Bill Belichick: Matt Patricia will have role on offensive coaching staff

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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick isn’t naming an offensive coordinator for the 2022 season, but one of the team’s former defensive coordinators will be part of the plan to work with the offense in the wake of Josh McDaniels’ departure.

Matt Patricia’s work during his previous stint with the Patriots came on the defensive side of the ball, but head coach Bill Belichick included him in the list of offensive coaches with wide receivers coach Troy Brown, tight ends coach Nick Caley, and offensive assistant Joe Judge when saying he didn’t anticipate adding any more coaches to that side of the ball.

“Great to have Joe Judge back and Matt of course,” Belichick said, via Tom Curran of “They’re two really good coaches, along with some of the other coaches that we have offensively: Nick Caley, Troy and so forth, guys who were here last year. So, we’re working through it the best we can here. . . . I think Matt and Joe are pretty good coaches. Josh is a great coach, but we’ve gone through that multiple years.”

While Belichick was avoiding titles on Monday, he said everyone will have “a defined role” once the team begins doing on-field work later this offseason.

11 responses to “Bill Belichick: Matt Patricia will have role on offensive coaching staff

  1. The offense is Bill’s anyways, but having Judge and Patricia run it is a train wreck waiting to happen.

  2. Hope next years draft is a good one as gosh dang holy pencil bearded fang we are picking in the top five as a good year to tank as we got no chance anyways but better pick a WR this year but do expect the usual long snapper oh dear I once again fear.

  3. I don’t see this working well. At least if Mac has a second year remission BB has someone to blame it on. I thought McDaniels was an excellent OC.

  4. I’m not impressed by the Belichick/Patriot way of “hard coaching.” Humiliating players in team meetings isn’t a sound business concept.

  5. Will never understand Bill’s love affair with the “rocket scientist” who’s proven inept over and over again in coaching football. Patricia will run this offense into the ground like he has so many other projects.

  6. Joe Judge should never be coaching anywhere, and Matty P has already proved he doesn’t understand coaching at even a basic level. Cool pencil, bro. How does that work on your Microsoft Surface Tablet?

  7. Despite having no name receivers, no offensive coordinator expect the Patriots offense to be better than it was last year. That’s the genius of Belichick.

  8. These guys are good assistants. They are being asked to assist. We get it they didnt do well when they had to be to the boss but they have to report to Bill, and he will oversee this.

  9. The offense is Bill’s anyway


    Can’t find a video that he worked with offense during off season. Never saw him talking to QB and WR on the bench.

    Bill must be able to talk with his stomach.

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