Jerry Jones on Amari Cooper trade: We made a decision that that allocation should be better spent

Dallas Cowboys v Detroit Lions
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The Cowboys traded a first-round draft choice to obtain receiver Amari Cooper from the Raiders in 2018. They signed Cooper to a five-year, $100 million deal in 2020.

Earlier this month, the Cowboys traded Cooper to the Browns for a fifth-round choice and a swap of sixth-round choices.

“We made a decision that that allocation should be better spent,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Monday, via Michael Gehlken of The Dallas Morning News. “We made every effort to do as well as we can do with the trade.”

The Cowboys didn’t feel Cooper’s use was worth his $20 million salary for 2022. In 2021, Cooper had the highest base salary and highest cap number at his position in the league. Yet, he ranked tied for 39th in receptions, 34th in receiving yards and tied for 37th in points among non-kickers.

“We have to make sure that any one of those players are pulling as much weight as you can,” Jones said. “No. 2, you’ve got to be judicious how you add a top 10-paid player.”

The Cowboys saved $16 million in cap space, which they used to re-sign Michael Gallup and sign free agent James Washington. Gallup, when he recovers from a torn ACL, and Washington will join CeeDee Lamb in the lineup. Lamb surpassed Cooper as the team’s leading receiver in 2021.

“Optimistically, I expect (Gallup) to give us a question mark around the first game,” Jones said. “And I see a conversation that says conservatively, you would like to have a couple more games to get him out there.”

4 responses to “Jerry Jones on Amari Cooper trade: We made a decision that that allocation should be better spent

  1. Jones in a nutshell, overvalues his receiving corps for the 2018 season, lets Cole Beasley walk in FA then cuts ties with Dez Bryant, when it became apparent they had no juice on the outside or inside threat they had to make up for their mistake and get Cooper, he came in and basically saved the 2018 season with some clutch play, I don’t totally blame Cooper for the numbers he has had, I think a combination of bad play calling and stubborness to not dial him up more has stagnated his output, there are receivers in the league that get their touches and yards regardless how defenses play them. Now they have to release a contract they can no longer afford (trade), just another example of bad GMing at work

  2. I still don’t get why they chose to pay gallop and not cooper..gallop is even injury prone. Just goes to show that one of Jerry jones major flaws is he over values guys that he drafts himself. We saw him do the same thing with jaylon smith

  3. What Jerry is trying to say is “my GM is terrible and gave an average QB, RB and WR top tier money.”

  4. You pay your number one WR 20 million a year then give him WR 3 targets with him finishing 36th in targets despite being right behind Devante Adams in separation and getting open. Then you turn around and blame him for his low numbers instead of your overpayed QB and coordinator. What a joke of a organisation.

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