Matt LaFleur: We need a legit WR who can take top off of coverage

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The Packers wide receiver room looks a lot different than it did at the end of the season.

Davante Adams is a Raider, Marquez Valdes-Scantling is a Chief, and the Packers are in need of some help at the position for next season. Head coach Matt LaFleur outlined what the team is looking to add over the remainder of the offseason when he spoke to reporters at the league meetings on Tuesday.

“If you look at our roster right now, we definitely need to get some speed in that room,” LaFleur said. “We need a legit guy that can take off the top of the coverage. We lost a guy that was pretty good at doing that. It’s like putting a puzzle together. You’ve got to find those pieces that you’re missing and put it all together.”

The Adams trade came after a number of free agent wideouts found teams, but there are still some options who could add to what Allan Lazard, Randall Cobb, and Amani Rodgers bring to the table. They also have two first-round picks that could be used to pick wideouts or in a trade offer for another wideout who hits the block during an offseason that’s seen that happen more than once.

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  1. FA WR cupboard is bare. Not every team can draft a justin jefferson.
    Time to get players from the local Applebees.

  2. cheeseisfattening says:
    March 29, 2022 at 2:07 pm

    FA WR cupboard is bare. Not every team can draft a justin jefferson.
    Time to get players from the local Applebees.

    Then again, WR isn’t nearly as important as QB. Jefferson is a great player, but the Vikings were 10-6 the year before they drafted him, and have had two consecutive losing seasons with him. With Rodgers, a talented RB duo, and an offensive line returning an All-Pro LT and a Pro Bowl LG who missed most of last season, the don’t need superstars. And with four picks in the first two rounds, they’ve got decent resources to draft/trade. Plus they have the advantage of playing in a really weak division.

  3. jaytee says:
    Then why did you trade Adams and let MVS walk?


    Did you just crawl out of a hole? Adams wanted to play in LV, I thought that was obvious a year ago, but apparently it went over most peoples’ heads. Adams was never open to staying with the Packers.

    MVS got paid at least double what he should have been and good for him! The Packers aren’t typically reachers in free agency and that is part of what has helped them build a long-term, competitive small-market team.

    Any other terrible takes you need help with?

  4. cheeseisfattening says:
    Not every team can draft a justin jefferson.


    Or a Laquon Treadwell.

  5. Man that team has almost zero talent. Really shows just how great Aaron Rodgers is.

  6. Nobody wants to play with extremely greedy QB, players are abandoning the packers like rats on a sinking ship.

  7. jaytee says:
    March 29, 2022 at 2:15 pm
    Then why did you trade Adams and let MVS walk?

    Obviously can not pay a franchise QB and a WR QB $$$.

  8. Trade for Terry McLaurin and get him far away from Snyder and that trash organization. Dude is a humble, nice, talented young man and deserves to be as far away from that cesspool as possible.

  9. One of the privileges of being a Packer fan is not having to worry about too much, season after season, year after year, decade after decade. Even now, the Packers have the most NFL wins in the last three years, going 7-0 without Adams in the process. Why would a mere fan like me question their logic, going forward? That has to pay off at some point, wouldn’t you think?

  10. You seem rather puzzled in putting together a puzzle. Let me explain it, you need pieces to put together the puzzle and when you don’t have them you can’t do it. So, you need to spend money for those pieces but if you have no money (cap) because you spent it all on Aaron, you won’t be able to buy them. Can I make it any clearer? As it ends up Aaron will be the one-man team on a rebuild mission. That should puzzle him, shouldn’t it?

  11. What you need is a legit starting quarterback who can get you to the promised land, and isn’t holding your franchise hostage every off season, or losing first round home playoff games every season

  12. Watch them fail again to take a WR in the first round and pick up a free agent like DeSean Jackson instead.

  13. Players being able to legit ask for top 5 $ at their position like Rodgers Baktiari and Adams, and likely Jaire and Jenkins proving they are back healthy shows how good the Packers have been drafting.

  14. Rodgers can’t get the Packers ‘to the promised land’? Other that that 1 time he won the Super Bowl.. and was Super Bowl MVP

    Rodgers ‘holds the Packers hostage’? Yet they literally couldn’t sign him fast enough during these last 2 contract negotiations. Both of which with multiple years left on the current contract.

    Rodgers hasn’t lost a first round home game since 2013. The one and only time it happened.

    Never fails to amuse how poorly aimed these shots can be.

  15. 2022 QB cap hits

    #1 Ryan Tannehill ($38.6mil)
    #2 Patrick Mahomes
    #3 Kirk Cousins
    #4 Jared Goff
    #5 Aaron Rodgers ($28.5~mil)
    #6 Carson Wentz
    #7 Jimmy Garoppolo

    2 of these are not like the rest.

    And it is very ‘puzzling’.

  16. Great QB can make average receiver very good and good receiver great. Aaron Rodgers has no excuses.

  17. Many complain about Rodgers getting paid, but sit there and think how much you would enjoy watching the Packers w/o him! Are you ready to go from 3 decades of excellence to becoming as bad as the Jets! 2nd, you can replace Davante, You can’t replace a generation QB. So think twice before u cut him down. Look what he has done with one elite WR these past few years. You think MVS or Allen Lazard would look as good as they have with most other QB’s. You wouldn’t know because they would’ve been back ups at best,possibly never touching the field. They can thank our MVP QB for buying them more years in the NFL! We’ll find WR’s & we will be even better, just watch!

  18. MVS has good speed, hands not so much.Pay attention next yr in KC naysyers to ask why he wasn’t signed. I don’t think it was ALL about the $$$$$.

  19. I’m not saying Lazard or MVS were bad here in GB, they both got better & better, but Rodgers was a big reason they looked as good as they did and even got as good as they did. I just think if they had started their career somewhere else, neither may be playing in the NFL right now. Rodgers helped make them, his demand for excellence mixed with his own excellence helped them shine at times. There was a time MVS had a big problem with dropping passes, passes that would’ve been long TD’s, but he has improved more than I ever expected! The problem with MVS, he is a one trick pony! Lazard is a #4 WR anywhere else, but here with Rodgers he can pass for an adequate #3.

  20. All this talk, all these talkers….but when we put up another 13 win season and snag the #1 seed for the third year in a row, they’ll all be in their holes, waiting for yet another offseason when all records are 0-0 and they can feel, until November, that they again have a chance…a hope…possibly even relevance along with some light at the end of a very long tunnel. I get it and don’t begrudge then anything, you can’t help who you love.

  21. Not every team can draft a justin jefferson.
    Did it feel better losing with Jefferson or Diggs?

  22. If nothing else it will be interesting to see how the Pack offensive season plays out. He may have turned out to be personally unlikeable, but Rodgers is still a great QB. He can still make average WRs look above average and good WRs look great — and he certainly will get the chance to prove that fact next season. If he does, the big contract will be more justifiable. It would be pretty surprising if the Pack offense isn’t a bit worse next year, but as long as it has the MVP no one can stand, it’ll still be good.

  23. People forget how good the depth of the Packer receivers was this past season, and that does not include MVS. MVS did not contribute, so he’s not going to be missed. The tight ends were solid and two bruising running backs that can catch! They have to replace one premier receiver, a receiver that has to prove he’s as good without Rodgers, as with him. Just like Greg Jennings, James Jones, and Javon Walker did.

  24. I am not too worried with 4 early picks. They’ll be fine. More and more WRs are going straight from college to starting. They don’t need to sit and learn the offense like in the past.

  25. MVS leaving is addition by subtraction he was lousy draft Ohio st Chris Olive should be priority one they have the draft picks to move up i’d draft 3 wr’s this year draft ( David Bell 2nd – super sleeper Ty Fryfolge 6th ) is as deep as i can remember you can get guy’s who can play as late as the 6th rd

  26. I can’t wait to see the schedule come out! As a Packers fan I wish someone could explain why they have started the last 3 seasons on the road. At Chicago 2019. 2020 at Minnesota, then last year at New Orleans which turned out to be in Florida! Shouldn’t they alternate home and away? It’s a huge disadvantage for you to have play a big road game right out the gate every year! Just saying!

  27. Adams gave the Packers no choice, still, the Packers did very well to recoup a 1 and a 2 for a very good player–who’d about to turn 30. Smart, stable franchises see: GBP, KC, Dallas have all said no to wildly overpriced WR’s. There are a ton of decent WR’s who can be acquired via draft or free agency, and the draft is once again loaded with WR talent. Perhaps Miami and Las Vegas and Minnesota think they win the Super Bowl in March, but the smart teams have salary ranges they don’t want to deviate from at certain positions. It sounds like GB genuinely wanted Adams back which, as a packers fan I think would have been “good”…..but what this outcome does for their cap, and will force Rodgers to spread it around and re-invent himself is better long-term for the Packers

  28. Adams was targeted on 31.2% of Rodgers passes in 2021. Jefferson was targeted on 29.8% of Cousins’ passes in 2021. HUGE difference!

  29. To all the folks b***** about Rodgers and his issues just think for a second. Favre did the same will he won’t he dance too at the end. Maybe that’s a price for HOF QBs. But if your team could get 2 Super Bowls, countless Division Championships, and have only 4 losing seasons in the last THIRTY years would you take it?

  30. pftancelledme says:
    March 29, 2022 at 2:29 pm
    I don’t get why the Packers didn’t re sign MVS.


    Because he’s not consistent whatsoever. I’d rather take a chance on a first round WR in the draft.

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