Report: No timetable for Russell Wilson contract extension

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The Broncos gave up plenty to get quarterback Russell Wilson. Eventually, the Broncos will have to give up plenty to keep him.

Jeff Howe of recently reported that there’s “no timetable” for a new contract to replace Wilson’s current deal, which runs through 2023.

That’s only partially accurate, as a practical matter. Wilson and agent Mark Rodgers typically seek a new contract when Wilson has one year left on his existing agreement. Thus, by next April, it will be time to pay Wilson.

It happened three years ago. Rodgers made it clear that Wilson wanted a new contract before the start of the offseason program. He got one, and it made him the highest paid player (at the time) in league history.

Other factors become relevant. For now, there’s no owner. A year from now, there likely will be one. What happens if the new owner resists paying Wilson market-level money? What happens if the new owner refuses to make the entirety of the contract fully guaranteed, like the Deshaun Watson deal? What happens if Rodgers eventually tries to pull the NFL across the next barrier that teams arguably have colluded to avoid — tying the player’s compensation to a fixed percentage of the salary cap?

There’s every reason for Rodgers to try to get a new contract now. If, after all, Watson can get a huge new contract on the way through the door in Cleveland despite having 22 pending civil lawuits, why shouldn’t Wilson get one, too?

Now is the time to do it, before there’s an owner to potentially get in the way of the talks. To potentially use the negotiation as a way to flex muscles or set a tone regarding the way things will go under the new boss.

The current regime is all in on Wilson. Now is the time for Rodgers to go deep in the coffers of the Broncos to get the kind of contract that could be harder to secure a year from now.

However it plays out, Wilson once again will get paid. The Broncos gave up too much to get him to play hardball with him on his next contract. Still, it makes sense for the regime that made the trade to also do the deal, before the new regime brings a potentially different mindset to the table.

14 responses to “Report: No timetable for Russell Wilson contract extension

  1. Denver really walked into a massive buzzsaw here. Paying a QB 40 mil per as he ages, especially one that likes to do a lot of running around, is just stupidity.

  2. Get ready Denver, Mark Rodgers is a baseball agent he will not only want to set the market on the contract he will want it totally gauranteed. The relationship between him and John Schneider deteriorated after the last contract negotiation, Wilson’s trade was inevitable the Seahawks were .not going to pay him 45+ million per year.

  3. Does anyone like Wilson? At least Rodgers is good at the position. Wilson will fall apart more than he did in Seattle under this rookie coaching system. It will be fun to watch. Oh and Denver – please do not pay this guy.

  4. As a Bronco fan, we should Absolutely NOT extend Wilson right now. Absolutely NOT. We need to see if he can play at an elite level an entire season. Wait until late in the season at the very Minimum. I wanna see WINs on the football field not on Social Media…

  5. They better give him one soon, before his Agent demands that Russ becomes a majority owner of the Broncos franchise itself. I’ll miss Russ, but definitely not his Agent pushing for Russ being the highest paid player every single contract. Glad we don’t have to deal with that one anymore.

  6. As someone on here always says welcome to Cap Hell. I’m thinking by this time next year the Broncos are going to be wishing they didn’t give up all those draft picks.

  7. Better start setting that money aside quickly! Watson’s allegations aside, the Browns were smart to jump on offering that guaranteed contract. That culture change was just a matter of time. Now all these other suckers are going to have to follow suit AND do it with MORE$ in the deal than Watson.

  8. Broncos fans are going to be stunned when they realize Wilson is nowhere near the passer he is made out to be.

  9. Whatever billionaire buys the Broncos they will assuredly throw mega-bucks at Russ just due to the excitement of being in the 32 club. #3 is sitting pretty as long as he produces like he has.

  10. No, he will at least play this year under his current deal. He has 2 years left anyway. We will give him a new deal when the time is right. After all we sent 3 players and 5 picks to get him!

  11. Giving up all those draft picks without having a long term deal with Wilson probably wasn’t the best idea in the world. Whatever the outcome, it’s going to be expensive. Wilson will demand a huge contract with lots of gaurantees or it becomes a very expensive short term rental. Trade for a dive, get one.

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