Saints sign Andy Dalton

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The Saints weren’t done signing quarterbacks when they brought Jameis Winston back.

Veteran quarterback Andy Dalton has agreed to a one-year contract with the Saints, with $3 million guaranteed and a maximum value of $6 million, according to multiple reports.

Winston is still the favorite to be the Saints’ starter this season, but it’s unclear whether the ACL injury that ended his 2021 season after seven games will be fully healed in time for him to play in Week One. So Dalton’s presence gives the Saints a reliable backup who may have to start, at least early in the season.

The 34-year-old Dalton spent his first nine NFL seasons with the Bengals, then spent one year with the Cowboys and one with the Bears. He joins a quarterback room that also includes Ian Book and Blake Bortles behind Winston on the depth chart. Book and Bortles will likely compete for the third-string job with Winston No. 1 if healthy and Dalton No. 2.

30 responses to “Saints sign Andy Dalton

  1. Andy Dalton is a solid backup QB. If he accepts that, a team could do a lot worse than having his experience.

  2. I think I’d go with Bortles before Dalton, who couldn’t even win with the Cowboys offense.

  3. They might want to strongly consider drafting their own QB in the 1st round…
    Right now, a QB room of Bust 1st round picks from other teams….

  4. Other teams are getting better while the Saints fail to maintain the status quo and sign second-tier players.

  5. Take notes baker Mayfield..dalton Is awful but he knows how to play the game of being a backup qb..say what u want but hes getting a job and your still looking. Let’s see how long this lasts

  6. That QB room has nothing but backups. Actually, I tend to think Dalton is the better of the group just based on experience in games played over his career. But, seriously, this offseason has not inspired ANY confidence in the post-Payton Saints.

  7. The Saints should NOT draft a QB this year, the options are pedestrian at best. They should legit be tanking to get a high pick in the next draft (2023) as there will be better options. Andy Dalton doesn’t win you games, so he’s perfect to pretend to compete with. With Brady back and Payton gone, I don’t see the Saints winning the South (though ATL and CAR will be dreadful).

  8. Andy Dalton is not anywhere close to “terrible”, in the right system he’s very good

  9. Smart pickup for the Saints. Start him over Winston week one for sure, instant up grade by far not a turnover machine

  10. He’s better than Tua, but then again so are a number of backups in this league

  11. Winston has done nothing in this league, Dalton is a upgrade and hopefully the saints will draft wisely at quarterback.

  12. Dalton can get you there to the playoffs. Hes really not that bad, until the playoff pressure. Then, Winston better be ready to take over. Pressure equals wilt with this guy.

  13. Haters gonna hate!! I’m fine with this signing.. I mean who else is there to get? People love to talk bad about my Saints. Haters man smh

  14. Since they don’t have to pretend Taysom Hill is a QB anymore they can bring in a legit backup QB for less than they were paying their Tight End/QB.

    Nagy really screwed the Bears last year signing Dalton to be the starter and then refusing to change his offense when Fields was forced to start.

  15. Good luck to the Red Rifle. Nice fellow but not a fit for the Bears. Given the last 25 years not sure there is a QB that is a good fit for the Bears.

  16. … “ Dalton, who couldn’t even win with the Cowboys offense.” …


    How many games did Dalton lose for the Cowboys for not knowing how long 14 seconds is?

  17. A Journeyman QB plus good teacher and locker room leader. Congrats to Andy

  18. He’s the best of that bunch, and not nearly as bad as people say. He’s Pro Bowl level with the right cast around him. Don’t laugh…he’s made 3 Pro Bowls and 5 playoff appearances. Was in MVP discussion for much of 2015.

  19. Also worth noting that Dalton has been on awful teams from 2016 on. Get him some weapons and blocking and I guarantee he lights it up.

  20. Unfortunately the past 5+ years of terrible offense lines in front of him have Dalton with permanent yips.

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