Taysom Hill will focus on tight end this season

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The Saints re-signed Jameis Winston last week and he’s currently pencilled into the starting quarterback job for the 2022 season.

It does not appear that Taysom Hill‘s presence will do anything to threaten that standing. Hill started nine games at quarterback the last two seasons and signed a contract featuring a number of incentives tied to the quarterback position, but word in New Orleans this month has been that he’s not a consideration at the position this year.

Saints head coach Dennis Allen offered some confirmation of that from the league meetings in Florida on Tuesday. Allen told reporters that Hill’s focus will be on playing tight end this year.

Making that Hill’s focus doesn’t preclude using him in a variety of ways once the 2022 season is underway, but it represents a shift from the way the team viewed Hill the last few years and may mark one of the first ways that the Allen era will be distinct from Sean Payton’s time as the head coach.

15 responses to “Taysom Hill will focus on tight end this season

  1. What happened is he went from coach’s pet to former coach’s pet

  2. His best performances have been with it being unpredictable as to what his role will be on some plays. He can for sure remain an asset with his size,speed, and abilities to run routes, run over tacklers, and throw at a near starting qb level. Keep being creative with his roles,please!

  3. Hill will be the first player Sean Payton trades for when he takes over the Cowboys.

  4. phinheads says:
    March 29, 2022 at 10:18 am
    Worst contract in NFL history so far


    Ricky Williams was bad too. Definitely in the conversation.
    From a team perspective any of Sam Bradford’s are worth mentioning.

  5. Perhaps the Saints greatest need is at TE, as they haven’t had a true game changer at that position since Jimmy Graham was in his prime, so it makes sense to have their best athlete, who has already demonstrated his speed, power, and good hands, to focus on that role. As far as the QB experiment is concerned, it failed. So what. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It was with the risk. The man is still a good football player any way you cut it, and he will help the Saints at TE and on special teams

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