Noah Fant: The way Broncos used me was a little frustrating

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When tight end Noah Fant joined the Broncos as a 2019 first-round pick, hopes were high for what he’d bring to the team’s passing game.

Fant caught 170 passes for 1,905 yards and 10 touchdowns over the last three seasons, but he wasn’t thrilled with how he was used in the Broncos offense. Fant said on 104.3 The Fan this week that he felt the Broncos failed to utilize him to the best of his abilities during his three seasons in Denver.

“Yeah, I mean, I agree, man. I feel like when I came into the league, that’s what I was drafted to do, right? Get down the field, make those explosive plays, and kind of be that pass catching tight end,” Fant said. “And over my time in Denver, I felt like that narrative kind of got muddled down a little bit. It was more of a focus of me catching flat balls or whatever it may be, and then trying to be a shifty guy and elusive guy and try to break as many tackles possible to get my yards. I view myself as a downfield threat, getting open space, then I can make things happen. It was a little frustrating being used in the short field.”

The Broncos’ quarterback play has been frustrating since Fant entered the league, but he won’t get a chance to benefit from Russell Wilson‘s arrival because he was part of the package sent back to Seattle. The Seahawks’ top quarterback at the moment is former Bronco Drew Lock and a failure to upgrade there is likely to keep Fant from fully spreading his wings in his new home.

11 responses to “Noah Fant: The way Broncos used me was a little frustrating

  1. Totally agree. When Fangio fired Rich Scangarello and hired Pat Shurmer, it not only ruined Noah Fant, but also Drew Lock. There’s a reason Fangio and that whole staff was fired. Terrible handling of the offense and Fangio treated players that weren’t his absolute favorites like crap.

  2. If he was frustrated in Denver, he will be flat out angry at how Pete will use him in Seattle

  3. I agree with him completely. If Pat Shurmer gets another coordinator job, I would be shocked. That being said, Noah has to improve his blocking/chipping and, at least, show a willingness to do it.

  4. Interesting comments considering one of those bronco QBs is now with him in Seattle.

  5. Blocking AND catching is called being a complete tight end. Even the big stars do that!

  6. As a fan of the Broncos, it was frustrating how often you dropped or fumbled balls. Now, you and Drew can continue your chemistry in Seattle.

  7. Since 2013 unless the Broncos are picking in the top 10 in the first round they have whiffed on every pick. The only 2 first round draft picks that have worked was Bradley Chubb taken at #5 and Patrick Sultan II at #9. They have wasted 1st round picks on Sylvester Williams, Bradley Roby, Shane Ray, Paxton Lynch none of who are still on the team. Their 2020 1st round pick Jerry Jeudy has had a total of 2 touchdowns since he came into the league. They just traded Fant, Garrett Bolles is a below average tackle. Maybe with a new GM they will get better, but it goes to show that Elway was a horrible judge of talent and he got lucky by convincing Manning to sign. Finding a HOF QB who still had a little gas left in the tank was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  8. Noah, we all promise you: Your dropped passes were more frustrating. I was good with him getting traded.

  9. Pat Shurmur is the reason offense is so bad, He ruined everyone. I am glad so many Broncos Fans see it. Tulsa Bronco follow my Broncos page. Broncos Fans In Oklahoma City.

  10. Elite QBs can turn average TEs into good ones, and good ones into superstars. He is going ot be flustered for a while, I understand Seattle wanting to get Fant in this trade, but now they have use him correctly.

    Trading for Jimmy Graham who was a great TE, didn’t do Seattle much good either.

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