Bengals will “circle back” with Jessie Bates at some point on contract talks

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The Bengals were one of eight teams to use franchise tags this offseason and safety Jessie Bates has yet to sign that tag or come to agreement on a long-term contract with the team.

Bates has until July 15 to sign an extension and Bengals executive vice president Katie Blackburn didn’t offer much in the way of a prediction about that happening from this week’s league meetings in Florida. Blackburn said that the team thought they might get an extension with Bates done before the 2021 season, but they fell short and there’s been little to no progress toward an agreement this offseason.

“There hasn’t been a lot to report on since we put the tag on him,” Blackburn said, via Kelsey Conway of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We obviously tried to get him re-signed last year. Thought we had a good chance of getting that done but it didn’t quite get there. I think they wanted to see where the market went in free agency and at some point, we’ll circle back with him and see where we are. But obviously, we love Jessie as a player and if there’s a way we could get something worked out, that would be great. And we just have to see where it goes.”

Bates stands to make $12.911 million under the terms of the tag and he would count for the same amount against the salary cap. An extension would likely drop the cap hit, but the Bengals are not in dire straits on that front.

3 responses to “Bengals will “circle back” with Jessie Bates at some point on contract talks

  1. Bates is a stud, but he didn’t play like one for most of the past season. He finally kicked it into gear during the playoffs, though. I think it was smart of the Bengals to franchise him and then see what the top end of the safety salaries wound up being so they can negotiate from there.

  2. I like Bates but there is only so much money to go around. A great safety is a luxury not a necessity.

  3. Bates is a very good player who wants to be paid like the best player at his position. He isn’t quite at that level. His agent also wants more upfront and higher guarantees than the Bengals will pay. He’ll likely holdout and come back the second part of the season. Then hit the free agent market in 2023.

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