Jim Irsay on Week 18 loss: No disrespect to Jaguars, but they’re the worst team in the NFL

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The most stunning result of Week 18 was the Colts — needing only to win to earn a playoff berth — losing to the Jaguars, who could clinch the first overall pick in the draft with a loss. No one was more stunned than Colts owner Jim Irsay.

Irsay said Tuesday that the loss to the Jaguars (who ended up clinching the first pick anyway when the Lions also won in Week 18) was as appalling a performance as he’s ever seen, and he knew major changes were needed.

“No disrespect to Jacksonville, but I mean, they’re the worst team in the league,” Irsay said, via NBCSportsPhiladelphia.com. “You play well and hard for the first quarter or so, and they’re looking to go to their locker room and clean it out. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. You say, ‘My God, there’s something wrong here. It needs to be corrected.’ I think that we feel like we did.”

By trading away Carson Wentz and trading for Matt Ryan, the Colts believe they have found a quarterback who will play a lot better in a big game than Wentz played in the season finale.

26 responses to “Jim Irsay on Week 18 loss: No disrespect to Jaguars, but they’re the worst team in the NFL

  1. He’s right.
    And he realized the Colts just lost to them.
    Changes needed to be made, and he made them.

  2. I hate to break to it Jim, but the Colts are just 6-8 against those lowly Jaguars in the last 7 years. Luck, Rivers, Wentz, a few coaches… Maybe the issue is higher up than those parts of the team when you’re consistently losing to “the worst team in the NFL” year after year after year.

  3. Jim has 1 SB. I dont understand why everyone makes it seem like a shock when they don’t make the playoffs or win another. There is a reason they hang runner up banners. That’s their level.

  4. Irsay: “Jacksonville is the worst team in the League”

    Houston Texans: “Hold my beer”

  5. Pretty sure they were trying to lose those last few games. Then suddenly after they have the #1 pick wrapped up they come out and beat a team on the verge of making the playoffs. Things that make you go hmmmm.

  6. Then why did Indy only move on from Wentz? That melt down can’t fall on one person.

  7. Any given Sunday, Jim. That’s the saying. The Bills laid an egg against the Jags as well earlier in the year. Wentz was not the only problem on that team, but it was the right thing to do moving on from him.

  8. Any given Sunday, that’s why they play the game. Nice bulletin material for a team you play twice a year tho!

  9. It’s so convenient how the Colts blamed Carson Wentz for all their failures last season, ignoring the abysmal pass rush and wideout play. Irsay talks about the Jacksonville game specifically and the importance of a fast start in that game. Trevor Lawrence absolutely shredded the Colts defense for the first 3 quarters. Side note, Carson Wentz doesn’t play defense.

  10. Your lucky to have 2 teams in your division that continue to compete for worst in the league

  11. They shouldn’t have lost that game, but the gap between the Jags and the Colts was never as big as it looked. Swap their coaches for the full season, and I’m not sure who finishes higher.

  12. lol this guy is something else. go hang another participation banner in the rca dome or whatever that dump is called now.

  13. Sorry but Really not interested in Irasy’s opinion of things. He who lives in glass houses should not throw stones.

  14. When I read that I immediately thought about disagreeing because the Texans are probably worse. However, the Texans, as bad as they are, managed to beat the Jags twice last year. So yeah, Irsay is probably right. It just goes to show how bad Wentz is that he can’t even throw the ball against a team as bad as the Jets.

  15. Whenever somebody says no disrespect it kinda means here it comes total disrespect.

  16. No disrespect, but your is the worst in the NFL! On what planet is that not disrespectful? That should be bulletin board material for the Jags – even though it was accurate.

  17. It is called the Wentz effect, it is going around. First it popped up in Philly, then your team got it, and now I just heard it has finally made its way to the Capital. These teams that keep chasing rainbows crack me up. Oh wait I can change this man and make him better. Well, most of the time when a team moves on from a player, there is a good reason for it.

  18. icantstandwhitecastleanymore says:
    March 30, 2022 at 8:17 am
    Then why did Indy only move on from Wentz? That melt down can’t fall on one person.

    Yeah, interesting, isn’t it. This happens all the time – sometimes it’s the QB, sometimes it’s the lower level coaching staff, sometimes it’s the HC and/or GM, but someone becomes the scapegoat.

    Blaming Wentz for that game is ridiculous and is an overly simplistic take. He’s responsible for the defense? Was he the one who scouted the Jags? Did he call the plays or set up the game plan? Was he responsible for in-game adjustments on both sides of the ball?

    And yes, Wentz had a bad game, but we have to recognize that human beings aren’t infallible and NFL players sometimes have bad games. Matt Ryan is an upgrade, but who will be blamed if/when the Colts underperform this year?

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