Eagles trade 16th, 19th picks to Saints for No. 18, 2023 first-rounder and more

NFL: NOV 21 Saints at Eagles
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The Eagles were set to have three first-round picks this year by virtue of trades with the Dolphins and Colts, but they’ve agreed to another trade that will leave them with two first-rounders this year and two more in 2023.

According to multiple reports, the Eagles will be sending the 16th, 19th, and 194th picks in this year’s draft to the Saints for the 18th, 101st, and 237th picks as well as a 2023 first-round pick and a 2024 second-round pick.

The Eagles still hold the No. 15 pick in addition to No. 18 in the first round this year. The 101st pick gives them two third-rounders this season and they are the fifth team to acquire an extra first-round pick for the 2023 draft.

New Orleans picked up the 101st pick through the compensatory pick process. They still have the 98th overall pick to go with their two first-rounders and the 49th overall selection.

The additional draft capital in this year’s first round could be used to bring in a quarterback as the Saints continue to move forward in the post-Drew Brees era. The Eagles could find themselves in the market for a quarterback next year if Jalen Hurts doesn’t progress, so the extra pick next year would be helpful in such a scenario.

53 responses to “Eagles trade 16th, 19th picks to Saints for No. 18, 2023 first-rounder and more

  1. Interesting trade. Seems like the Eagles are expecting the Saints to not do so well this upcoming year, which means the return on that 1st round pick next year might be a really good investment.

  2. That’s a WIN for the Eagles, because the Saints are going to stink this year, so it’s quite possible that’s going to be a top 10 pick, and I don’t even like the Eagles, but great move by them

  3. As an Eagles fan, I’m torn. If the Saints make the playoffs, the Eagles have given up a mid-round pick this year for a potentially late-round first next year, plus a few spare parts.

  4. So the saints are getting ammunition to move up for a QB and the Eagles are getting….cap assistance in 5 years?

  5. I was really hoping that the foolishness of trading draft picks away would end when SP left. Guess that it would have been to good to be true. We have a bunch of holes to fill and only 4 picks to do it. Smart….

  6. Sounds like they may be planning on moving up for a QB, but this concerns me (as a Saints fan) given what I’ve heard about this being a weak draft for QBs. IMHO this has been a dismal offseason for Saints fans.

  7. Hard to gauge until some players get picked, so have to reserve judgement, but never love to see future picks getting traded away… unless we were to recoup them by trading SP before his contract expires.

  8. Saints have a need at WR and OT (after losing Armstead in FA). I suspect they’re set for at least a year or two with Winston and want to help him out.

  9. Saints probably trading in to top 10 for a quarterback and that team wants 2 first this year..stay tuned

  10. I feel Hurts is going to see the game slow down for him and thrive. I thought he was the steal of the draft and still do. Hurts is going to prove himself because he is up to the challenge.

  11. What an odd deal for the Saints to make at this time. If they were indeed targeting a QB this year you’d think they would wait until the draft to see who’s still available. With a teens pick like this it’s a crap shoot on who will be there for them to have spent so much.

    From the Eagle’s standpoint? This is Howie do it! (I saw that in the comments above and had to take it! ~thanks poseidon420247)

    Eagles really are positioning themselves for greatness in the years to come. Now to fix the whole QB thing.

  12. So the Eagles front office, like most of us regular schmoes, feel next year’s draft class will be better than this year’s. It makes sense when you look at it that way.

  13. Qb driven league..
    Looking at the Saints qb, Highly likely that pick next year becomes top 10

  14. Maybe the Saints are looking to use one or both picks to trade for an established star player already in the NFL. No opinion until I see how this all shakes out.

  15. I feel like the Eagles can’t help themselves. They always got to be doing something.

  16. Howie Roseman is great at maneuvering to obtain good draft picks. He’s just not great and picking the right players with those picks. If he would just yield that task to someone else, he would be one of the best GM’s in the NFL.

  17. I’m a Washington fan and I’m very envious of what our division rival has done. This is brilliant! How couldn’t my team have swung this when we have the 11th pick in the draft! My hat is off to the Eagle’s organization.

  18. And the Eagles begin their pursuit of Bryce Young and CJ Stroud.

    They are also banking on the Saints not being nearly as good without Sean Payton. If they’re right, this could easily be a top 10 pick in 2023.

  19. Saints fans. The future is NOW! Prediction. WR and OT (Not necessarily in that order).

  20. You lost me at this pick, the second round pick, this year, next round, fifth round, the year after…How about get some proven stars like the Rams do and make a run before the next century is here.

  21. If the Saints enter Dennis Allen’s first year with Jameis Winston, its a safe bet the Eagles will end up with a higher draft pick than the Saints have now. Great pick!

  22. Smells like a possible trade up for a qb for the Saints. They must like one of this year’s crop. Have always thought Corral to the Saints made sense.

  23. To simplify, basically Phila gets a 3rd rd pick this year, a 1st rd next yr and a 2nd rd in 2024 in exchange for the 16th pick this year. The other swaps cancel each other out.

  24. Not a fan of this trade by the Eagles. They bet two locked in top 20 picks for a gamble that the Saints will regress this season.

  25. Too early to declare a winner or loser. I am almost willing to bet that the Saints are not through yet. What if another team is now sweating a player they want and now feel they have to move up?

    Teams like Houston and The Jets should be looking to trade back for capital and Saints have it. Or possibly Dennis Allen is thinking about his defense and looking at a top tier Edge Rush and Safety.

  26. The Saints would draft a WR and LT the Eagles need ammo for next year in case Jalen Hurts isn’t the guy, win-win

  27. Think the Saints are looking for the same thing they were a year ago, a CB. They think they may have to go up and get one just like last year.

  28. I love this trade as an Eagles fan. I knew they weren’t going to keep all those picks in this year’s draft, I’m just happy they got so much in return and they’re setup for next year’s much stronger draft.

  29. s1dew1nder1 says:
    April 4, 2022 at 6:21 pm
    To simplify, basically Phila gets a 3rd rd pick this year, a 1st rd next yr and a 2nd rd in 2024 in exchange for the 16th pick this year. The other swaps cancel each other out.

    No. Eagles also gave up the 19th

  30. I love how we fans fixate on the draft slot numbers. It’s as though everything else is equal. In fact, the Saints could send every #1 to the Eagles over the next 10 years for every #3 of Philly, but if NO is better at evaluation and development and luck, the Saints could still end up looking as though they pillaged Philadelphia.

  31. Picks 16 and up are a crap shoot. Good move for the birds. Saints need to move up still if they want a good playing day one guaranteed asset.

  32. Like many, I think the quality of the top QB’s this year does not justify a trade up. Unless there are medical complications with Winston we don’t know about, the Saints are going for WR and OT in the first round.

  33. Why would Saints give away #1 NEXT year for what Eagles offered? NOT seeing that

  34. Eagles were never going to use all 3 first round picks and then have to choose which one or two to franchise in 3 years.

  35. This only works if the Saints hit both of those picks, OR they package the two picks for an actual QB (like Kyler?)

  36. Fun fact – Dennis Allen had two 4-12 seasons with the Raiders before being let go after starting off his third season 0-4, 8-28 W-L record as a head coach. Combine that with the offseason roster losses and tough schedule, and New Orleans could have an Ain’ts like season.

  37. Howie might not be done yet. He just signed a contract extension so he be open to stockpiling future picks for stronger draft classes.

  38. Seems to me the Eagles could have waited until draft night and had themselves a little bidding war for their #1 picks. Or maybe they simply don’t like what they see this year when looking at the available options.

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