Frank Gore plans to sign a one-day contract to retire with the 49ers

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Frank Gore is ready to retire.

Gore said he expects to sign a one-day contract with the 49ers soon, formally announce his retirement then, and hopefully work for the 49ers in some capacity.

“Probably in a couple months,” Gore told TheSFNiners. “We’re still trying to figure out when I’m going to do my one-day contract, to sign, do my retirement. I told Jed York that I always wanted to be a Niner, so we’re working on that right now, and then we’re going to also sit down with me and my agent to talk about me working in the front office. I love looking at talent, and I love evaluating talent, and I love ball. And they know that I know football players, what it’s supposed to take to be a football player.”

Gore’s retirement is no surprise, as he turns 39 next month and didn’t play at all last season. His longevity far exceeded anyone’s expectations, but everyone has to retire some time.

The 49ers selected Gore out of Miami in the third round of the 2005 NFL draft, and he played 10 years in San Francisco. He then played three years for the Colts and one year each for the Dolphins, Bills and Jets. He finishes his career with exactly 16,000 rushing yards, third-most in NFL history.

28 responses to “Frank Gore plans to sign a one-day contract to retire with the 49ers

  1. I’m not sure this guy is human. What an impressive run he has had- retiring at 39 as a running back.

  2. One of the most slept on/underrated fellas ever to do it. As a niner fan, I was proud to have Frank Gore 10 seasons. He was one of the only reasons to watch some abysmal 49er teams during that time frame. Congrats Frank Gore.

  3. One of the best 49ers to put on that uniform. Get him into the personnel side – he has amazing football instincts and can help tremendously scouting players.

  4. Thank you for putting on a hell of a show for all the years. Gold jacket in 2027.

  5. I’d like to see a guy sign a 1-day contract and retire as a member of a team he never played for.

  6. And he did it after having 2 ACL tears…unbelievable. Id like to see him get into HOF.

  7. Frank Gore is no doubt HOF and inductee in 9ERs ring of honor.

    Give me 52 Frank Gore’s on game day any time.

    The man played with his heart and soul. Overcame both knees reconstructed along with a displaced hip along and other injuries.

    Consumate pro and just a great teammate and man. Was the heart beat of those 9ER teams

  8. Dude is #3 all-time having spent most of his career running into 8-man fronts. First ballot.

  9. Although Mr. Gore only played a couple of seasons in Indy, we was loved! All the Best Frank Gore!

  10. If you can’t recognize and acknowledge Frank Gore’s exemplary career, go watch European football. You’re not an American football fan

  11. Frank is a class act. If he didn’t retire and decided to play this season he still would be better than half of the RBs suiting up today.

  12. Another athlete who stayed around way too long just to pad his numbers. I like the ones that quit at the top of their game saying, what more is there but down hill. Marciano, Brown, Kaline, etc.
    I wasnt a b ball aficionado but when I read that Willy Mays played way beyond his years and made a fool of himself in doing so I think that is sad.

  13. Tough as nails. One of my favorite 49ers of all time. Might even show up the the crappy Santa Clara stadium to watch his retirement ceremony

  14. What?? Frank Gore is retiring? I thought he had another 5 years to go. Well, congratulations to him anyway.

  15. You know when you’re respected when a post when opposing teams fans appreciate appreciate everything that you did. Class Act

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