With Davante Adams gone, what will Packers do at receiver?

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When the Packers opted to trade receiver Davante Adams to the Raiders, an obvious question arose. What’s their plan at the position without him?

By failing to get Marquez Valdes-Scantling signed before trading Adams, MVS saw his stock increase. After the Chiefs traded Tyreek Hill, Valdes-Scantling found a new home and a very healthy payday.

So what’s next? Randall Cobb continues to be the most accomplished receiver under contract for the Packers. Allen Lazard has a restricted free agency tender. Even if no one signs him to an offer sheet, he has leverage. The Packers currently need him more than he needs them; he can sit out until they offer what he views to be a fair long-term deal.

Many assume the Packers will draft one or more receivers, especially with an extra first- and second-round pick from the Adams trade. But even with more and more young receivers getting it done at a high level from the outset of their NFL careers, it’s hardly a sure thing that whoever they pick will hit the ground running — and catching.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers looms over the entire situation. How quickly will he warm up, if at all, to rookie receivers? How long will it take him to trust them?

The Packers would be very wise to involve Rodgers in the scouting they’re doing. Give him a role. Let him watch film. Let him spot strengths and weaknesses. Give him a voice now, because he’ll definitely have a voice later.

Green Bay also could consider making a trade. With that may come an obligation to pay the player. That’s likely why they never got involved in the Tyreek Hill trade discussions. Thus, while some think maybe the Packers will make a run at Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf, if they wouldn’t pay Adams or Hill, why would they pay Metcalf? (If they do, will that be something that happens at the behest of Rodgers?)

A more intriguing option resides in Pittsburgh. Chase Claypool remains a year away from becoming eligible for a second contract. Claypool, who has shown some flashes of being a handful for the Steelers, may not be thrilled about the quarterback situation. Given the team’s uncanny ability to find mid-to-late-round receivers, why not flip Claypool for the first-round pick the Packers picked up from the Raiders?

It’s just a thought. An idea. The Packers will need one (or more) if they hope to be as good without Adams as they would have been with him.

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  1. All I know is it sure will be fun to watch them struggle on offense with adams gone.

  2. So they use a 1st on a WR (in trade or draft), that’s A LOT of pressure on that WR. I don’t think Claypool has the temperament to handle the critique and would implode.

    This is going to be a defining year for the GB FO. Will they rise to the occasion??

  3. So you say trade the 1st round pick the Packers got from the Raiders which is more than half the total compensation received for Adams. Really LOL?? No way has Claypool displayed that kind of upside to justify that level of pick. Maybe a 2nd rounder but not the first of their (2) 1st rounders.

  4. It’s sure it’s gonna stress a lot of people out on this board when the Packers pick up a solid veteran WR, draft a couple of stud WRs and have a more efficient offense than ever before. They’ll still have one of the better o-lines in the league, Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon in the backfield and oh yeah the MVP QB everybody loves to hate, Aaron Rodgers. The Defense is set and they now have the best Special Teams coach available. So y’all rest easy tonight, the Packers are gonna be fine.

  5. Who’s left in free agency? Beasley would catch a ton of short passes? Ditto Landry. Will Fuller, ObJ, Sammy Watkins. Options still out there

  6. upthegut40 says:

    All I know is it sure will be fun to watch them struggle on offense with adams gone.
    Did you also know that GB is 7 – 0 in games when Davante did not play?

  7. Hey there long John
    Very optimistic outlook there.
    But you seem to have selective memory. Last time the great AR had a few receivers he hadn’t played with in a long time he berated them, talked them down publicly and NEVER threw to them.
    So keep talking about how fine they are gonna be. This implosion will be fun to watch. Lol. As if their running game ever had any relavence with Rodgers around.

  8. upthegut40 says:
    April 3, 2022 at 3:25 pm

    All I know is it sure will be fun to watch them struggle on offense with adams gone.


    With back-to-back league MVP leading the offense, you will be deeply disappointed (once again).

  9. “Give him a voice now. He’ll have one later.”

    No greater truth in this whole article.

  10. The wide receivers room will look a great deal different in late July than it does today.
    Don’t worry about that.
    I suspect they’ll add a veteran once the sale prices kick in, sprinkled with a couple of high value rookies and a few hungry UFAs.
    TE is another position they still may want to address too.
    It takes a great deal of pressure off when you’ve got an MVP slinging it.

    I’m not about to go as far as to say you can replace a professional, on and off the field, like Davante Adams.
    But I do wonder if this offense won’t be a little more efficient without the hyper reliance on the Alpha-male receiver.

    They’ve got the draft ammo to give them the flexibility to do a variety of things.
    Patience is the key.
    It’ll come together.

  11. The Packers front office has really screwed up repeatedly !.
    Basically their incompetence has been masked by the play from Rodgers and Adams.
    Probably the most bone head thing was wasting a first round pick on Love. Imagine what they could have achieved if they had used that pick well on another position.
    Now they have got under paid for Adams.
    Then folks wonder why they come up short in the playoffs.
    All down to the front office , and this season will be worse.

  12. Such a bad take. It was never that they would not pay him. He wanted to go to the Raiders, it was not money. Claypool, Laughable for that high of a pick, has not earned anything. I guess non Packers fans really don’t realize this franchise historically is also very good at drafting WR’s. I’m not going to panic. The QB not matter how anyone wants to spin this is by far the most important piece, look at what desperation was just thrown at Watson.

  13. – The Pack was 7-0 without Adams in the lineup. Brett Favre went on to his best seasons without his number 1 guys. Spreading the ball around makes sense. Adams is great but great teams can take away great players and then what – usually an L. The team needs a trustworthy burner – and I would rather see a vet – then spend big bucks on a guy like OBJ or somebody else. A 2 year rental – that might work – Claypool or somebody with years left on their rookie contract. In any case if Jones regains his form and the 2 headed backfield along with a bunch of short passes – dinking and dunking can work in this league.

  14. There’s nobody left in Green Bay that knows how to catch a football. Oh My,… what will we do ………??????? I Guess GB will have to run the ball every play call. SMH,…. C’mon man,………

  15. “We don’t think they’ll ever find anyone to replace Adams.”
    -James Jones, Greg Jennings, Javon Walker

  16. jimmygeewhiz says:
    April 3, 2022 at 4:43 pm
    upthegut40 says:
    April 3, 2022 at 3:25 pm

    All I know is it sure will be fun to watch them struggle on offense with adams gone.


    With back-to-back league MVP leading the offense, you will be deeply disappointed (once again).


    Back-to-back league MVP having zero TDs against the 49ers at home in the playoffs/laying an egg once again?

  17. Trade a 3rd for B Cooks, sign him to a 3 year deal with $10 mil signing bonus and base of $5mil, $10 mil, and $20 mil, the last of which he’ll never see.
    Trade up to #10 (give up #22 and next year #1) and draft one of the 2 Ohio St. receivers.
    Pick highest rated receiver with the earlier 2nd round pick, maybe Skyy if he lasts that long.

    And please, find some special teams players late in the draft

  18. Rodgers doesn’t have perfect attendance at camp either so I expect a lot less productive passing game. Good news for packers fans though, the division is terrible. They’ll get bounced from the playoffs early like always. With or without receivers.

  19. See if Jordy is bored of the farm yet. Hopefully Driver isn’t doing dancing with the stars again we need em both !!!

  20. The Packers offense will be different yes. Almost certainly less explosive. But they finally have a defense that is legit top 10 and they are an above average running team. Plenty of ammunition to draft or sign 3-4 good WRs. Sorry NFC north fans but you are still chasing, keep hoping for the 30 year run to end. It ain’t happening for a few years.

  21. The Packers did not lose Adams because of money. Adams wanted to play out West, esp. with the Raiders and his college buddy Carr.
    The Packers could have drafted Claypool in 2020; instead they wasted a 1st and 3rd pick on Jordan Love!!!
    GB has found good receivers after the first round: Jordy Nelson (2nd round); James Jones (2rd round)…
    As others point out, it is the QB that makes the receiver (and the coach!).

  22. “With Davante Adams gone, what will Packers do at receiver?”

    Arrogant Aaron will pout. Then lose. So sad.

  23. Seems like some type of Jordan Love / Robby Anderson trade with Carolina is out there.

  24. The Packers will get a WR in a trade or Free agency and a WR in the 1st round. Vegas has the Packers over or under win total at 11.5. So yea dream the Packers are in trouble but Rodgers is a favorite for his 5th MVP!

  25. They’ll get bounced from the playoffs early like always. With or without receivers.
    Nfc championship two out of the last three years is early for this guy. Lol.

  26. Time for Rodgers to elevate his receivers like Mac Jones is being asked to do. Great QB can make average receiver very good and good receiver great.

  27. Draft ammo is useless if the players aren’t even around until the first contract runs out. Rodgers will hit the wall in the next few years. The window is only cracked because the NFC lacks competition.

  28. I don’t think the loss of Adams will have a major impact on the team. Jennings, Nelson, and Cobb all left after being Rodgers’ prime target for a while, and the team kept on ticking. Free agent wise, AJ Green is still an option, OBJ and Antonio Brown are both options (but come with wildly varying degrees of emotional baggage).

  29. Davante Parker would have been nice. It only cost a 3rd rd pick and 6 mil/yr and returned a 5th rd pick.

  30. Saying they failed to sign MVS before trading Adam’s implies they wanted to resign MVS. If I were Paclers brass, keeping him around only insures their #2 continues to be a one trick pony. Good riddance. Sign a FA with potential and draft a new #1.

  31. Gee, I dunno fellas. The same crew has been predicting the Packers were going to fall into years of misery every off season for like 30 years now and they’ve been wrong every time.

    I don’t think I’m gonna believe ’em this time.

  32. Hate Rogers all you want but he can throw just about anybody playing WR open , just make sure that oline is solid.

  33. If Davante was such a critical cog in the Packers’ ability to win football games, and if his departure will sink the team, as appears to be the predictions thrown around here by all the geniuses of football, when why are the Raiders only at 8.5 over-under on the upcoming season, while the Packers still show at 11.5?

  34. cheeseisfattening says:
    April 4, 2022 at 12:43 pm
    what will Packers do at receiver? Stink

    The biggest difference among the NFCN teams and their expectations for success in 2022 is still Aaron Rodgers. Nothing has changed, including haters wishing, hoping, and praying it weren’t so.

  35. chastain00 says:
    April 4, 2022 at 8:27 am
    Hate Rogers all you want but he can throw just about anybody playing WR open

    And he’ll have to throw to just about anybody because they can’t afford somebody

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