Buccaneers announce Bruce Arians’s departure, Todd Bowles’s promotion

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Bruce Arians is moving out. Todd Bowles is moving up.

The Buccaneers officially have announced the sudden and abrupt late-March coaching change. It’s the first time a move has happened this late since Jimmy Johnson left the Cowboys on March 29, 1994.

The Buccaneers will conduct a press conference regarding the transition on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. ET.

“When Bruce arrived in Tampa Bay three years ago, he spoke about establishing a winning culture and adding another Super Bowl championship for our community,” owner Joel Glazer said in a press release. “He delivered on both of those promises, and our family is deeply appreciative for all that he has accomplished during his time as our head coach. As impressive as his coaching accomplishments have been, his legacy will live on through the doors of opportunity that he has opened for minority coaches and women in football. We support Bruce’s decision to transition from the sidelines and look forward to continuing to lean on his vast football knowledge and experience well into the future. On behalf of all Buccaneers fans, I would like to thank Bruce for all that he has done for this franchise and our community.”

Arians will move to a front-office role with the Buccaneers. Bowles will take over the team.

“I am appreciative of the Glazer family and Jason Licht for having faith in me to take on this role, and to Coach Arians for his support and guidance over the past four decades.” Bowles said. “Tampa has become home for my family, and we are excited to remain part of this community for years to come. As an organization, we have all the pieces in place to continue the winning standard that has been established here in recent years. I am eager to get started with our players, coaching staff, and front office in preparation for the 2022 season.”

Arians has won the coach of the year award twice since initially retiring (with a nudge) in Pittsburgh after the 2011 season. In 2012, as offensive coordinator of the Colts, Arians became the interim coach of the team during the cancer battle of Chuck Pagano. Then with the Cardinals, Arians won the award as the head coach.

The press release from the Buccaneers does not address the elephant in the room — the possible connection between the return of Tom Brady and the resignation of Bruce Arians. Undoubtedly, that topic will come up once or twice during Thursday’s press conference.

23 responses to “Buccaneers announce Bruce Arians’s departure, Todd Bowles’s promotion

  1. I called this they say Tom unretired ! Tom Brady “Get rid of Bruce or trade me to the Dolphins”. Bucs “Bruce is Gone”.

  2. Publicly: Golly gee shucks. I sure will miss Coach Arians. He meant so much to what we do here.

    Privately: It’s him or me.

  3. Ironic that the Bucs now get 2 weeks earlier start on training camp with a new coach hire.

  4. The writing was on the wall when Tom went to England and met with the Glazers, and then came back and announced he was returning. He went there asking to be released, and then he was probably asked what it would take for him to come back, and he told them get Bruce outta there, and here we are. I feel bad for Todd, because if the Bucs start losing it’s all on him, or if Tom finally hits a wall it’s all on him. If Tom gets hurt it’s gonna be because Todd had the wrong play called, or Todd didn’t do this or that. He’s in a no win situation even if they win another Superbowl everyone will say it was all Brady. He can’t win no matter what

  5. Well Brady is the defacto OC. So it makes sense to have a defensive head coach. Less conflict, and be can leave Brady to run the offense.

  6. Bowles deserves it. He got stuck with incompetent ownership and an even more incompetent GM with the Jets. He has a chance to prove he can do it right this time. That’s if father time doesn’t catch up to Grandpa Brady

  7. Byron Leftwich should have gotten the gig. We’ve already seen underwhelming Todd Bowles as a head coach.

  8. As a former jets fan, its beyond crazy that Todd Bowles gets to be a head coach again and with Brady as his QB.

    That is quite a change from what Bowles had with the Jets. But I assume Bowles will be smart enough to let Brady and The OC Byron Leftwich run the offense with no interference.

    That being said…hopefully Bowles does better with an actual QB and roster. His roster with the Jets and his GM then was, aside from year one, a total disaster.

  9. Tom Brady may become the 1st player to go from active player to a HC in the NFL. Coming to you in 2023.

  10. purplepridepolysemy says:
    March 30, 2022 at 9:03 pm
    Tom Brady=The biggest diva in professional sports.


    Sorry, but looks like you spelled Aaron Rodgers slightly wrong.

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