Jameis Winston: I’m excited to focus on my intermediate accuracy

New Orleans Saints v Washington Football Team
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Once quarterback Deshaun Watson chose to waive his no-trade clause for the Browns, the Saints quickly pivoted to bringing back free agent Jameis Winston.

The 2015 No. 1 overall pick will head into his second season as New Orleans’ QB1 and is reportedly slated to be ready for training camp, despite a midseason ACL tear in 2021.

Winston completed 59 percent of his passes for 1,170 yards with 14 touchdowns and three interceptions last season. At the annual league meeting last week, Saints head coach Dennis Allen said that ratio of touchdowns to interceptions was a big part of why New Orleans felt good about Winston.

But in discussing what he’s been working on, Winston recently told reporters that he’s trying to get better at completing available short passes.

“I’m really excited to focus on my intermediate accuracy,” Winston said, via Mike Triplett of ESPN. “Getting those easy completions to Alvin Kamara. … We saw that in the [win over the Seahawks], how effective that was. You know, really perfecting the passes from behind the line of scrimmage to 10 yards down the field.”

Winston, who led the league with 30 interceptions in 2019, averaged just 186 yards passing in his first six starts with the Saints going 4-2 in those games. That number is a far cry from Winston’s 274-yard average in his first five seasons with Tampa Bay.

But with Kamara in tow and receiver Michael Thomas also expected to be back, Winston should get the benefit of both players’ catch-and-run abilities in 2022.

“I know I can make the big plays, but really just staying in the rhythm of completing the football, keeping the offense going throughout the course of a game is something that I’ve been able to focus on,” Winston said.

5 responses to “Jameis Winston: I’m excited to focus on my intermediate accuracy

  1. He seemed to be slow on his decision making and release last season,but that clearly cut down on his intercepted passes and bad choices. To speed up that process will make him much more efficient.

  2. As a Bucs fan I watched his every throw for 5 years. He ain’t gonna change now.

  3. His character as a human being up to this point proves he is all talk and a total disregard for others’ bodies. I wouldn’t believe a word he says. His on-field performance shows a career of interceptions being throw at an alarming rate.

  4. Nothing wrong on focusing on intermediate accuracy, but wouldn’t expect that to be something to be excited about. It’s not like he never had the opportunity to work on it before.

  5. He is a gap qb for the Saints…
    Over a 17 game season, JW will play like Ryan Fitzpatrick or the McCown brothers… There will be some good plays in a few decent games and then games that you wish anybody but him were QB!

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