If allegations of withholding payments from league are true, Daniel Snyder likely will be done

Washington Redskins and the Arizona Cardinals
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Saturday night’s bombshell could indeed be the last straw for the NFL and Daniel Snyder.

A.J. Perez of FrontOfficeSports.com reported last night that Congress is exploring whether the Washington Commanders withheld money that should have been surrendered to the league’s visiting-team pool. As a league source with knowledge of the dynamics among owners told PFT, this would become Snyder’s “death knell” as an owner, if it’s proven to be true.

There also would be an effort to force Snyder to make his payments, whether through the court system or an internal arbitration.

NFL teams don’t keep all of their ticket revenue, and they don’t directly share any of the money from each given game with the opponent. Instead, 40 percent of the gate from every game goes into a league-wide pool that goes in equal portions to all teams. (Home teams deduct 15 percent of the total ticket revenue for expenses, making it basically a 66-34 percent share of the gross and a 60-40 split of the net.)

So, if this is true, Snyder got 1/32nd of the 40-percent payments generated by the other 31 teams — and he failed to pony up all of the 40-percent chunk that should have gone to his partners.

His partners have protected him when it comes to the investigation regarding workplace misconduct because, indirectly, they are protecting themselves from having similar allegations threaten the hold on their franchises. If it can be proven that he has been picking his partners’ pockets, his partners quite likely will be kicking his ass out of the house.

54 responses to “If allegations of withholding payments from league are true, Daniel Snyder likely will be done

  1. I’ve said it before about a dozen other Snyder-related improprieties — the only logical reason the league hasn’t forced Dan Snyder out is because it fears what he’ll reveal once he’s ousted.

    Goodell will continue to run interference no matter what happens in DC.

  2. If true that’s cold blooded. And he will have no more alloes. Time to sell

  3. I guess in a day of modern technology and extreme accounting, I find it difficult to believe ‘this one just slid past’ the NFL every game and year..

    I figure Jerry Jones to be the type of guy expecting his payout from other teams, when he has to do the same, and would know about this and would be expecting it too.
    ditto for the other 30 NFL owners.

    just saying

  4. He’ll blame the internal accounting dept for the mistake and apologize.
    All forgiven.

  5. Only one thing is sacred in that club. He’s toast. That said, it’s probably 6 Billion dollars of toast. But, they will force him out.

  6. And Watson gets a multi million contract, odd what is chosen as a bad thing in the NFL and what is ignored

  7. Yes, but these allegations aren’t true. Perhaps all the other stuff is true, but this? No.

  8. You can do just about anything in the NFL and survive. But you can’t mess with the one thing they actually care about….their money.

  9. Looking at the empty seats in that stadium, it seems he didn’t steal much money.

  10. I’m sure most Washington fan’s will be happy to see Snyder out. He’s made horrible decisions and pushed them off on management. The team will be better off.

  11. While I have no doubt he would hold out cash for himself, doesn’t the NFL have an accountant that goes over the numbers and would spot a discrepancy like that? They should have a very good idea of what the total number from the teams should be, and eventually they would be able to trace back where the shortfall came from. Right?

  12. A couple of accountants about to be canned. Snyder very likely has plausible deniability here. Though, if there is a paper trail with enough evidence it could be a real thing to force him to sell.

  13. Cheating the other owners out of money is something they’d actually care about. If this is true, this is probably the one thing they’d actually boot him out for.

  14. Them there allegation things just take the fun plum right out of owning an NFL franchise .

  15. If it happened it is more likely a lower level employee who saw it as a chance to supplement their income. Snyder will be insulated by the layers of corporate bureaucracy between him and the perpetrator.

  16. The love of money is the root of all evil. Why are the super rich some of the most greedy people?

  17. “Why are the super rich some of the most greedy people?”

    They live like Kings and will do almost anything to keep it that way.

  18. one wonders exactly what kind of background check he was subjected to when he acquired the team

  19. It’s a good thing they have a season ticket waiting list as long as the NYC phone book

  20. Come on, NFL owners. Dump this loser and sell the team to Bezos. With his money he’ll build a palace for the fans and maybe even bring a decent team to Washington. Unless this whole thing is just a belated April Fool’s joke. God I hope not. Snyder is so past his expiration date it’s ridiculous!!!

  21. Allegations are just that… Allegations, until they are proven true.

  22. It is going to be very difficult to prove that Dan Snyder received a set of the numbers from accounting, changed them, moved the new set to the NFL front office accounting. No one within Washington or the NFL Front Office noticed anything wrong.

    I also don’t know which to believe. Locally Dan has received grief for his worldwide “Super Yach” tour yet he is running the team and cooking the books. It is clear that he was not in the country when the DEA raided the Headquarters. Remember that Snyder is $450 million (oddly the same amount of cash he paid for his new house) to the rest of the owners to buy out his minority partners.

    I agree there is some dirty water going down however, some of the accusations being levied against Dan Snyder are beginning to cross streams.

  23. wolverineinnc says:
    April 3, 2022 at 6:02 pm
    Come on, NFL owners. Dump this loser and sell the team to Bezos. With his money he’ll build a palace for the fans and maybe even bring a decent team to Washington.


    I don’t know if there are 24 owners who are in favor of someone with Bezos’ immense wealth and resources owning an NFL franchise. Seriously, Bezos could buy Mark Davis and the Raiders nearly 40 times over.

  24. Someone’s laptop demands an explanation…. We hear all the “alleged” stories the one side wants to share. But when the shoe falls on the other foot, all you hear is “that story can’t be verified”…. We see through you, no matter the blinders you try to force on us.

  25. It doesn’t say how long this has been going on. If any more than a year or two, why are they just finding this out?

  26. I’ll believe when I see it. Snyder has proven to be the teflon don of the NFL.

  27. If this is indeed it, let’s hope the new owner brings the old name and logo back.

  28. An organization the size and scope of the NFL should have the means to detect this at the outset. If it didn’t, it is a keystone cops organization

  29. Since Jon Gruden got fired the last time Washington got investigated, maybe it’ll be Dean Spanos who’ll be forced to sell the Chargers?

  30. Nah Snyder is like some of these politicians, doesn’t matter what they do there’s never any repercussions.

  31. Once again this proves the only way the rich ever get punished in this country is when they rob other rich people

  32. The NFL knows if someone places $1500 worth of bets on a couple of ball games but does not notice what had to be large amounts of money not being paid by Washington for every single game played? Does not make a lot of sense.

  33. So the workplace behavior problems are bad and he will face some tough questions along with some pressure and challenges, his fate will be questionable. But if he did not share money he’s pretty much done because thats the thing the owners would care about much more deeply.

  34. As a lifelong Washington fan, let me just say that — Gawd, I hope these allegations are true.

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