NFL has no comment on report that Daniel Snyder has resumed his day-to-day role

Washington Football Team Announces Name Change to Washington Commanders
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On Tuesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell said that Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder continues to not be involved in the day-to-day operations of the team. Thereafter, the Washington Times reported that Snyder has indeed returned to his prior involvement.

We asked the league for comment on the contention from the Times. The league had nothing to add, beyond Goodell’s comments from Tuesday.

The problem, obviously, is that the Times report dramatically conflicts with Goodell’s public proclamation. So either the report is wrong or Goodell was wrong.

And if Goodell was wrong, either Goodell knows the truth and wasn’t sharing it or Snyder hasn’t told Goodell the truth about Snyder’s involvement with the team.

Whatever the truth may be, the situation is confusing. Given, however, that the Commanders and/or Snyder didn’t issue a loud and pointed denial of the Times report, maybe the situation shouldn’t be confusing at all.

22 responses to “NFL has no comment on report that Daniel Snyder has resumed his day-to-day role

  1. Did he ever stop? Putting his wife in charge of the day to day was a farce from the start. The NFL just needed to do something, even if everyone knew it wasn’t real.

  2. Because Goodell lied that he was ever NOT running the operations! His suspension was a farce! They have recorded video of Rivera and others talking about Snyder being involved during the time he was supposedly suspended even up to the owner’s meetings this week where Goodelll told that lie! Why is the league lying for him?!

  3. Richardson and Gruden were gone in like 5 minutes and Snyder appears to be bulletproof.

  4. This dude took over arguably at the time, the most successful football team in 99. Team was most valuable in NFL, Hundreds of thousands on the season ticket waiting list, aninstitution in DC. 3 Super Bowls in 8 yrs.

    Now? Fans refuse to buy or go to games bc of him. You cant give away tickets, forget about a waiting list, we haven’t seen success in 20 years and Snyder is THE most hated man in DC. PLEASE NFL, force him out

  5. Probably explains why we gave up so much for Carson Wentz…looks like a Synder decision…

  6. Probably explains why we gave up so much for Carson Wentz…looks like a Snyder decision…


    I thought the same thing. Landon Collins….overpaid. Champ and a second for Portis? Drafting Malcolm Kelly when your GM wanted Jamal Charles. He’s horrible and the Wentz trade has his fingerprints all over it.

  7. This Goodell nugget is a certainty…STL has record of an October 2013 phone call with Kroenke, Goodell, Mara (Giants) and Rooney (Steelers). Kroenke says “I’m going to buy 2 parcels of land and build a stadium in L.A.” Says “we’re trying very hard to stay under the radar screen and keep it hidden.” Goodell: “We will respect your confidentiality.” Three months later, when asked about Kroenke’s land purchase at his Super Bowl press conference, he said “Stan is a very large developer on a global basis…there are no plans to my knowledge for a stadium development.” Two weeks later, plans were revealed. I’d bet on Goodell being the one telling the lie here.

  8. redskinstexan says:
    April 2, 2022 at 8:59 am
    Probably explains why we gave up so much for Carson Wentz…looks like a Synder decision…


    Not disputing Snyder being involved but any QB that has a choice won’t even take Washington’s calls so they had to trade for one under contract.

  9. No kidding Goodell lied about this situation, the truth is his office is a bully when dealing with players and has absolutely no power when dealing with rogue billionaire team owners.

    The Commissioner’s Exempt List is basically a way for Goodell to play judge, jury and executioner against players with no real recourse for the player. Instead of actually investigating players and revealing what those investigations prove, Goodell does an ad hoc suspension thru this bogus program.

    Meanwhile owners are arrested for prostitution, cheat and lie, sexually harass employees and nothing is ever done. Why aren’t owners put on the Commissioner Exempt List for years, why isn’t Snyder really on this list for what he and his organization has done, why isn’t Kraft, why is Jerry Jones . . . these guys are creepy old men who happen to be sitting on a huge pile of cash . . . so they get away with whatever they want.

  10. It must be hard for a puppet to admit it. But, say the words, Roger. “Dan Snyder is technically one of my 32 bosses and I am employed to do what my bosses tell me to do. That is my job”. Just say it.

  11. That whole organization needs an exorcism. I like Rivera, but I feel like the best solution is to sell the team and start fresh… new owner, new Head Coach, new GM, new president, new janitor. Blow the whole things up and start over. Otherwise, its going to still feel like the same old thing in Washington.

  12. Well Dan owns the team. Not goodell or any of the other owners. Dan can do what he wants…he is the owner. Go Dan!

  13. Can the NFL send the Washington Commanders to the USFL for either the Bandits or Stallions or Breakers or Gamblers

  14. I’m sure he was involved when the new name was selected. No way he would not have a say in that.

  15. Goodell is the lirar and cheater like smart people have known for a long, long time now.

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