Pete Carroll: We intend for DK Metcalf to be with us long term

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles
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Seahawks fans have watched the departures of quarterback Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner this offseason. With the rising price of receivers, could DK Metcalf be the next big name out the door?

The Seahawks certainly hope to keep Metcalf on a long-term deal.

“We intend for him to be with us,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Tuesday. “We’d love to figure that out. We’re in a normal kind of mode this time of year. We’re not to that topic yet, specifically, because we’ve got so many other things going on. But we’d love to have him. There’s no way I could imagine playing without him.”

The Seahawks have paid some top-of-the-market deals in the past 12 years, including twice for Wilson and once for Wagner. But Metcalf’s deal was made harder by recent contracts given by the Chargers to Mike Williams, by the Raiders to Davante Adams and by the Dolphins to Tyreek Hill.

General Manager John Schneider said the team’s intention is to extend Metcalf’s contract, but he understands the market has changed in recent weeks.

“It is what it is now, right? This is the market,” Schneider said, via Brady Henderson of ESPN. “So we’ll get to that when we get to it. But yeah there is a bit of, ‘Whoa,’ but then you have to figure out, where’s the cap going? What it’s going to look like? How do you build your team?”

Metcalf, 24, is entering the final year of his rookie deal due to make $3.986 million in 2022. He set a franchise record with 1,303 yards receiving in 2020 and has 216 receptions for 3,170 yards and 29 touchdowns.

9 responses to “Pete Carroll: We intend for DK Metcalf to be with us long term

  1. We’ll pay the man a nice lucrative contract. He’s been worth it so far. He even made Geno Smith look good…

  2. Like Seattle is going to trade their best player who is 24 years old. Sure all you dreamers ……

  3. I’m thinking that some of these owners & GM’s are already anticipating the influx of gambling money and know it’s only a matter of time until these contracts are no longer outliers but the norm.

  4. Having a great WR on a rookie deal is becoming almost as important as a QB on one.

  5. OR trade him for Jordan Love.

    While Great WRs do many things for an offense, and may come up big in important games and crunch time, one thing they have never done over the course of a season is lead their team to a SB title.

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