Video shows that Mile High Stadium fire, damage was significant

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Lost in the non-stop news regarding NFL transactions was the report of a fire at Mile High Stadium in Denver.

Available video shows that it was a pretty big deal.

As shown in the video, the fire created thick waves of black smoke. The aftermath, with firefighters using hoses to douse the blaze (the sprinklers didn’t get it done), shows roughly half of the seats in two sections destroyed, just under John Lynch’s name in the Ring of Honor. If, as reported, the fire began in a suite, the damage to one of more of those areas of the stadium is likely very extensive and will require significant repair work.

The only good news is that the Broncos won’t play another game there for more than four months. That should be more than enough time to restore the venue to its usual condition.

In the interim, they need to figure out what caused the blaze, and to ensure that the same problem won’t happen somewhere else in the building.

22 responses to “Video shows that Mile High Stadium fire, damage was significant

  1. It’s already been reported that the area that caught fire was under renovation, and that they suspect a construction crew accidentally started the fire, so I think we can all rest easy

  2. Just got an e-mail from offering season tickets at a smoking deal.

  3. Kelly Arvin says:
    March 26, 2022 at 5:15 pm
    That’s what happens when Russell Wilson is allowed to cook unsupervised…


    You won the internet today.

  4. Billionaires scamming insurance? NAH,That wouldn’t haven’t from a honest, stand out gentleman, like an owner …

  5. What if this had happened during a game with tens of thousands of fans in the stadium. Are those plastic seats not required to be flame retardant?

  6. Watch out!
    You might get what you’re after…
    Cool babies,
    Strange but not a stranger…

  7. Now it makes sense! Randy Gregory said “we goan burn dis b**ch up!” at his signing. I thought he was speaking euphemistically about kicking butt with his team. I guess not.

  8. John Lynch claims he has been offered two second round picks in exchange for those smoke damaged seats.

  9. The Broncos told Russell, “You’ve gotta light a fire under the offense.”
    Wilson heard, “Go light a fire in the office.”
    A clear case of bad cellular.

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