Jeffrey Lurie: I’ll always regret that the Eagles didn’t draft Russell Wilson

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles
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Before the 2012 NFL draft, then-Eagles head coach Andy Reid identified Russell Wilson as a quarterback he thought had the potential to develop into a great one. And the Eagles thought he’d be available to them in the third round. He wasn’t.

The Eagles went with Fletcher Cox in the first round, Mychal Kendricks and Vinny Curry with their two picks in the second round, and then hoped to get Wilson with their third-round pick. But the Seahawks took Wilson earlier in the third round, and the Eagles ended up taking Nick Foles in the third round instead.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie says that’s a pick he still kicks himself over.

“[Wilson] is a player we didn’t get, and I’ll always regret it,” Lurie said, via “It was someone I really wish we had drafted in the second round and didn’t wait. But we really didn’t think that anyone would jump us and take Russell, so that was that.”

Lurie said there’s usually some luck involved in acquiring and developing a franchise quarterback.

“It’s very, very difficult to project what you call franchise or what we might call franchise quarterback,” he said. “It happens. It just happens. After year one or year two, is Josh Allen a franchise quarterback? Was he even thought to be a franchise quarterback when Buffalo drafted him? I think the answers are clearly no, no and no. He developed into one. We all have this vision, myself included, of an automatic franchise quarterback. It’s almost nonexistent and when it does exist, you’re very, very lucky to have that.”

The Eagles didn’t get lucky with where Wilson landed in the draft. And they learned the lesson that if you think a prospect has the potential to be a franchise quarterback, don’t wait to draft him.

44 responses to “Jeffrey Lurie: I’ll always regret that the Eagles didn’t draft Russell Wilson

  1. Why? Because you didn’t get a chance to ruin him like so many other young QB’s?

  2. Freddie Mitchell over Reggie Wayne. Brandon Graham over Earl Thomas. 1st Rounders Jerome McDougle, Jon Harris, Leonard Renfro and on and on and on. Fly Eagles fly, but better use those training wings or hire a REAL GM.

  3. I wouldn’t sweat it too much, Foles and Wilson have the same number of rings. Side note, I’ve never understood the Wilson love. He’s a really solid NFL QB, nothing more than that.

  4. Look at this way Jeff, you got one SB out of your draft pick Nick Foles and Seattle got one SB out their draft pick Russell Wilson.

    One might say you even won out where you saved MILLIONS of dollars with what you paid Foles compared to what SEA paid Wilson

  5. Lombardi Trophy count:
    Russell Wilson 1
    Nick Foles 1
    Worked out well for Seahawks and Eagles.

  6. I’m confident that one day very soon, Russell Wilson will learn to read defenses. Actually, probably not. One look at the play’s designed target, and begin to scramble for the rest of his career it is!!

  7. If he’s your guy, don’t wait. Obviously not too many people in the Eales organization or the NFL felt Wilson would be a good QB or they would have drafted him in the 1st. No one waits until the third to draft someone they feel is franchise-changing.

  8. 31 other teams with similar sentiments. Pretty much the same 30+ that wish they’d taken Mr. Brady before pick 199, etc.

  9. The Eagles have won a championship since then so I don’t get the regret. The regret should be firing your SB winning coach.

  10. Wow. Nick Foles must feel pretty good about this. Gave Eagles their only SB win…

  11. But we were happy to draft our only Super Bowl winning QB in team history. So, that was nice.

  12. The Eagles didn’t do too bad by picking Foles. Foles got the Eagles as many Super Bowl rings as Wilson got Seattle.

  13. Nick Foles won the same amount of Super Bowls are Russell Wilson so I’d say it worked out okay …

  14. Terrible comment from him. Nick Foles is a better QB anyway. Super Bowl MVP is pretty good right??same amount of winning Super Bowls also

  15. Wow, can’t believe the number of posters here that equate Wilson with Foles. One guy was a 3rd string QB last season, the other guy is a starter who was traded for multiple top picks.

  16. Then why didn’t the Eagles go after Wilson in the offseason more aggressively?

  17. Nick Foles has won the same number of SuperBowls as Russel Wilson. I looked it up.

  18. You have to be a fool to wait for the third round if you truly think a QB prospect could “develop to be great.”

  19. How are you going to regret something that got you a SuperBowl? That makes zero sense

  20. This is exactly why owners shouldn’t talk about players. What an idiotic thing to say in public.

  21. Nick Foles has the same number of rings as Aaron Rodgers too I guess that means they are in the same class too then according to the commenters bringing that up. smh

  22. Could be worse. Jacksonville drafted punter Bryan Anger instead. At least Philly has their SB.

  23. Nick FOLES. Is a HERO to the EAGLES faithful, now and forever!!! SIMPLY put we don’t care about Russel Wilson.

  24. cornflorio22 says:
    April 4, 2022 at 1:22 pm
    Terrible comment from him. Nick Foles is a better QB anyway


    In what universe is Nick Foles a better QB than Russ?

  25. Pre Mahomes, I had wished the Chiefs had not drafted an O Lineman one spot ahead of where Russell Wilson was drafted.

  26. Is this guy serious? He won a ring with Foles. Who knows what could have happened with Wilson.

  27. This explains so much about the nonsense surrounding Hurts. Lurie thinks he is a young Wilson. Lurie is delusional. Don’t be like Lurie.

  28. seanytheirishman says:
    April 4, 2022 at 3:47 pm
    Arch Manning-Franchise QB!


    I understand the bloodlines but ya might wanna tap the brakes on that. Considering he hasn’t taken a snap in college yet.

  29. Stop crying, Jeff. The guy you drafted instead of Wilson won you a Super Bowl. There’s no guarantee that Wilson would have ever done that with the Eagles.

  30. *** Freddie Mitchell over Reggie Wayne. Brandon Graham over Earl Thomas. 1st Rounders Jerome McDougle, Jon Harris, Leonard Renfro and on and on and on. Fly Eagles fly, but better use those training wings or hire a REAL GM.***

    Really? The GM you want to fire drafted exactly one of those players, and it’s the one that made the biggest defensive play in team history.

    I’m not the biggest Roseman fan, but c’mon.

  31. Amazing how many geniuses wanted to draft Wilson. Yet at the time Hawks’ draft was rated a C- with “only” Wilson, Wagner, Irvin, Sweezy, Lane, Turbin…

    Hindsight is 20/20

  32. This was a pretty dumb comment for an owner to make about a QB who will never play in Philly now that he was already dealt to Denver. And the players that were drafted Cox, Kendricks, Curry, and Foles- were all vital to helping the team win its only Super Bowl!
    This was his way of patting himself, Howie, and Andy on the back for being able to spot a franchise QB, rather than dwell on the “genius” of trading away the farm to draft Wentz in 2016, taking Derek Barnett in 2017(could have jumped a few spots and taken Mahomes or Watson, trading away the pick Lamar Jackson was taken with(I don’t like him as a franchise QB, that’s just me), 2019 trading up to get Dillard! Everyone knew we needed a #1 WR and DB moreThen drafting a RB,Sanders, and then JJAWS w/DK, McLaurin, D.Johnson,& 15 better WRs on the board. 2020 there were the Big 4(Lamb,Jefferson, Jeudy,& Ruggs-I’d still take him over who was picked),magically, 3 of the 4 were gone and the best of the bunch falls in your lap,- pass- we’ll take Jalen Reagor! GENIUSES THESE GUYS ARE! It is truly amazing that the Eagles have been as successful as they have, when they have drafted so awful in rd 1 for so many years! Remember Danny Watkins? The volunteer fireman these geniuses outsmarted the league by taking? Ugh! I’ll always love the Eagles, and I’m really excited for this draft, but I should have learned by now- they are probably going to rip my heart out 2x!

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