Bills should tread lightly with Stefon Diggs

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Two years before the Packers traded receiver Davante Adams and the Chiefs traded receiver Tyreek Hill, the Vikings traded receiver Stefon Diggs. The hero of the Minneapolis Miracle wanted out. He got his wish, quickly.

He made his move on the same day Kirk Cousins got a new contract (coincidentally — or not). In a matter of hours, the Vikings had a deal in place with the Bills.

Two years later, Diggs has the same contract he had when he arrived. The Adams and Hill deals make Hill’s $14.4 million per year contract seem even more obsolete. With Hill getting, as a practical matter, $75 million over the next three years, Diggs may be even more determined to get an upgrade to a deal worth a total $3 million despite attaching two more years.

As noted earlier today, Bills G.M. Brandon Beane has projected confidence, and that’s fine. But he needs to tread lightly. Comments like “we’ve got Stefon for two years” could dare Diggs to respond. With something like, “No you don’t.”

They addressed quarterback Josh Allen’s deal after three years with the team, even though they still had Allen under contract for two more years. Diggs could be thinking, “They didn’t wait for Allen. Why wait for me?”

In the aftermath of the Hill trade, Diggs expressed confusion before uttering a fundamental truth: “It’s always business… never personal.” And it’s definitely business. In the business of football, business is booming for some of the NFL’s best receivers.

Diggs, two years after arriving in Buffalo, is still waiting for his next deal. Comments like “we still hold his rights for two more years” may not be the right way to play it with Diggs. The right way to handle it would be to get him taken care of sooner than later, before he begins to sour on the Bills the way he soured on the Vikings.

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  1. Trade him. These deals that are going on are better for the team trading the WR than the one losing the 1st round picks and spending big for guys who won’t reproduce what they did.

    The Diggs trade was a mistake in the 1st place. The Vikings replaced Diggs with a younger and cheaper player with that 1st rounder the Bills gave up. Who would rather have right now, Jefferson who is entering his prime and on his rookie contract or Diggs who cost you a 1st rounder, cost more and wants more money? The decision is an easy one.

  2. All the Vikings fan want is for there to be Stefon Diggs drama in Buffalo because he’s not in Minnesota anymore and people are still bitter.

  3. No, they didn’t wait on Allen’s contract. However, he was on his rookie deal. Diggs is not. Secondly, Allen is a franchise QB. Are you saying teams should deal with WRs as if they are as important as a franchise QB? Hardly.

    I suspect the Bills may start working on a new deal after this coming season–if they haven’t already. They may have already tried. If they can’t get something worked out then I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade him.

  4. Justin Jefferson was not supposed to be there at that pick. You can thank bad drafting by some other clubs for him still being on the board. No shot BB thought he would be there Mr. Hindsight 20/20.

    Raiders and Eagles whiffed super hard on WR leaving JJ on the board.

  5. Everybody’s got to stir the pot! Just leave it the hell alone. Beane will get things done when it’s time.

  6. Just wait one year, let’s see how happy those receivers are after the season.

    It might be nice to be paid, but it’s equally as nice to win and be relevant.

  7. Diggs is a great talent and it is a bushiness, when he left for Buffalo everyone in Minnesota knew it would be just a matter of time. More of an Antonio Brown then a Jerry Rice not a team guy good luck Buffalo. And thanks again for the pick JJ is the real deal and a team guy.

  8. I don’t think he’ll sour on the bills, who are now perennial playoff contenders, unlike the just average kirk cousins show.

  9. He’s a diva and the best thing to come out of this for the Vikings was trading him and selecting Jefferson who is better than Diggs.

  10. Which team has made strides and has had benefits paid to date from this trade? Hint: it’s not the purple team.

    Minnesota is 15-18 regular season since the trade, no playoff appearances. Buffalo is 24-9 regular season with three playoff wins and a conference title game appearance.

    They’ll get a Diggs deal done without drama by this time next year at the very latest.

  11. Maybe we should just wait to hear from Diggs or his agent about how he wants more money or a trade.
    People on here swallow any garbage a writer throws against the wall.
    And I can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of Vikings fans when JJ wants to get paid. Wonder if he’s going to see his second contract in Minny?

  12. Diggs has said literally nothing to make us think he’s unhappy. Go back to telling us how Brady is going to play for San Francisco

  13. godkingskovald says:
    March 27, 2022 at 2:31 pm
    All the Vikings fan want is for there to be Stefon Diggs drama in Buffalo because he’s not in Minnesota anymore and people are still bitter.
    Wait wait wait. You think Vikings fans care what happens to Diggs?! Bro…we could not be happier with how things turned out. Wouldn’t trade JJ for Diggs heads up right now. Nobody would.

  14. If Buffalo can make a deal that works for Diggs and the team I’m sure it will get done. If not Buffalo and Diggs will move on. Josh Allen is the key here not Diggs. You can have all the top receivers you want, without a QB none of it matters. The Vikings are an example of that.

  15. Diggs made Josh Allen not the other way around. Josh took the next step after he was paired with Diggs. Diggs was already a 1000 yards receiver before he went to Buffalo. It’s possible Josh takes a step back if Diggs is gone.

  16. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    March 27, 2022 at 5:42 pm
    Diggs made Josh Allen not the other way around. Josh took the next step after he was paired with Diggs. Diggs was already a 1000 yards receiver before he went to Buffalo. It’s possible Josh takes a step back if Diggs is gone.

    04Rate This

    It’d be a bonus for you as a Jets fan.

  17. I think $20 million a year in this envirnment, maybe $22 or $23 million is fair as the cap goes up, but $28 million is a bit much for me. The QBs are making $35 to $50 million, so that sounds about in line with when they made $25 million and the top receivers made $17 million. People have to keep it propotionate to the cap.

  18. “Diggs is definitely a diva. Good luck Bills fans.”

    People keep telling Bills fans this.

    None of us have seen it. He’s been an incredible teammate.

  19. I’m not so sure Diggs is a diva as much as just one weird dude – how he reacts to being underpaid with a SB contender will tell us if he’s a diva. One thing for sure is that he’s worth top 5 WR pay. And the reason he left the Vikes, as clarified by Diggs twice, wasn’t Cousins, but instead Zim’s run first system that the Vikes didn’t open up in his last year as supposedly promised. That of course doesn’t fit the cheeser narrative seeing as how they’re hurting from all the WRs leaving Rodgers in droves.

  20. The biggest problem in pro sports is athlete worrying about what other players make..then crying when they find somebody making more then them. Solve the problem by not disclosing salaries (I know it’s not possible but wouldn’t be great!)

  21. The reason they didn’t wait on Allen is because he’s a Franchise QB and Diggs is not. That formula wins every time.

  22. We love Diggs, he didnt like Cousins.
    #18 is on the loose in Minnesota, it’s all good.

    The Vikings and Bills will face each other twice this year, just sayin’

  23. If these guys want to be paid like the top performer at their position, sign a 1yr. contract quit you’re whining.

  24. He shudda stayed in Minnesota another year of two. Could’ve made a lot more money now.

  25. Of course he’s not a diva, just a player that everyone has to walk on egg shells when around him so he doesn’t get upset.

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