John Mara: Either you have a QB or you don’t, we think we have one in Daniel Jones

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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Quarterbacks have been moving around the NFL at a furious rate as teams try to copy the Bucs and Rams by acquiring a quarterback who can lift them to the Super Bowl, but the Giants have not really jumped on the carousel this offseason.

They signed Tyrod Taylor, but team owner John Mara made it clear on Sunday that Taylor is the team’s backup because they remain committed to Daniel Jones as the starter heading into his fourth professional season. Mara said that the Giants are confident that Jones will thrive if they “just put the right pieces around him and give him a little bit more continuity and stability.”

“People are realizing it’s by far the most important position in sports and either you have one or you don’t. We think we have one,” Mara said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post.

The Giants’ purported belief in Jones hasn’t led them to exercise their fifth-year option on his contract, which would guarantee him $23.384 million in 2023 and all but guarantee him two more years in the starting job. Mara did nothing to suggest the team will be exercising that option, but said a second contract “is certainly our hope” as they head toward next season.

15 responses to “John Mara: Either you have a QB or you don’t, we think we have one in Daniel Jones

  1. If they were to draft a QB, they won’t announce it out of fear teams jump them. You could very have a Brees-Rivers situation this year and they prefer to go with a rookie and Taylor next year because of the 5th year option cost. Not only that but Carson Strong value might be too much to pass up if he’s there the 2nd time they pick in rd 3.

  2. Does NY really need more time to see if he is something other than he obviously is?

  3. “People are realizing QB is the most important position in sports.”

    Hello? People BEEN realizing. For years and years. Except for the New York Football Giants, apparently.

  4. Jones is a good QB. The worst thing they did was fire his coach after his rookie season. Then, not only did he have to learn a new system, but the entire team had to learn a new system. The defense, too. So it’s hard to judge a player when everyone is learning the playbook, and the new coaches are learning what each player can and can’t do. Jones is smart. He can learn a new system fast. He already has a pretty good idea how to read defenses. If he were to get traded to a team that’s had the same coaching staff for a few years, he could become an elite NFL QB.

  5. This guy is a creep and he’s certainly not the class act his dad was. He’s a horrible liar and approves of domestic abuse.

  6. Mara speaks the truth.
    The Giants have a person who will play QB for them in 2022 named Daniel Jones.

    Hopefully they draft a better QB in 2023.

  7. and therein lies the problem with this entire organisation;

    an owner in way over his head is far too involved in day-to-day operations if he doesn’t understand whether he has a quarterback or not after stating the premise all teams are built around;

  8. Going into his 4th season, you’d think the owner and staff would be certain one way or another. And no, people REALIZED it was the most important position quite a while back, but thank you for playing.

    As he “thinks” they have a QB after ONLY 3 years of playing and is apparently realizing that the QB is most important – gotta question – why do most casual fans somehow know more about football than an NFL owner?

    After 3 years – you’re either fishing or cutting bait with a QB – there is no “we think” – and most teams don’t need 3 years. I guess maybe it’s because he’s only realizing QB is important? Sheesh, an NFL owner that appears to only have a passing interest in football.

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