Judge requires Deshaun Watson to answer questions about consensual sex with other massage therapists

Cleveland Browns Introduce Quarterback Deshaun Watson
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As part of his initial P.R. campaign after being sued by 22 women who allege sexual misconduct during massage therapy session, Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson produced statements of support from 18 other massage therapists whose services he used. Now, Watson will be required to discuss whether he had sex with any of those 18 persons.

Via Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today, a Texas judge has ruled that Watson must respond to questions aimed at determining whether he had sex with one or more of the 18 therapists who came to his defense.

The argument in favor of getting access to the evidence is simple. It shows Watson’s motives when arranging massage sessions, especially through social-media platforms like Instagram. If he was in the habit of having consensual sex with some of the therapists, it’s reasonable for a jury to conclude that he may have entered other sessions with a similar objective.

Watson had objected to providing the information. That prompted a request for the court to resolve the situation. The judge agreed with the plaintiffs.

Watson was not required to provide information about whether he had sexual relations with other women who have not come forward publicly. That’s a confusing middle ground on the issue. If it’s fair to find out whether Watson had a pattern and practice of engaging in sexual relations with massage therapists, it shouldn’t matter whether the individuals have come forward publicly to support him. The evidence is relevant to his pattern and practice, even if the individuals with whom he engaged in said pattern and practice have never issued any type of statement relevant to the case.

Last year, attorney Rusty Hardin admitted that some of Watson’s massages became consensual sexual encounters. His state of mind when hiring massage therapists — shaped by his habits as established with other massage therapists — would seem to be critical to proving whether he crossed the line with massage therapists who weren’t inclined to have a massage become more than one.

57 responses to “Judge requires Deshaun Watson to answer questions about consensual sex with other massage therapists

  1. We’ll know soon if Goodell attaches his wagon to Watson and the Browns as part of a cover up/protection of Watson decision with no suspension of any kind.

    In December of 2015 when Peyton Manning was guilty of receiving HGH to his residence and lied, Goodell sent men in black coats to Guyer in Indianapolis to destroy any record of Manning ever receiving shipments from Guyer.

    Of course, this was actually during the Brady framejob and subsequent cheating the Pats (again) by Goodell.

    If you follow the money and want MOST of the league may want, you can tell how Goodell will rule.

  2. Big Ben did it. Ray Lewis killed someone. All of a sudden people clutch their pearls when the Browns trade for him?! BROWNS VS THE WORLD!!!

  3. just when you think the NFL couldn’t go any lower, that cleveland wouldn’t be so desperate it would hold its nose and step in a sewer to try to win a Super Bowl;

    what must women thrust onto NFL coaching staffs be thinking?

  4. Well nobody saw another twist coming ? It will not be the last . This ride unfortuntely will last several months too many for me

  5. I wonder if from a legal standpoint would this mean the accusers have to answer if they ever engaged in consensual sex with an other massage clients?

    This whole thing is a huge mess that Deshaun brought on himself. Never should have happened.

  6. I feel bad for Browns fans. How can you get behind this dirtbag. It will be interesting what the NFL will do. This will be the baseline for sexual assault charges going forward. Many say he gets a 4 game suspension. If that were true what will happen to the guy who has one sexual assault. They will be suspended for a series?

  7. If it was consensual then nobody is going to cate. I have a pattern of speeding. However, I don’t speed all the time. I’m not trying to make light of the situation, but I fail to see the relevance.

  8. In that picture, he looks like a guy thinking really hard about how to answer the question…

    Yup, look really comfortable!

  9. The “I can’t answer that question because I have a girlfriend now.” response won’t suffice?

  10. Now if something else came out and Watson was charged and convicted and was sentenced to 5 years in prison would all of his contract with Cleveland still have to be paid to him?

  11. I think the only difference between those he had public consensual relationships with and the accusers is the accusers filed civil lawsuits.

  12. Watson opened the door by seeking the benefit of the endorsement of these 18 women, so that is why the judge allowed this question to be asked by the plaintiffs. He didn’t offer up other women, so the judge won’t let any such other women be similarly questioned.

  13. He just needs to settle right now. No matter how he answers the question, people will think he is a liar and/or he is guilty.

  14. I’m thinking if you can’t find a good massage therapist after 15 attempts maybe stick with the one of those getting paid a fortune by the team.

  15. Why do I have a feeling the Browns gave up their future in picks and $230 M for a guy who will never play for them?

  16. If you think no other franchise would’ve been above taking on a situation like Watson to win in similar circumstances, you’re fooling yourself.

  17. Could Deshaun Watson be any creepier? What a laughingstock the Browns are, and the NFL is on the hook for 250 million dollars for this creep.

  18. Many are so focused on the criminal aspect and forget the moral aspect. Unless 22 women are lying, Massage Watson targeted multiple women under the disguise of therapeutic massages while his intention was clearly for other reasons. Those that stand behind him or excuse this behavior are saying this is ok and it is not. Call a spade a spade and stop pretending this is some upstanding citizen who is being targeted for money.

  19. That seems like a stretch. Don’t see how consensual sex sheds light on whether he forced himself on other massage therapists.

  20. I think Deshaun Watson should settle the 22 civil cases as soon as possible. He has a new team, contract and should be poised to resume his career. Perhaps Rusty Hardin, Watson’s lawyer wants to prolong this and ring up more billable hours. Watson’s reputation can only be more damaged playing out each accusers testimony in a civil court room.

  21. The Browns may have jumped the gun here (with some other bidders) as this does look like it still has a long way to run and Watson many questions to answer.

    22 Massages, for 22 or more women, come on common sense says it suspicious on it’s own

  22. Big Ben with the Steelers and won a SB

    Ray Lewis with the Ravens and won a SB

    D. Watson and the Browns…………..?

  23. What team couldn’t see this hot mess coming? OBVIOUSLY The Cleveland Browns. Leave it to us.

  24. My question is, why does anyone need to go to 40 (18+22) different massage therapists? I understand that a football player may benefit from massage therapy, but most people would go to only one or two people he’s comfortable with.

  25. Uhm how does this not infringe on Watson’s 5th amendment right to self-incrimination?

    It’s like being around 22 victims who end up dead after you met up with them but the evidence isn’t conclusive. “We’re you the person who killed them? You must answer”

    Sounds fishy legally to me, but I just stayed in a Holiday Inn last night…

  26. The math alone looks bad. 22 are suing and 18 are supporting Watson. Has anyone talked to the person who booked his appointments? It sounds to me like that’s a full-time job in itself.

  27. This will be Watsons legacy because he will not lead the Browns or any other team to a Super Bowl!

  28. Everyone wants a share of what Watson did most of his life to earn it. Buzbee will be the winner money wise.

  29. Following the NFL is like rooting for organized crime.
    It makes it easy to hop right into the Sopranos for a rewatch after the super bowl ends….

  30. That ruling doesn’t make much sense. Whether Watson had sex with any or all of the 18 therapists defending him doesn’t prove anything one way or the other about whether he solicited sex from any of the 22 suing him. Presumably once Watson declares as to each of the 18 a yes or no, the plaintiffs will want to put the other therapists under oath to confirm or deny Watson’s answers. That’s really out of bounds.

  31. Those asking about the 5th have to understand that in a criminal case a judge and jury are instructed not to form an opinion of any sort when a person please the 5th. In a civil case if they plead the 5th an opinion can and certainly will be formed. This is why it is smarter to avoid the judge and settle the cases. Better for Watson. Well Cleveland, this is what you signed up for and it’s only April. I have a feeling that the fuse on the true fireworks has even yet to be lit.

  32. So will the Judge also force the women to tell if they have ever had consensual sex with any other patients? And will those women be forced to give up the names of their clients?

    If they are making Watson give up info not related to this case, then the Judge should also make the women give up information.

  33. If the women agreed to a massage for a certain price, and he then arranged for them to also have sex, did the fee increase?

    Because if it did, IMO, prostitution was involved.

  34. Out of the 22 women how many went to the police department before they lawyered up for a civil case? For those doing the math you may want to move away from simple arithmetic as the issue is algebraic in nature.

  35. My wife and I run a professional massage therapy clinic. INJURY and Neuromuscular pain treatment ONLY. We would not schedule this man for an appointment for any amount of money.

  36. Watson should have settled after he wasnt indicted, but before the new contract. If his lawyers didnt STRONGLY suggest settling at that time, they deserve to be fired.

    Once Buzbee saw Watsons new contract, the price to settle went up 10X. It is going to be tough to win the civil case if Watson has to plead the 5th

  37. Everyone in the Cleveland market is assuming a 6-8 game suspension. I believe in second chances and am the absolute last to throw stones, but 6-8 games seems kind of light. At least in 2022. Maybe 10 years ago it didn’t, but now it does. One game for each woman is closer to the mark, imo.

  38. Wouldn’t that be a Hippa Privacy violation? They are licensed therapists correct? Providing health services?

  39. I’m a Browns fan and I didn’t want Watson. This is another huge mistake by our meddling, know-nothing owner. Moral/ethical qualms aside, just as a pure football decision, I don’t like it because paying that much for one player puts impossible expectations on him and the team.

    And, football aside, plenty of other teams wanted Watson, too, and I sincerely wish one of them had given him this terrible deal. The Browns will never find success with Haslam as our owner. He’s a buffoon.

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