Kevin Colbert: Signing Mitch Trubisky doesn’t mean we won’t draft a QB

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When the Steelers signed quarterback Mitch Trubisky to a two-year deal a couple of weeks ago, there were two common reactions.

One was that Trubisky seemed like a better bet to start than Mason Rudolph and the other was that the structure of the contract did nothing to stop the Steelers from drafting a quarterback early in this year’s draft. General Manager Kevin Colbert confirmed the latter point when he spoke to reporters on Sunday.

“Anything we did in free agency will not preempt us from taking another player at any of those positions,” Colbert said, via Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “That’s why coach [Mike Tomlin] and I have been casting a pretty big net throughout this process. . . . Is that saying we’re taking one? Possibly. We just want to make sure we’re covered with that class.”

Colbert and Tomlin have attended Pro Day workouts for several of this year’s top prospects and the G.M. said that the team preferred going the free agent route for a quarterback addition because they “didn’t want to get into trade areas because we felt there were other players we’d need those picks to secure.” If one of those players is a quarterback, it will make for an interesting competition this summer.

8 responses to “Kevin Colbert: Signing Mitch Trubisky doesn’t mean we won’t draft a QB

  1. He’s right the signing of Trubisky doesn’t mean they won’t draft a quarterback, but it does mean they’ll DEFINITELY be drafting a quarterback.

  2. Biscuit isn’t going to suck as bad as people think. Sure, draft a QB, but the ‘squit will surprise people this year. And this is coming from someone that hates the Steelers.

  3. Cleveland will regret not signing Trubisky. Steelers are headed to the playoffs.

  4. Its a bad year to draft a QB.
    Save the pick (trade it for next years picks) so you have teh draft capital to trade up for a QB.

  5. Trubisky will beat out Rudolph as the starter. If he gets a better Oline and with his about to be great running back and if they draft or sign another receiver to replace Ju Ju – Will Freimuth be the tightend that they need. Maybe a better slot receiver – but while they say that the jury is out on Mitch – I strongly believe that Da Bears pulled an Olson.

  6. I don’t have an issue with a team taking a QB in the draft this year as long as it isn’t in the 1st, to high of a draft pick and too big of a stretch to waste on this years below average QB crop! They need to go with a top OL or edge rusher and they’ll get a plug & play guy for the next 10yrs.

    After all of the QB busts drafted in the 1st round over the last 20yrs(1st round busts are at 70% currently) you’d think teams would learn, but they never do. I often question if these GM today know a thing about building a team? You go OL, D in the 1st & 2nd and then DB, add a couple average RBs, WR’s in the mid-late rounds or FA and THEN a game-manager QB in FA as a bridge and if you got good OL, DL and DB’s you’ll win more than your share of games, once you know the lines and DBs are solid then add a QB the following draft!

    To draft a QB before you have a OL to protect them all you’re doing is ruining a QB and it’s been proven over the last 20yrs with most of the top prospects going to the worst team with the worst O-lines in the league, that’s why the bust rate for 1st round QBs is so high!

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