Bill Belichick: I’m not big on titles, Patriots won’t have offensive or defensive coordinators

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The Patriots will not have an offensive coordinator or a defensive coordinator on the coaching staff this season.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said today that he doesn’t see the need to give anyone a coordinator title. The Patriots didn’t have a defensive coordinator last year, either, and longtime offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels left to become head coach of the Raiders.

“I’m not big on titles,” Belichick said.

Asked who will call the plays for the Patriots this season, Belichick answered, “We don’t have to call any for a while.”

Belichick likely knows who’s going to call the plays for the Patriots, but he sees no reason to reveal that information to the Patriots’ opponents. And Belichick doesn’t reveal anything he doesn’t want to reveal.

25 responses to “Bill Belichick: I’m not big on titles, Patriots won’t have offensive or defensive coordinators

  1. Greatest Coach of all time is a title. BB doesn’t like titles; so I guess he doesn’t get to recognize that……

  2. Because he doesn’t give away anything he thinks is useful unless he has to. And even then, it’s the bare minimum and worded as vaguely as he can manage. Remember, he sees himself as a football coach, not an entertainer. And he doesn’t enjoy the camera that much.

  3. So he’s just finally going official with how the Patriots have been run for 22 years. He called the offensive plays during their first Super Bowl run people when Charlie Weiss was out after gastric bypass surgery complications.

  4. Ah yes, life without Brady not so easy, Bill…when all you had to do was throw a play out there and Tom would decide what to cal.

  5. chawk12thman says:
    March 28, 2022 at 8:22 am
    Greatest Coach of all time is a title. BB doesn’t like titles; so I guess he doesn’t get to recognize that……

    He’s only recognized as the “greatest coach of all time” because of championships. Which are a player accomplishment more than coach.

    BB is without a doubt in the top tier of coaches but it’s way too hard to compare any of the greats with each other to say one is the greatest.

  6. OC is a group effort on most teams anyway. Just use the term “Playcaller” for the guy calling the plays on Sunday.

  7. After watching the rapid decline of the Pats defense last season, BB should eliminate one title from the team: “son”

  8. There’s probably more to this than “I’m not big on titles,” or that he doesn’t want to tip his hand to his opponents. Is it a cost-saving move? He doesn’t write the checks, and there’s no league salary cap for coaches, so that’s unlikely (unless Kraft has a budget for him). It might actually be good for the play callers such as Mayo on defense. It would give him options for a lateral move as a defensive coordinator for another team, should he choose.

  9. When you get him away from the cameras, and he’s simply talking football you understand his greatness immediately. He absolutely despises the media, so he loves toying with them, and that’s what many people don’t like, but trust me it gives Bill a great amount of satisfaction to see them run with a story that he intentionally planted. Of course he’s not going to sit there and say my son has been elevated to the position of defensive coordinator, because then the media spends the next month telling everyone his son isn’t qualified, and Bill is wrong for promoting his kid blah blah blah. He’s not going to do it, because he doesn’t have to do it

  10. He’s tired of losing these titled positions to other teams and is perhaps looking for draft compensation if someone leaves for a title in the future.

  11. Nosurrender,

    I don’t understand his greatness, please explain.

    His defense couldn’t be relied on to win two playoff games and routinely collapsed in big games.

    On average, his defense (with Brady) was worse than Packers defense (with Rodgers) on total yards.allowed.

  12. The greatest GM and Coach of all time who does nothing that’s trendy, gimmicky or popular, and I love every single second of it.

    Other teams and their fans want to read the press clippings to feel good about themselves, while BB quietly goes about his business.

    I just love it.

    Our society has so many things wrong and this is one thing that’s absolutely right.

  13. He’s even more boorish after Brady left, if such a thing was possible. Everyone sees now who the genius in the room was. It was Brady, not BB. Take away TB and BB is just a mediocre coach with the personality of a tree frog.

  14. BB quietly goes about his business.


    Without Brady, he doesn’t know how to find underrated talents anymore. As a result, he doesn’t know how to do business.

  15. The greatest GM and Coach of all time
    Not even close to being close.

  16. What makes him even look better is that with the exception of the Revis contract, he never had to do all this voidable year garbage to win. Do not like the Pats, but I sure has hell respect them.

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