Jeffrey Lurie: Eagles are “committed” to Jalen Hurts

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Eagles were the first team to trade away Carson Wentz after his disastrous 2020 season, handing the title of QB1 to Jalen Hurts for 2021.

Hurts rewarded the club and first-year head coach Nick Sirianni with a solid first season as a full-time starter, with the club going 9-8 and reaching the postseason.

Though the Buccaneers did thump the Eagles in the wild card round, Hurts displayed enough for Philadelphia’s brass to believe in him heading into 2022.

“We have a young, 23-year-old, playoff QB who gets better every year in college and in the pros,” Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said at the annual league meeting this week, via Zach Berman of “He’s had, really, one full year. No one knows where that’s going to end up, but I think what you do know is you have a guy that is incredibly dedicated, excellent leader of men. Players around him gravitate to him. He will do anything and everything to get better and work on every weakness he has to try to maximize every strength he has. And that’s why we’re committed to Jalen at age 23. Who knows what the future holds, right?”

threw for 3,144 yards with 16 touchdowns and nine interceptions while rushing for 784 yards and 10 TDs in 2021.

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  1. If that is the case, the Seahawks should talk to them about a possible trade for Minshew…

    Go Hawks

  2. He’s not very good, so that sets the ceiling for the Eagles at a pretty low height. Better invest in the defense so they can win Trent Dilfer style.

  3. Eagles fan here. I’m not convinced one bit that Hurts is the long term answer. But without any overwhelming QB prospects this year, and a ton of high draft picks, the birds have an opportunity to build up some significant areas of need.

    So roll with Hurts for another season – hopefully with some additional help around him, and be better equipped to support whoever your QB will be in the future.

  4. I get it now. They’re trying to create what Baltimore has. A QB who’s more running back than passer because it puts stress on defenses. The problem with that is that once you get to the playoffs with better defenses, the lack of passing skills catches up to them. And Hurts is an even worse passer than Jackson.

  5. I am glad the Eagles are sticking with Jalen Hurts. This man is a really hard worker who is going to get better . He needs more good weapons around him like receivers that can catch the football and get open. I don’t know why everybody is trying to replace him after one season where he lead them into the playoffs.

  6. Jalen is winner 25-2 at Alabama 14-1 at Okla. I guarantee 1 week after the playoff game he was working on improving on what he has to do. He did not give up 33 points. All the people that do not believe in the person will be shock how much he will do this upcoming season. Howie build the defense, the offense will be fine. we have at least 3 Bama players that know how to win

  7. Hurts is too easy to defend. He can’t throw accurately underneath and his long ball stinks. If teams cover from 10 to 25 yards out, Hurts can’t complete passes and is forced to run. Seems like a good dude but not a top 15 QB now or likely at any point forward.

  8. They are committed to Hurts until their not. Hurts is equivalent to about Tyrod Taylor.

  9. I’m fine giving him one more year to see if he’s able to take a big step forward. In what seems like the likely case that he doesn’t, I’d like to see the Eagles trade one of their first round picks this year for one next year to position themselves to make a move towards the top of the draft.

  10. WHY??? Not a franchise QB and has too much developing to do, especially when you have Minschew behind him. Minschew should have been rookie of the year his rookie season but he was on the jags and was never taken seriosly, but all he did was lead and win there.

  11. mandracchia says:
    March 30, 2022 at 9:53 am

    Jalen is winner 25-2 at Alabama 14-1 at Okla. I guarantee 1 week after the playoff game he was working on improving on what he has to do. He did not give up 33 points. All the people that do not believe in the person will be shock how much he will do this upcoming season. Howie build the defense, the offense will be fine. we have at least 3 Bama players that know how to win
    Hurts should have been a winner. Alabama & Oklahoma were usually the best team on the field on most weeks. He lost his job to Tua due being a weak passer. Alabama had to bench Hurts for Tua in the national title game because Hurts was too one-dimensional against Georgia that year. Hurts definitely improved as a passer with Oklahoma but had a very bad loss to Kansas State & struggled against Kansas also. Being a winner in college really is meaningless when you get to the NFL. In the NFL every player is good and even the bad teams can beat the best team on a given week.

  12. i really like Jalen, being realistic it this may be his last chance…would’ve been nice to get ridley, we need another WR…ppl hate on his passing but he takes a lot of deep shots and i’ve seen him hit some real nice touch passes. if he can work on the basics, progressions, checkdowns, etc. he can be great…and yeah build a great team and see if we can win that way

  13. As a Saints fan, I saw him take our defense apart twice. I don’t watch a lot of Eagles games, but from those I saw (other than against the Saints) it appeared that he could use some help in the form of a reliable Number one receiver, and maybe a little more help on the o-line. Maybe some coaching on footwork in the pocket (no pun intended). I don’t get the overall impatience with new QBs (I grew up in an era when it often took the greats several years to mature (Bradshaw and Stabler are two that come to mind from my era). Not saying Hurts is in that league, just that the jury is still out, and a little help for the kid is warranted given the promise he’s shown

  14. People thought Josh Allen couldn’t throw his first 2 years either but he managed to turn around his career. Why can’t Jalen Hurts if he gets the right coaching?

  15. Allow me to translate – I speak fluent ownereese. What he’s really saying is:

    “After getting whacked for $34 million in dead money last season for a guy who played for another team, we’re delighted to pay Hurts and Minshew about $4 million COMBINED and roll the dice. That is literally our plan – right Howie?”

  16. People also have to remember Jalen Hurts didn’t have the most reliable receivers either. I remember last year the tight end end droping a 5 yard pass that hit him in the hands and he dropped it and then it bounced off his foot and got intercepted and Jalen threw a perfect deep pass to Watkins in the end zone that hit him in the hands that he dropped and I could go on and on. If they up grade the receivers and Jalen gets better he’ll be great.

  17. After Watson, don’t think Lurie wants to pony up $250 million or so in cash to cover a fully guaranteed contract for an A-list QB that may or may not improve a team. New direction for a lot of teams, load up the D and find a QB that is just good enough not to lose games like the Bears, Ravens and Seahawks.

  18. There is no alternative, so roll with him another year. No one in the draft is better than he is. He’s athletic, he’s been a winner and he’s the ultimate team first guy. Just roll another year and see how it goes.

  19. Build around him and see what he’s got. He had one reliable WR and a good TE. Howie will trade a 1st round this year and have assets for next year’s draft.

  20. The Eagles will do exactly what Nick Saban did with Hurts, dump him. He is a bridge on a team that is rebuilding. It will happen either next year or the year after.

  21. I conflicted on Hurts. Long time Eagles fan who always wanted them to run the ball more than they used to. But I didn’t want it to be because the QB has a noodle arm. Hurts has a lot to prove in 2022.

  22. If that is true, then the Eagles should prove their loyalty by trading Minshew to the Seahawks for a 7th round pick…..

  23. Jeffrey Lurie: Eagles are “committed” to Jalen Hurts

    When I see news like this,… it usually means the player is toast.

  24. What’s he gonna say? Hes “committed” to losing because Hurts isnt the answer?

  25. Nice guy but he pulls the ball down too fast and takes off and he’s too short to really see down the field. Time to move on soon.

  26. steves11 says:
    March 30, 2022 at 4:46 pm
    Eagles should trade Gardner Minshew to Seahawks for DK Metcalf.
    Toss is two first round draft picks with Minshew, and Seattle may discuss it…

  27. The problem in Philly starts with the guy calling the shots on personnel, Roseman.
    That Super Bowl roster was largely built by Chip Kelly who wrestled personnel from Roseman. Then Roseman got him fired. Just like he got Reid fired. He wants control.

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