Browns owners could be getting the cold shoulder at league meetings

Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Deshaun Watson
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Yes, the NFL’s 32 teams represent unique and distinct businesses. But they’re all bound together by Big Shield, and there’s a certain way of doing business under the broader NFL umbrella.

With the owners of all teams in sunny Palm Beach for the first in-person annual meetings since 2019, the owners of the Cleveland Browns could be in for a chilly reception.

Peter King describes Jimmy and Dee Haslam as “[n]ot the most popular people at the league meetings on Sunday” in King’s latest Football Morning in America column. King says he heard “lots of grumbling” from people within NFL circles regarding the decision to give up so many draft picks for Deshaun Watson and to pay him a five-year, $230 million contract with every penny guaranteed, given the allegations still pending against him.

One team executive told King that the situation “stinks to high heaven.”

Apart from the obvious criticism flowing from the decision to give up so much for Watson and to give him a massive new contract on the way in the door (Russell Wilson didn’t get that in Denver) despite the unresolved off-field issues, the peers of Jimmy and Dee Haslam surely aren’t happy with the decision to guarantee so much money for so many years. The funding rule will require the Browns to set aside $169 million by next March. Other teams will now face similar expectations when negotiating contracts of their own.

Teams had resisted, at the urging of the NFL’s Management Council, guaranteeing so much money so far into the future, for years. The Browns have broken ranks, which may now require other teams to follow suit. Those other teams can’t be happy about it.

25 responses to “Browns owners could be getting the cold shoulder at league meetings

  1. the NFL prints $$.. the owners who run there teams on a shoe string wont survive . Boo Hoo..

  2. Browns owners just doing silly things again. They are in a dead 3 way tie with Washingtons Snyder and Jags Khan As worst owners on the NFL.

  3. Non story. Incredible off-season so far , signing’s like this keep things interesting

  4. If a players wants the same contract you have the option to trade him or cut him. If other teams do the same the player will eventually have to sit out or sign a contract that isn’t all guaranteed money. No one is putting a gun to their heads.

  5. I think the impact will be very small on other teams. Players will understand that you can only get this kind of special treatment from a loser team like the Browns because they needed to do SOMETHING to turn their fortunes around.

  6. Let’s not pretend the owners care about the allegations. They’re upset about the guaranteed money and that that kind of guaranteed money will become the expectation for high end QBs

  7. aaronrodgers618 says:
    March 28, 2022 at 10:12 am
    Poor billionaires. I feel so bad for them.


    You don’t seem to get it – you’ll be crying when your team is wearing Chevy ads instead of team logos, your nosebleed seats cost $300 and your beer/hot dog is $50…that’s a big dent $35,000 a year salary

  8. So the owners are pissed about the Browns financial strategy but not the fact they are paying a man of extremely objectionable moral character. The NFL always sinks to new lows.

  9. If any team or owner feels like they need to follow the Browns way of doing business, they get what they deserve.

  10. All the “poor billionaires” still have a cap. They should all collude together and agree to never do what Haslam did.

  11. The Browns had to give Watson that contract in order to convince him to play for them. Most of those owners would probably have done the same thing if they were in the same position. Now they can pretend they’re above that because someone else did it. It was going to happen eventually.

  12. They need to look around at the other contracts around the league, and realize the Browns are merely competing with the market.

    You can’t give out a bunch of $40+ million contracts, place all of this emphasis and power on the QB position, and be upset when someone ups the ante in favor of competing with the only important position on the field.

    They all did this to themselves. It’s a greedy lot.

  13. The other team owners are only angry because they weren’t involved in the sweepstakes. NFL ownership in general has shown over and over again that they would sign the devil if they believed the player gave them a better chance to win.

  14. They saved a franchise and won a championship in Columbus. No issues with them here.

  15. Haslam is an awful owner, and allegations against Watson aside, this signing is just another indication of that. He does nothing but meddle in the football operations and actively prevents any kind of stability to manifest in the Browns. Firing your HC and/or GM every 1-3 years is why the Browns never get anywhere.

    But yes, let’s bring in Watson behind everyone’s back so that Browns fans don’t have a chance to voice their opinions and severely hinder the operation for years to come by giving away draft picks and signing Watson to a huge contract.

    It’s the same PR splash Haslam wanted when he made the team take Manziel, and all it does is set expectations for the franchise at an impossible level. With this kind of commitment, what happens if the team doesn’t win multiple Super Bowls (as if even getting to one isn’t extremely difficult)?

    I will also add – the way they’ve trashed Mayfield is not only bush-league and classless, but incredibly idiotic. They managed to destroy any trade value Baker had – and why? Because they’re arrogant, petty and foolish. And by “they” I mean Haslam and (likely) his idiot son-in-law.

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