Jarvis Landry makes agent change

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Free-agent receiver Jarvis Landry, cut earlier this month by the Browns, had yet to find a new team, one that satisfies his contractual expectations. Per NFLPA records, Landry now has a new agent.

Landry previously was represented by Damarius Bilbo of Klutch Sports. According to the NFLPA, Landry is now represented by Roosevelt Barnes and Jovan Barnes.

Landry, we’re told, had hoped to get a contract in the range of $20 million per year. Nearly two weeks into free agency, it won’t be easy to find that kind of money.

This feels like one of those situations that will conclude with a deal that includes bloated back-end numbers that get to a desire annual average, and that the real contract will be something much shorter in duration and much lower in value.

Landry can still play at a high level. But with so many great receivers entering the NFL every year, it becomes harder and harder for pass catchers to break the bank. Only the very best of the very best veteran receivers (like Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams) will make huge money. For the rest, it will become harder and harder to realize a major payday.

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  1. Landry is one of the best receivers in the NFL, yet his success, as is the case with any WR, has nothing to do wins wins and losses. Receivers are a dime a dozen. Even the very best. It’s a QB league. I’m sorry. That’s just the way the rules are designed. But since the beginning of football, receivers have never been difference makers. It’s the guy throwing the ball.

  2. In his career he has only averaged more than 12 yrds per catch for only one season. He doesnt get in the endzone enough to justify that kind of money and last year was injured alot. Will have to take a one year prove it deal and hopefully cash in after a breakout year. The Falcons or Patriots would be good spots …

  3. I would give $20 mill a yr to a 59 yr old Jerry Rice before I gave it to Jarvis Landry.

  4. Feels like WR are becoming what RB’s were 10-20 years ago… if I told you guys like Marshall Faulk, Ricky Williams, Curtis Martin, LaDainian Tomlinson, etc etc all made around 5 mill a season.. would you believe me? lol

  5. Major red flag. This guy clearly has no interest in winning.

    Beyond delusional. 20 mil per for a slot WR. This guy is nowhere near Edelman level.

  6. “Only the very best of the very best veteran receivers (like Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams) will make huge money.”

    Maybe. But there are a lot of WRs well below that skill level getting paid really good money. Sure looks like the whole pay scale has been ratcheted up quite a bit. Even with college recruits flooding from CB to WR, there’s still not enough talent to go around or teams wouldn’t be forking over bounties of picks AND paying 10% of their cap.

  7. charliecharger says:
    March 26, 2022 at 12:30 pm
    Landry is one of the best receivers in the NFL, yet his success, as is the case with any WR, has nothing to do wins wins and losses. Receivers are a dime a dozen. Even the very best. It’s a QB league. I’m sorry. That’s just the way the rules are designed. But since the beginning of football, receivers have never been difference makers. It’s the guy throwing the ball.

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    Umm, you say some really cuckoo bird things on the regular.

    Good, consistent WRs are 100% not a dime a dozen. RBs are plug
    and play and are a dime a dozen, as long as they are willing block correctly.

    You need to learn the sport and realize that these Millennial athletes skip over fundamentals on the regular.

    Landry is a verry good player, but you don’t just stumble over a good slot WR who runs all the routes in the tree well because if that was true, every team would have one. They don’t.

    You have to be super consistent, tough, smart, block well and of course, have great hands.

    Julian Edelmans don’t grow on trees.

  8. So in addition to being injured lately he obviously should be in concussion protocol. $20M a year for a guy that talks bad about the QBs he plays with…those things don’t age well in the NFL. Tennessee would be a good spot but you bashed Tannehill after all those years playing together.

  9. Landry always reminded me more of Wes Welker. I’d say take Wes’ best financial year, subtract 10% for age, and you end up with what Landry should be making – $8m.

  10. Maybe get 20 million on a 2 year contract laden with incentives. At this stage of free agency and the draft a little more than a month away…switch agents 10 times and you still won’t find a team willing to pay 20 million a year to Jarvis.

  11. He thinks it’s the agent’s fault he’s not getting the offers he wants?
    He can keep the same agent if he asks for less money.
    Landry is a good receiver but he’s not a game breaker.
    The player is always the last one to understand what his true monetary value is. Even when their agents explain it to them.

  12. He’s probably been getting advice from Le’Veon Bell. If he’s holding out for more money then he may find himself the last one standing without a chair when the season starts.

  13. I doubt there is truth to the report that Jarvis was expecting $20 mill. per year. It just doesn’t make sense. I’d rather believe that the report is false than to think Jarvis is that delusional.

  14. He should stick it out for a year with Deshaun at a reduced salary, prove he’s worth more than $10m/year and maybe someone will pick him up for $12-13m/year contract. He doesn’t produce enough touchdowns to make Robert Woods money and Woods is only getting $16m a year.

  15. Teams will see very soon they can’t pay these Wide outs so much money & still pay other players. I have a feeling their paychecks will go the way the Running backs did some years ago. As a Bengals fan I say let Chase and hHiggens go Via Trade or Free Agency If they want too much when their time comes. I’d Rather sink money in QB, OL, DL & CB.

  16. WildGarlic says:
    March 26, 2022 at 12:22 pm

    $20m? Not. Happening.


    Maybe that’s why he’s firing his agent. Like a realtor selling your house, part of their job is to set the right market value and make sure that aligns with their client’s expectations. For all we know the reason Landry is still on the market is because his agent is the one with the unrealistic expectations. If so, that’s a pretty good reason to get a new one.

  17. These veterans just don’t get…after 7 or 8 years your put on the discount rack in the BACK of the store.

  18. watcheveryplay says:
    March 26, 2022 at 2:21 pm
    This is well within the Rams budget.

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    KCs, Buffalo and TBs, too.


    “There is no cap!”

  19. All of the highly desired landing spots for WRs are now gone. I do not blame him for firing his agent. However, if he dug in at 20 million it is not the agent’s fault he can not find work.

  20. Jarvis Landry?

    1) He will be 30 in November
    2) He’s made $64 million in his career
    3) He’s never won anything in his career
    4) He’s not an explosive game changer that DCs have to game plan for
    5) He’s a tough, durable possession receiver

    If the money is more important to him than winning it means that he either doesn’t care about winning or he wasn’t able to budget his money. And he isn’t gonna get $10 million/year.

  21. Whomever signs Juice should be 2-3 years tops, make it incentive laden contract of 7.5 – 8.5 per year.
    Make the sign bonus large, and the annual average salary small, thus making the cap hit small.
    I would love to watch Watson throw the ball to Juice.

  22. He’s a possession receiver who rarely averages more than around 7 yards per target and barely double digit yards per catch. I like the guy and he should have a spot and role, but how much is that worth?

  23. For a slowing and aging type possession receiver he is probably worth about $7 million or so as a specific down distance range #3 type receiver. Not an outside down the field type game breaking receiver so he is nowhere near the $20 million a year club.

    Might make a good replacement for Beasley at Buffalo if he wanted to be on a competitive team or a team like Cincinnati but those he would have to work for a discount for a decent playoff chance.

  24. If Jarvis thinks he can get $20 million per year, he’s going to need Don Corleone as his next agent, so he can make some GM an offer they can’t refuse.

  25. Maybe Detroit or Green Bay could use him, but $10M would probably be the range, give or take $2M.

  26. He should go and play for a team in a small market where ur games are 100% gonna be on tv. Make sure you can beat out any of the wideouts currently on the roster..take less money on a 1 year prove it deal. Then most likely can cash in next year..gotta ball out also. And another thing make darn sure ur qb can pass. Baker most likely hurt him a little. Probably the jets or Seattle gotta go and prove urself on another team is key

  27. Jarvis will get 20 over 3 years and only collect 12 when he’s cut before the 3rd

  28. If his agent is the one that told him he could get 20 per, he should be fired. Most likely though, he is hurt because the agent told him he could not get it so he canned him because in the eyes of Jarvis, he wasn’t working hard enough to get him the big money.

  29. There are 20 guys in the draft as good as him and they will do 4 years for comparatively nothing.

  30. The $20M figure HAS to be incorrect. There is NO WAY Landry truly believes he’ll get that. I am very much a Jarvis Landry fan, but I don’t think he’ll get $20M for TWO years.
    I think he’ll sign be a one-year rental for maybe $6-$8M base, with many potential incentives that could get it to $10-$12M.

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