Matt Eberflus looking for “a big jump” from Justin Fields in 2022

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The Bears’ last regime drafted Justin Fields at No. 11 overall last year and the quarterback showed only flashes of his potential as a rookie.

New head coach Matt Eberflus is expecting some significant progress from the signal-caller in his second season.

“I said last time in public that the development of him for the second year should be a big jump,” Eberflus said at the annual league meeting this week, via Larry Mayer of the team’s website. “It should be. That’s what we’re looking for. We’re looking for better technique, better fundamentals, better decision-making, better timing, everything.

“He’s all on board on that. He’s excited about where he is and he’s been working his tail off. That’s what we want, just that big jump from Year One to Year Two.”

One factor in him getting there will be the team’s coaching. Eberflus brought on former Packers quarterbacks coach Luke Getsy as his first offensive coordinator in Chicago. Even though Getsy has not called plays before in the league, Eberflus is confident in Getsy’s ability to do the job.

“You have to have instincts,” Eberflus said. “You have to go with your gut sometimes. But it’s all based on information that you have through analytics and study and statistics before you get to the game, and then you rip your call … Before the game, you understand, ‘Hey, I want to call this and the sequence in which you call it.’ So, we’re having conversations about all those different types of items of being a play-caller right now. He’s excited to get going. I know he’s excited for the challenge.”

Fields appeared in 12 games with 10 starts last season. He completed 59 percent of his passes for 1,870 yards with seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He also rushed for 420 yards with a pair of TDs.

12 responses to “Matt Eberflus looking for “a big jump” from Justin Fields in 2022

  1. Better decision making and timing – okay.

    Better technique and fundamentals – well good luck with that.

    Given how bad he was last year I’m not sure how much he will be able to improve this year.
    The question is how good will he be by the end of his third year when they have to make a decision about picking up his fifth year option?

  2. Just once in my life can one of these young bear QB’s develope into a franchise player? I’ve been waiting since 1953, geez.

  3. Defensive-minded HC with untested OC to support the development of a 2nd year QB with regression at all levels of the team, including OL and WR corp. Gonna be a big jump for sure, just not the right way

  4. Fields is very talented but might not get a chance to show it. How about supporting him the way the Jets and Jaguars are trying? Instead he loses his best receiver and a good O-lineman. Instead of trying to give Ogunjobi 40 mil, why weren’t the Bears beefing up the offense?

  5. Bears will more than likely be in the basement of the NFC North for the foreseeable future

  6. I hope Justin Fields becomes the first great QB in the 100 year history of Bears football, and the first Buckeye QB to not bust in the NFL. The chances are just really low.

  7. “We’re looking for better technique, better fundamentals, better decision-making, better timing, everything.”

    Well… THAT sounds like a guy who shouldn’t have been picked in the early 1st round. And now you have to deal with your foolishness.

  8. JF1 is up there in every statistical category amongst rookies. That includes HOFers of years past.

    Coaching alone should see some improvement. He’s hustling as we type these messages.

    As for weapons, no clue. I’m hoping it’s young, hungry UDFAs out there that hustle and play hard.

  9. It will be interesting to see how he does with new coaching. They will need to give him some weapons and improve the O-line though.

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