Dolphins getting calls on DeVante Parker, expect him to stay put for 2022

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After the Dolphins traded for wide receiver Tyreek Hill last week, there was a report that the team was hearing overtures from other clubs about dealing for DeVante Parker.

General Manager Chris Grier confirmed that report when he spoke to reporters from the league meetings on Monday. Grier said he has listened to those calls and will continue to take them, but that he expects Parker to be on the Dolphins roster in 2022.

Whatever the expectation, it would be surprising if there isn’t a price that will be right for the Dolphins to part with Parker. Hill and Cedrick Wilson both joined the team this offseason and 2021 first-round pick Jaylen Waddle is going to play a leading role in the offense, so there wouldn’t seem to be a lot of available snaps for a fourth wide receiver in Miami.

Parker had 40 catches for 515 yards and two touchdowns in 11 games last season.

12 responses to “Dolphins getting calls on DeVante Parker, expect him to stay put for 2022

  1. He’s so cheap, it’s a no lose situation. As a #4 he could be very clutch. If someone wants him, he should be worth a decent pick.

  2. if parker is now considered the number 3 or 4 WR on their team, miami is in a good place.

  3. Not sure if you can get a 2nd for him, but if you can get at least a 3rd trade him. He doesn’t make much so giving him away for anything less would be insane

  4. I would definitely not trade him for anything less then a 2nd round pick. And for those that say he isn’t worth a 2nd?? Well then my entire point was made. He is more valuable to the team now as it is then a hit or miss 3rd or 4th round pick that could be a complete bust.
    Once camp starts and injuries happen his price will get higher and higher.
    When healthy he is still a legit number 2 WR on many teams. Just not on Miami.
    None of us have seen this Cedric Wilson play so who really knows what he will bring to the table when Sunday kickoff comes. Hold on to DVP11 for now IMO.

  5. He would be a net negative 5 mill on the cap if they trade him.. so anything less than a 1 wouldn’t really make sense, and no team is offering that for an oft injured player with a big contract. That being said.. he could have a MONSTER year in the Dolphins current offense and be a huge asset for them.

  6. Hill

    That’s just insane. Even the Chiefs weren’t that stacked. If either one of Hill or Waddle gets double coverage full-time, it’s game over with Parker and Gesicki running short outs & slants.

    Maybe someone on here with coaching experience can explain to me how you stop this if you have a solid, multi-faceted running game in place. Chase can absolutely destroy with those quick screens and we all know what a healthy Mostert can do, and Gaskin is a lead back in his own right.

    A 3-headed monster at RB. 3 WR’s you’re forced to keep a safety on one of at all times and a QB that has 5 targets and the option to run on every play.

    This team has depth and very serious speed.

  7. The Dolphins have two oft injuried receivers at least Preston Williams has a friendlier camp space. Keep Albert Wilson as the return person.

  8. The Dolphins are in a good place with Parker. His contract is reasonable and he is the only true possession receiver aside from Preston Williams that’s on the roster. Getting rid of him isn’t a “need” and even though he might not be worth it, it would take at least a 3rd round draft pick for me to consider trading him. When healthy Parker is one of the best 50/50 WR’s in the NFL, it seems like he always wins those battles and comes away with the ball. The bad part is Parker is hurt every year and he can’t be counted on to be in every game during the season. If they do decide to keep him I can’t find too many WR rosters in the league that can compete with Miami’s.

  9. skcusoirolf says:

    None of us have seen this Cedric Wilson play so who really knows what he will bring to the table when Sunday kickoff comes.
    Those of us who watch NFL games have seen Wilson play. He’s legit.

  10. Parker is good as gone, along with Albert Wilson. With 3 fat wr’s and Gesicki, teams will have their hands full. Preston has shown flashes but can’t stay healthy. Let’s see what the other newcomers can do.

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