Noah Fant: Drew Lock has the talent to be a franchise quarterback

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Drew Lock would be the starting quarterback for the Seahawks if the season started right now and that’s not a prospect that fills many people with positive thoughts about the prospects for the offense in Seattle this season.

One of the players who joined Lock in the move from the Broncos to the NFC West club this offseason has higher hopes, however. Tight end Noah Fant was drafted a round before Lock in 2019 and told reporters on Tuesday that he believes his teammate can be a long-term answer at quarterback for their new club.

“Drew’s biggest attribute is his arm. He’s made some insane throw in the time that we’ve played together. He has all the talent in the world. . . . I think he has all the opportunity and all the talent in the world to get it done and be that franchise guy,” Fant said, via Curtis Crabtree of KCPQ.

Lock’s play over 21 starts in Denver didn’t convince the Broncos that he had that capability and the Seahawks are still looking to add quarterbacks to the roster so that Lock isn’t the only option come the fall. The identity of those additions will likely have a lot to do with how much of a chance Lock gets to show that Fant is onto something.

24 responses to “Noah Fant: Drew Lock has the talent to be a franchise quarterback

  1. If true then Seattle fleeced Denver in the trade. Drew Lock is only 25 so Seattle will be set at QB for at least 10 years.

  2. I’m ready to ride with Drew Lock for the season. Draft a young guy to coach up at the back up spot. Send Geno Smith home.

  3. LOL. Fant has no idea what makes a franchise QB. Here’s the QBs he’s played with so far in his career: Joe Flacco, Brandon Allen, Drew Lock, Jeff Driskel, Brett Rypien, and Teddy Bridgewater.

  4. Besides being a mediocre tight end, Fant is a comedian as well; good one Noah! Drew Lock a franchise QB, hilarious!

  5. Stan Holloway says:
    April 5, 2022 at 3:43 pm
    Any QB can be a franchise QB


    I disagree. Some QB’s don’t even have that expectation. Ya got your place holders, your backups and game managers. None of which are franchise QB’s.

  6. It’s not the arm attached to his shoulder, it’s the head on top of it. People, including HCs and GMs, fall in love with great arms thinking they can coach the head. Sometimes you can, sometimes not. Carson Wentz and Gerald Goff both had great arms but not so great decision making. Their only chance at being long time starters are if their respective coachs gameplay around their limitations.

  7. Lock is horrible. Dude cannot read defenses or throw with anticipation to save his life. If Lock really is starting he’s not only the worst QB in the NFCW by a country mile but the worst in the NFC. SEA front office knows full well just how bad Lock is and what he struggled with. The man just isn’t good enough.

  8. Arm strength doesn’t make a pro QB. What good is arm strength if you overthrow open receivers? What good is arm strength if you can’t read defenses and go through progressions? What good is arm strength is you hold on to the ball fir 4 or 5 seconds and take sacks? For every great throw or gutsy run, there are 3 drive killers or turnovers. Drew has a long way to go to be a franchise guy.

  9. The only thing that determines if a guy can be a franchise QB is what he does in live action.

  10. So many said Russ would be a bust. So many are still saying he’s no good. Tune out the noise and play football.

  11. Drew lock could be solid, but we dont fully know. His HC last season was coaching scared for his job, and played the ultimate retread in check down teddy. I think if the hawks get Baker lock will be riding the bench. Baker is substantially better and has played in big games. He also never has had WRs like he would on the coast.

  12. A lot of highly drafted QB busts have immense talent.
    But usually quick reading defenses is not their strong suit, and that makes a difference.

    Jarad Goff is excellent behind a rock wall Oline with a great run game and wide open receivers when he has 5 seconds to throw.

    I’m sue Drew Lock would also be good if he had 5 seconds to throw to an uncovered receiver, ad would many QBs.

  13. I’m excited to see if Lock can transform; maybe he’s like Darnold, but maybe he turns out more like Tannehill ? It seems like the Broncos haven’t had a great program while he’s been there — maybe he had poor coaching and no consistency from season to season? I can definitely write that if holding the ball too long and throwing ugly picks at bad times doesn’t make a franchise QB — get ready for your savior, RW3, who has been a disaster for 2 years and will be the most overpaid failure in league history after his next contract demand for around $50M/yr is met .. his 2020 playoff game at home (empty stadium) against the Rams was the wooooorst QB game I have ever seen — esp. from someone who is supposed to be an ultra-winning franchise QB .. one bonehead decision after another from that guy and his little, almost fat, sub-6’ frame will continue to age poorly, esp. in that division .. Sorry, I watched his whole pro career — he can’t cook !! Not for 4 quarters at least, nor can he finish (see SB49 int from the 1) .. He was the ultimate game mgr who overachieved due to playing in the right system but couldn’t accept that role .. That trade will go down as the ultimate Bronco Buster !! I would’ve traded him for Lock straight up just to get out from under his contract, ego and future demands .. Lock will do better than Rusty this year and for the next 5 years, just y’all wait and see !!

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