Congressional investigation of Washington Commanders pivots to potential financial improprieties

Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz
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The House Committee on Oversight and Reform is reportedly exercising a new form of oversight over the Washington Commanders.

According to the Washington Post, the committee is “now looking into allegations of financial improprieties under
Daniel Snyder’s ownership.”

A committee spokesperson did not confirm this new twist to the existing probe.

“The Committee continues to investigate the hostile workplace and culture of impunity at the Washington Commanders as well as the National Football League’s inadequate response and lack of transparency,” the spokesperson said. “The Committee will follow the facts wherever they may lead.”

The Commanders insist that there have been no financial issues.

“The team is not aware of any investigation by the House Oversight Committee regarding financial matters, despite
vague and unsubstantiated claims today by anonymous sources,” a Commanders team spokesman told the Post. “The team categorically denies any suggestion of financial impropriety of any kind at any time. We adhere to strict
internal processes that are consistent with industry and accounting standards, are audited annually by a globally
respected independent auditing firm, and are also subject to regular audits by the NFL. We continue to cooperate
fully with the Committee’s work.”

The committee would strongly dispute that last line. If Washington were fully cooperating, the committee would already have the full scope of the documents and other evidence developed during attorney Beth Wilkinson’s 10-month investigation.

27 responses to “Congressional investigation of Washington Commanders pivots to potential financial improprieties

  1. When a bunch of politicians look into something, its almost certain that they will say they found something. Its how they try to prove that they are actually useful.

  2. Enough already!!!!
    What is it going to take for the NFL to get rid of Daniel Snyder? !

  3. You are telling me the franchise that was caught selling expired peanuts at FedEx Field from Independence Air might have some financial improprieties?

  4. This has witch hunt spelled all over it. They have been after Dan for years. Trying to discredit him and dragging his name through the mud. But each time these investigations come up empty.

  5. Snyder is a class A jerk, and a horrible NFL owner, no argument here. But that said…the powerful wheels of injustice by our corrupt government are working with the powers that be in the NFL that want Snyder out behind the scenes. Massive political hit job coming. Snyder will be forced out. The respective Congresspeople’s PACs will be well-funded. Term limits are a must.

  6. I see. So the crooked politicians are investigating the crooked NFL team. Expect weeks of grandstanding — then nothing.

  7. I am praying to sweet Baby Jesus to finally rid the fan base, what’s left of it, of Snyder and his brutally ignorant ownership of this once proud franchise. Long time ago Washington was considered one of the best teams in the nfl (1982-1991, I know…’s a long long time ago).
    Once Snyder is gone, new ownership can re-name the team something the fan base has input on (hopefully) and can start fresh. Until then we are the worst run franchise in sports

  8. Oddly, they have no interest in investigating the son of the President and the financial situation there. I think that speaks volumes about the priorities and the malfeasance in Congress.

  9. Hilarious! I think we should let Snyder investigate Congress for financial improprieties!! Now that would be some real news.

  10. Washington — whatever the last name — is the worst professional sports franchise in the country. Danny has cultivated a culture in which woman are sexually harassed, employees are bullied, elderly destitute season ticket holders are sued, the stands are collapsing, pipes are bursting and spewing water on fans and — last but not least — the team is constantly losing. For the sake of the League and the team’s long suffering fans, Snyder has to go.

  11. I’d rather they look into why the price of gas or food is so high.

    Why do they even look into a private business?

  12. Congress……. keep your grubby little hands off the NFL. You pretty much ruin everything you touch.

  13. The House Committee on Oversight and Reform is supposed to provide oversight of the government, not private companies. Investigating the Commanders serves no legislative purpose.

  14. It’s truly amazing how many loonies come out of the ether to post about their distrust of anything related to government. Anyway, Dan Snyder needs to go.

  15. Wait. A man that made his fortune through sketchy business deals may have done some sketchy financial wizardry with his football team? Who coulda saw this coming?

  16. Shocking! You mean the amoral buffoon who runs a toxic organization might also partake in financial improprieties? I must retire to my fainting couch!

    And, the reason Congress can get involved is because the feds afford the NFL special privileges, so there’s always the danger that if you act like entitled, untouchable idiots, the entitled, untouchable idiots in Congress might look into your business.

    Not smart – and Dan Snyder is not going to be allowed to bring down the league with his nonsense.

  17. It’s funny how all of these stories originate in the publication that is owned by the man that everyone knows wants to own the team.

  18. We’re entering the endgame where Snyder will either sell or eventually he’ll be forced out. Pick any billionaire and any NFL team and you could find SOMETHING questionable with the finances. The smart guys keep their noses clean enough to avoid people snooping around.

  19. oh please. couldn’t be more obvious that they’re trying to find a reason to force snyder to sell so bezos can buy then donate to their campaigns as a thank you.

  20. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    March 31, 2022 at 1:32 pm
    You are telling me the franchise that was caught selling expired peanuts at FedEx Field from Independence Air might have some financial improprieties?

    414Rate This


    My personal favorite was when beer vendors were selling suds IN THE MEN’S ROOM at FedEx Field! A classic Lil’ Danny touch!

  21. Don’t worry Washington fans… the league benefited your team with the WEAKEST upcoming schedule and KC has the hardest.

  22. lamontsfriendrollo says:
    March 31, 2022 at 2:44 pm
    It’s funny how all of these stories originate in the publication that is owned by the man that everyone knows wants to own the team.


    Maybe, just maybe, the geographic proximity of the Washington Post to the Washington Commanders might have something to do with it. Bezos resides in Medina, WA 2,757.6 miles from Washington D.C.

  23. It does not take “loonies” to point out that congress has no business or right to be involved in the NFL in any form. As well as maybe they should be doing what they are elected to do.

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