Commissioner Roger Goodell claims Daniel Snyder still isn’t involved in day-to-day operations

Washington Football Team Announces Name Change to Washington Commanders
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When Commanders owner Daniel Snyder surrendered day-to-day control over the team, much was said about whether he did it voluntarily, and whether he’d be able to return without the express approval of Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Nearly nine months later, Goodell claims that Snyder remains disconnected from day-to-day franchise operations. Goodell also suggested that he’ll have a voice in whether and when Snyder returns.

“Dan Snyder has not been involved in day-to-day operations,” Goodell told reporters on Tuesday, via Charean Williams of PFT. “Don’t believe he’s been in the facility at all, and when we continue to have league matters, Tanya has represented the team as the CEO both on a day-to-day basis, but also here and that will continue for at least the foreseeable future, but Dan and I will talk about that at some point.”

The fact that Roger and Dan will “talk at some point” strongly suggests that Dan won’t return whenever he feels like it. In early July, Snyder’s lawyer, Jordan Siev, insisted that a report from the Washington Post indicating that Snyder needs Goodell’s approval to return is “false.”

While Goodell’s use of the term “day-to-day operations” could be subject to interpretation, Snyder has been present for games. He attended the unveiling of the team’s new name. During the 2021 season, coach Ron Rivera said he speaks with Snyder multiple times per week.

Snyder’s suspension (or whatever it is) has become complicated by a new investigation arising from allegations made directly against him by a former employee. Given that attorney Beth Wilkinson, who handled the prior investigation into the team’s long-term toxic workplace culture, would have recommended removing Snyder if the league had actually asked her to reduce her recommendations to writing, there’s a chance that Snyder’s grip on the team is currently tenuous, at best.

The league surely realizes that he’d fight zealously any effort to force him to sell. The best compromise could be for Snyder to transfer the team to his wife, Tanya, with the understanding that, eventually, his children would take over. Unless the apples fell in the next orchard over, however, that development probably wouldn’t be met with sighs of relief from fans of the team.

29 responses to “Commissioner Roger Goodell claims Daniel Snyder still isn’t involved in day-to-day operations

  1. Key word here is “claims”. Liars claims a lot of things. Just look at agent orange.

  2. He’s the owner. He’s like Musk in that he sets the general tone and puts smart people in charge of day-to-day ops. Doesn’t mean he’s not responsible. As Harry Truman said as president, the buck stops here.

  3. The only way to really know is to place someone in their offices and let everyone know what they’re there for.
    I would tap the phones too. The NFL needs to treat Snyder like the criminal he is.

  4. Right, Dan doesn’t talk to his wife about how to run the team and Ginni Thomas doesn’t share her views with Clarence.

  5. I’m sorry but technology has gotten to the point now where if he isn’t physically somewhere that isn’t necessarily a hindrance or a punishment. Are we really going to say if he’s watching from his penthouse, or a yacht, or a private plane and he’s watching on a screen bigger than the footprint of my house with a direct line to the coach, GM and everyone else he’s being “punished?” Well he can’t go interact with the players on game day and he likes that. Ok, he can’t do that. Is reducing him to being a billionaire fan with total access except physically at that crap Stadium punishment. This is a joke. It’s insulting frankly that they think a big enough % of us will buy this bleep bleep. IMO

  6. “Day-to-day” maybe not, minute-to-minute maybe, hour-to-hour possibly, week-to-week etc. Another twist from the oh so smart one.

  7. A rich guy like this has got plenty of other money making opportunities to occupy his time. As long as the money keeps flowing into the family account he’s good.

  8. The whole thing is ridiculous! His wife is supposedly running the team and they’re pretending he doesn’t just direct his plans through her. What’s more is I’ve heard local interviews with Ron Rivera multiple times since Snyder’s supposed suspention and he’s let it slip multiple times that he “talked to Mr. Snyder regarding…”!

    It’s a joke!

  9. That’s the most ridiculous reasoning I have ever heard, that is outside of Judge Thomas
    not being influenced by his wife’s activism. Tanya Snyder has no football background and anyone thinking it’s not Daniel Snyder calling the shots is out of their mind. Snyder is a cancer on the Washington football team and he has been since the moment he purchased the club. He needs to goand tomorrow is not soon enough

  10. No horse in the race here, but I always thought Snyder’s physical proximity to congress gave him leverage. The Commanders are probably the one team they are largely aware of. Not sure if the NFL desires some congressional upstart to question the de facto anti trust exemption they enjoy.

  11. If I just traded for Wentz, I wouldn’t want people to think I was involved in operations, either.

  12. Snyder has driven one of the top franchise NFL teams into the ground… I’m surprised that the NFL has continued to shield him.

  13. If the Washington team starts winning again we will know Danny is no longer involved.

  14. How dumb do the Commish and Snyder think fans are? Well, alright, they don’t care . . .

  15. Oh, so I can’t blame the new name on Danny, cuz he ain’t been around a while lately?
    Right. Ok Commander.

  16. If trying to decide the likelihood of truth its best to just weigh the record of the guy that said it.

  17. touchback6 says:
    March 29, 2022 at 7:38 pm
    Key word here is “claims”. Liars claims a lot of things. Just look at agent orange


    Agreed. It’s just like when a guy loses a bet and then refuses to adhere to the terms of the bet

  18. We can all rest assured that the NFL is keeping close watch on this – with no written documentation at all, because that’s how multi-billion dollar companies operate.

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