how to run a football team unless profiling and spending money in the wrong places is the topic.

  12. The post regarding Jimmy G, Cousins and Baker is interesting. All 3 of those guys will command big bucks and the Panthers have almost $19M guaranteed to Darnold. Bringing in any one of those three would put the Panthers QB money at greater than $50 Mill. that’s tough.

  13. Has there been a team as clueless about how to address the QB position in the last few years other than the Panthers?

  14. They put all their chips on Watson and let every quality free agent pass them by. They can choose between Darnold, Mayfield, and Garoppolo at this point. They’d probably be wise to take the best QB they can get in the draft, but they’ll probably settle for another re-tread.

  15. HEY CAM,… Skip the football gig and get into NFL color commentary on one of the networks. The money is better.

  16. it’s got to be a fit for us and it’s got to be a fit for him just as well”
    Meaning, you can come back if you take a significant pay cut and willing to sit on the bench and keep your mouth shut?

  17. I remember that smug guy screaming “I’m back!!!” and then losing game after game.

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