Shoulder surgery may force 49ers to cut Jimmy Garoppolo

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Earlier today, we looked at what the 49ers will do with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. And here’s the reaction to the item was posted: the 49ers will have a hard time trading Garoppolo.

The problem arises from the full set of circumstances surrounding his situation. The biggest problem, as one league source explained it on Saturday, is the shoulder surgery Garoppolo underwent earlier this month. No one will trade for a quarterback with a $25 million compensation package after he underwent surgery to repair the labrum in his throwing shoulder, the source explained.

Throw in the fact that Garoppolo had the surgery without consulting with the 49ers, and it makes every team that otherwise would be interested in Garoppolo very leery.

Unless Garoppolo is willing to do a new contract as part of a trade (and why would he be?), a trade isn’t happened. The most likely result, the source predicted, is that the 49ers will have to cut him.

With none of Garoppolo’s salary becoming guaranteed until the eve of Week One, the 49ers can wait it out. But they won’t get cap relief without cutting him. And because he’s in the last year of his contract, cutting him would leave behind only $1.4 million in dead money — and it would instantly create more than $25 million in cap space.

42 responses to “Shoulder surgery may force 49ers to cut Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. He once backed up the first Goat QB. It’s time to come home to BB and back up the second Goat QB.

  2. Niner fan would tell you that the club is doing its best to maximize a potential trade for a player they no longer have a need for. It is more and more apparent that the club has realized what will shortly be revealed; Trey Lance stinks.

  3. Isn’t the biggest problem the fact that he has the upside of Alex Smith combined with the downside of Jameis Winston? I seriously doubt the shoulder injury has affected his value much. He’s just not very good.

  4. id keep him for another year…i could be wrong because coaches see Trey Lance in practice every day and can evaluate/compare what they think he might do vs opposing NFL defenses BUT…something tells me he’s not ready and they know it.

  5. Who is left that needs a QB. Panthers or Seahawks will be his final destination.

  6. I don’t believe Garrolopo had surgery without consulting the 49’ers. No way

  7. So jimmy would negotiate a new contract as a free agent, but not in a trade? That’s makes sense how?

  8. They don’t want to cut him because he is the best option they have at QB for the coming season. Lance is still not ready to take over.

  9. In 2000 the Niners passed up Brady to follow-up Steve Young with the immortal Giovanni Carmazzi. 20 years later they passed up Brady again for Jimmy G. In 2023 maybe they’ll get a 3rd chance but they’ve really botched the position for a long time now. If Trey Lance busts, Brady chooses Miami and Mac Jones becomes a franchise QB, they’ll never recover.

  10. Trey Lance is not as good as Carson Wentz and we all know how that has turned out….Jimmy G will stay in San Fran

  11. Man, what a bind the 49ers are in! They keep making it to the playoffs and/or Super Bowl! They better fix this problem soon or else they… er… might keep making it to the playoffs and/or Super Bowl?

  12. Been a 9ER fan since the Montana days.

    Don’t understand how 9ER fans hate on Jimmy or Kyle.

    Jimmy and Kyle along with other players led us to 2 NFCG and one superbowl.

    4th and 26 7mns to go and Mosely (good player) blows a coverage on Mahomes pass to Tyreek Hill for 1st down on 4TH AND 26. Jimmy’s overthrow or Kyles choke narrative is a JOKE!!! Should never came to that

    As for this year. Tartt (good player/would be happy to have him back) dropped a gimme’ INT and then Ward next play or 2 plays later gets selfish and headhunts OBJ costing 15yds.

    Not to mention 1st qtr rookie Ambry Thomas on a 3rd and goal from the 16yd line bites on the RB in flat. Ignoring Kupp on the post corner and biting on the RB in flat???? It’s 3rd and 16 clown!?!?! Leaving the void in the defense for the Lambs 1st TD.

    My fellow 9ER fans can blame jimmy G for everything and think Lance is the savior maybe next Mahomes or better whatever.

    People forget when we were lost and laughed at for like 12yrs. Jimmy made us a contender.

    I’m a 9ER fan and it’s like we feel like we have a birth right to Superbowls. Ever year as a kid I thought it was my birth right. I ain’t seen one since 94′

    All I’m saying is I’m not sold on Lance. He’s been in accurate and holds the ball. Yes he’s gotta play he’s got potential but potential gets coaches fired. I hope I’m wrong, rooting for Trey but what the hell do I know???

    I only watched Aaron Rodgers at Cal and said no brainer only to watch Alex Smith get picked.

  13. He took a page from Kaepernick. This is exactly what he did his last year with the 49ers but the 49ers ended up keeping him. Blane Gabbert beat him out.

  14. If I were the Giants, I’d wait for him to be cut and snap him up. I think he would provide more than Danny Dimes

  15. PartyonWayne says:
    March 26, 2022 at 9:41 pm

    So jimmy would negotiate a new contract as a free agent, but not in a trade? That’s makes sense how?


    Because maybe he’d rather be a free agent than be traded.

  16. Lynch claimed they had an offer of two second round picks. Now they’re going to end up cutting him? If I were a 49er fan I’d be pretty angry.

  17. All the guys here who are sure Trey Lance isn’t ready are the same guys who were sure that the Niners were drafting Mac Jones.

  18. The 49ers should do right by him and cut him before the draft, not after. Sure they can wait it out but if they don’t plan on having him on the roster they should just do the right thing and let him go now so he can start shopping his services around. He’ll likely end up with a 1 year contract because no team will want to give him more until they know how well he recovers. But if he heals well and plays well he could flip it into a sizable contract this time next year.

  19. Frail Jimmy will be hard pressed to find a team that wants a QB who was average with a good shoulder and now he has a bum shoulder.

  20. Could see Niners offering him 12 mil to backup Lance this year. Will probably get some starts too.

  21. Another option would be to extend him for 3 years with 2 void years and a no trade clause. He gets his $25 million this year and can control his destiny some (and may help drive interest in him), the team can still try to trade him with $18 million in saved cap space this year. If they can’t trade him before the void he becomes an unrestricted free agent and any deal he signs becomes a path way to comp picks the next year. A possible 3rd is a long way from two 2nds, but miles ahead of nothing. Any limited action this year might ease concerns about the shoulder.

  22. If your a qb and u want to make good money in the future dont hurt your shoulder for the love of God

  23. hailtothe says:
    March 26, 2022 at 10:55 pm

    Because maybe he’d rather be a free agent than be traded.

    If he gets traded, he would get $25 million from his current contract. If he gets cut and signs with another team, I would imagine he would get far less.

  24. The 49’rs might consider throwing in a 50/50 split agreement on his salary for anyone trading for him. They would still get $10 M in cap relief & might find a taker. Just Cutting him doesn’t feel right.

  25. Willing to bet he stays and plays another year. Lance is not ready, and Jimmy G is their best shot at a Super Bowl now.

  26. The coverage of this is weirdly, relentlessly negative. I frankly don’t see the problem. Jimmy should be ready by the start of the season. He’s a good QB when healthy. He’s not expensive. He’s well-liked by his teammates. They have the heir apparent, who is 21 years old. If they can trade JG for a good offer, they will. If not, he starts or competes for the job. And as has been pointed out, they could always trade him or cut him during the season. You seem to be multiple decent options here, yet we’re acting like he’s demanding a trade or they are desperate. I don’t see it.

  27. Is Lance ready?
    No QB is ready, his first year of actually playing.
    I don’t think that it’s reasonable to expect him to be good, until the 2023 season.
    However, he should be a lot of fun to watch, in 2022.
    And maybe, by the end of the season, he’ll be pretty good.

  28. I thought they had an offer of two 2nd round picks? That was clearly a twist of the truth. Clara played this very poorly.

  29. “Clara”? Tell us – Are the Giants and Jets “Jersey”? Are the Cowboys “Arlington”? I suppose the Rams are now “Inglewood”. I also see a lot of internet experts pretty sure Lance is a bust for some reason. It’s going to be sweet when he and Shanahan start tearing up the league.

  30. kezarguy says:
    March 27, 2022 at 5:50 pm
    “Clara”? Tell us – Are the Giants and Jets “Jersey”? Are the Cowboys “Arlington”? I suppose the Rams are now “Inglewood”. I also see a lot of internet experts pretty sure Lance is a bust for some reason. It’s going to be sweet when he and Shanahan start tearing up the league.

    What makes you think I call them Clara because of where they play? However, if you would like a geography lesson, Inglewood is a city within greater Los Angeles. Hence, the Los Angeles Rams. Guessing that is similar for the Cowboys. The 9er’s play in Santa Clara, which is a city in within the SAN JOSE area. They are no longer anywhere near San Francisco. At least you can still keep the modified slogan, “Faithful to the southeast corner of the bay”.

  31. It would be terrible to have him back next year. Him healthy in the super bowl, him unhealthy nfc championship game Los in the last second because a dropped interception right in the defense hands. Who would want a guy that wins games.

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