Antonio Brown says he won’t get ankle surgery without a commitment from a team

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Free-agent receiver Antonio Brown has maintained for weeks that he needs surgery on his ankle. It was believed he’d get it fixed and then embark on returning to football.

Now, Brown has turned the timeline upside down.

Brown recently told that he won’t get the ankle fixed until he knows that he has a job with an NFL team.

“I need to get my ankle fixed, but I just want to make sure I got an obligation or a commitment from a team,” Brown said. “It’s a lot for a guy to go do surgery without an idea of where you gonna work, or who you going to work for.”

Brown, who has been pursuing a wide range of other interests since his career with the Buccaneers imploded nearly three months ago, made it clear that he still wants to play.

“I’m a player first,” Brown said. “I couldn’t even be in this position without being a football player. So I never want to take that for granted. I would love to continue my career. I got a lot of game left in me.”

Maybe he does, but it’s hard to imagine a team making any type of commitment to him if he needs ankle surgery. If he truly wants to play, he needs to get himself healthy and then see what happens.

The problem may be that teams are having a hard time forgetting what happened in Tampa. Although talent often secures a player’s next second chance, Brown may not be sufficiently dominant to get teams to overlook the bizarre circumstances of his latest NFL divorce.

55 responses to “Antonio Brown says he won’t get ankle surgery without a commitment from a team

  1. Maybe a little brain surgery first? Clearly, things aren’t functioning properly in his topsy turvy mind.

  2. Commitment… like storming off the field in the middle of a game type of commitment? You get what you give in this world

  3. Yeah, because he’s the one FA in a position to make demands. Sit down.

  4. As usual, he has things completely backwards. No team is going to commit to him until hes healthy.

  5. Okay, let me get this straight … he’s an injured football player who needs surgery, but refuses to get it until an NFL team hires him? So … he expects a team to employ him while he’s injured … before surgery, and then wait for him to heal so that maybe he can play again? This coming from a guy who would not pay his personal chef for services rendered? Good luck Antonio. The sad thing is, this guy probably has/had as much talent and ability as Davante and Tyreek, but unfortunately his ten-cent head won’t allow him to be in that class – now or ever. It’s amazing to think of all the money this guy as pissed away simply by being an idiot. Guess it takes all kinds …

  6. I wish AB the best, but why would any team want to take on this ticking time bomb?

  7. Antonio Brown thought some random dude was Pitbull. Says all you need to know about his state of mind.

  8. I know health care is expensive, but it seems like he’d want his ankle fixed whether he ever played football again or not. It’s a weird piece of leverage to hold over himself.

  9. So basically all the dancing, running full speed in the middle of the street, traveling all over the country, jumping Jack’s, & other activities weren’t enough already showing this guy was lying that past 3 months about how bad his ankle was or is now? It was all about the contract & guaranteed money! It was never about the ankle…. usually if your injured, you get it taken care of…not wait 3 months (hes already changed his story & timeline a few times) & get it done.

  10. Commit to Pay me millions so I can then feel good about getting a surgery I need & then risk me being out the year & possibly not fully recover to my abilities before the surgery & I’ll commit to play for you… maybe…..if I still feel like it & I don’t feel disrespected or unappreciated for blessing you with my presence….. yeah, ok, riiiiiiiigggghhhhhtttttt!!!!

  11. Did someone actually say second chance when talking about AB. The guy has been given way too many chances, get out and stay out.

  12. It’s weird, the people who won’t honor a commitment are the ones that always demand a commitment…

  13. Most teams want fully healed players available at first OTAs so they can install the offense. If you are not on the team for that, you are behind at the start of camp.

    OTAs are typically late May. That is 8 weeks from now. Bones take 8 weeks to heal. Surgery on joints is even longer to recover as ligaments are very slow healing.

    Brown wants to sound like he’s still a player without, you know, actually being one. He is retired, but does not realize it.

  14. “I’m a player first”? And, instead of having surgery, I’ll limp around the rest of my life to prove it.

  15. He doesn’t deserve another chance, but if some team does give him a chance, I think the only way to bring AB into an organization would be what Tampa did in 2020. A 1-year contract and bring him in later in the year toward the playoffs when he has something to prove, then don’t re-sign him the next year. Tampa made a mistake bringing him back. There’s a small chance that he could help a team in that capacity. Otherwise, he will just be disruptive.

  16. Is he old now. Might get a min deal one more time but his days are very numbered. Will probably end with more drama.

  17. AB spoke these words: “I couldn’t even be in this position without being a football player. So I never want to take that for granted.”

  18. I heard the saints are looking for wide receivers I really hope he doesn’t sign with them because I like the saints and he is worthless.. OK Antonio clown don’t fix your ankle we will call you gimpy later in life when you limp around cause you’re such a stubborn genius

  19. I need a surgery on my knee. I’m going the AB route and not getting it until I have a commitment from an NFL team. Sounds like a good plan.

  20. Don’t worry AB – now that Tom is in charge of the Bucs, he will probably be thrilled to bring you back.

  21. Sounds to me like AB is broke and wants a team to foot the bill for surgery and rehab.
    Please just go away AB!

  22. Surgeons everywhere respond by saying they won’t operate on Antonio Brown until they are paid in advance.

  23. If I’m a GM, I would make an offer of 4 year commitment. It would require he get two medical opinions, one independent & picked by my medical staff. He would have to submit & pass a physical by the 5th week of the season and be eligible to play by week 8. He would have his salary guaranteed for any independent season ending injury, not related to his ankle. He would revert to normal contractual language for the remaining 3 years of the deal. Only his signing bonus would be guaranteed and this year’s salary, if he clears the physical & plays in Week 8.

  24. A certain QB in Wisconsin lost his number one receiver. How about some cold weather for the hothead? Might actually work out well for all parties involved. AB has experience with getting freeze burns on his feet and he may save money on the cold treatments he normally gets, while Aaron has a reliable target.

  25. He is a shoe in for the Browns. He is better than Amari Cooper and will play for a whole lot less.

    No one ever disrespected his work ethic. You know if he gets surgery he will work himself pack into game shape. That has never been his problem.

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