Why did the Saints pick up a second first-round pick in 2022?

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The Eagles and Saints made some news on Monday by making a trade of picks. The Eagles stockpiled a future first-rounder (and more) while the Saints converted the 18th overall selection to picks No. 16 and No. 19 in 2022.

The reason for trading down is obvious. A team swaps a higher spot now for more stuff later, without any specific plan formulated currently on how to use the extra selections.

The thought process becomes different when trading up. Teams don’t trade up so that they can brag to friends and family that they have more or higher picks. They do it with a specific objective in mind. Often, they do it with one specific player in mind.

For the Saints, there are two likely explanations. One, perhaps they’ve run the various mock drafts and they’ve concluded that, with selections No. 16 and No. 19, they’re confident they will get players who will address specific needs immediately. Impact players who can make an immediate impact, whether at defensive end or offensive line or receiver.

Two, maybe this trade is a first step to another one.

The Saints recently made a play for Deshaun Watson. That means they were ready to make a major investment of picks in a quarterback. Now that they have two picks in the top 20, could they then send those picks to, say, the Giants at No. 5?

That would allow the Saints to cut the line in front of not one but two division rivals in the top 10, both of which are likely considering taking a quarterback — the Panthers at No. 6 and the Falcons at No. 8.

Unlike the 49ers, who moved to No. 3 roughly a month before the 2021 draft, the Saints would be wise to stay put, for now. A jump to No. 5 in the short term would invite the Panthers or Falcons (or someone else) to leapfrog the Saints. If New Orleans is thinking about making another trade aimed at snagging a signal-caller, they need to do it when the pick they’d be acquiring is on the clock.

If that’s what the Saints are thinking about doing, how much would it take to get to No. 5? Would No. 16 and No. 19 do it? Or would it take more? If so, how much more?

Ultimately, it may be less than whatever they would have given up to get Watson. And they’d be paying a rookie a lot less than Watson will receive.

Whatever the Saints are doing, they surely have a plan that consists of something more than, “Wow. Hey. Look at this. Yesterday we had two picks in the top 20. Now, we have two.” The Saints are up to something.

Maybe having picks No. 16 and No. 19 marks the end. Maybe it’s just the beginning.

39 responses to “Why did the Saints pick up a second first-round pick in 2022?

  1. The Saints are rebuilding, so it doesn’t matter which prospects they draft. They’re 2-3 years out from being a real competitor for the post season. They also need a new franchise QB.

  2. It’s not hard to figure out their looking at left tackle and/or wr which are the exact same needs the Chargers are looking at and this is simple maneuvering to move up now since the price to move up was only going to get higher.

  3. Why would the Saints trade 2 first round picks, a 2nd round pick, a 3rd round pick and a 7th round pick for 2 first round picks and a 6th round pick?

    The two first round picks they have this year are middle of the pack.. it would take more than both to get into the top 5.

    In the big picture of things .. this was idiotic.

  4. I guess the trade makes sense for both teams but may become one sided if the Saints really stink in 2022….which is a STRONG posibility.

  5. Saints aren’t trading up, they lost assets in this trade with the Eagles.

    Those draft assets would’ve made a move in the top 5 easier, if they move up now, it looks absurd.

  6. You’re very right that a move to #5 doesn’t get the job done for the Saints. The only move that guarantees they get what they want is a move to #2. The Lions have already said they’d trade down, and I bet they’d do it for 16, 19, and 49. A little light value according to the trade chart but I’d do that in a second if I were the Lions.

  7. You’re thinking about this one too hard. Dennis Allen is in charge now. I doubt he even knows what he’s looking at at QB. They tried to trade up to get a CB last year (and they were right on both those guys btw how they played), and that’s probably what they’re targeting again.

  8. Should have just kept the top 5 pick they’re were going to have next year and get a QB then.

  9. There aren’t any NFL ready quarterbacks in this draft, so if they are eyeing one I sure hope they plan on developing the guy

  10. Despite the national opinion, this move is NOT for a QB. The Saints have committed guaranteed money to a starting QB & a backup!
    This is probably for a WR & a starting left tackle

  11. Several Mock Drafts I’ve seen have the Saints picking Desmond Ridder at 16. If they jump the line to 5, would they pick Malik Willis? Frankly, in this draft, I think they’d be smarter to keep 16 and trade down with the 19th pick.

  12. Find it strange so many think lowly of the Saints. Bottom line is they were a playoff team last year if Winston stays healthy and the NFC isn’t exactly deep.

  13. Just another team who is foolish enough to think they’re just a couple players away from being able to ‘win now’ when in reality they aren’t.

  14. not really, more like trading next year’s first (+ filler) for an extra one this year

  15. This is like making a trade in fantasy just for the sake of making a trade…

  16. Trade both mid 1rst round picks this year for Carolina’s 1rst round pick next year and you’ll have the overall #1 pick next year, and your choice of any QB in a much better QB class. If you wait until next year to try to acquire that #1 overall pick it’ll cost double that.

  17. spielman54moore84 says:
    April 5, 2022 at 1:47 pm
    Trade both mid 1rst round picks this year for Carolina’s 1rst round pick next year and you’ll have the overall #1 pick next year, and your choice of any QB in a much better QB class. If you wait until next year to try to acquire that #1 overall pick it’ll cost double that.


    Carolina says No.

  18. I wouldn’t be mad one bit if it was Sean Payton moving up to draft his QB .. No offense to Dennis Allen but I don’t trust him to nurture a young signal caller

  19. maybe NO is planning on getting that first pick back once they trade Sean Payton’s rights?

  20. I believe the Saints are looking at Penning or Smith (OT) & Corral (QB) with those picks. It’s a move I wouldn’t fault them for as I believe all of these QB’s need to sit at least a year and that Corral is probably the safest out of this years QB’s.

  21. As a fan of the team I would be happy if they got a WR and OL help. Somehow add Mathieu and a vet WR, the NFC can be won.

  22. The Saints rarely draft who anyone is expecting them to. Andreu Peat. Ryan Ramczyk (Saints wanted Foster at LB). Cesar Ruiz. None of these players were on anyone’s mock drafts.

  23. 16 and 19 are almost equivalent in value to the 4th pick. If the Jets do not like Thibs or he is not there they will want to trade out. If the Jets take Thibs they can then package those picks to the Giants at 5.

  24. Weirdest trade i ever saw makes no sense for the Saints i hope they explain it someday .

  25. As a Saints fan, I’m hoping this trade was made to draft a quality tackle to eventually replace the talented but oft injured Terron Armstead. This is a deep draft for receivers so they can also address that need. They gave up some future picks but if these two selections pan out, the trade will be favorable for the Saints.

  26. If the Lions don’t draft Willis, the Saints will offer the Texans 16&19+ a 2nd to trade up for Willis, who will sit one year behind Winston!

  27. My first thought was it was to position them to move up again, targeting the Jets at 4 or Giants at 5 They can .

    But they might be looking at the exploding costs of veteran WR and wanting to draft a stud (or even 2) to have on a rookie scale deal for the next 5 years. They can get out of Thomas’ deal after this year.

    And while I don’t think they are actually interested in Mayfield but they could rent him for this year and see if he doesn’t change their minds. If it doesn’t work out they can dump him and/or Thomas next year. They still have a very good defense and the NFC is pretty shallow right now.

    I mean I’ve seen worse plans from franchises before…

  28. They’re going to package those picks & trade them to the team that offers most fire extinguishers in exchange. This should help put out the dumpster fire.

  29. The Eagles are one spot ahead of the Saints with both first round picks. Which means they can stick it to them two more times in the first round.

  30. All of you are wrong. They definitely not moving up for a corner. They drafted Adebo in the third and he started all year and vastly outplayed his draft position.

    They moved up to get a tackle and wr. That’s the sweet spot where all the last of the good ones will go. They hoping to get one of each in that top tier. Major drop off after.

  31. I guarantee you. The Saints have a plan. What it is, we can only speculate. No one will really know until after the draft.

  32. I’m going to come out in defense of his trade for the Saints. To be clear, I actually think the trade makes sense for both parties.

    This gives the Saints some flexibility to make moves up the draft board if they so desire. Looking at Peter King’s Top 10 thing the other day, it looks like some elite talent, albeit with some warts, may slide down. They could go up for a number of possibilities – I wouldn’t rule out QB, but OT and CB come to mind. I also wouldn’t be shocked if they went up for a DT.

    The Saints might not have the ammo to complete a deal, so the 2nd aspect of liking this deal is what they could do if they aren’t able to move up. While mocks are fairly useless in some respects, they do give an idea on what talents could slip, and here’s where things could get interesting for them. It’s entirely possible the mid-first is when a team moves up for a QB. There should be some WR’s, interior DL, edge options there that could be enticing. I also wouldn’t be surprised if a name like Stingley falls down the board. The Saints could pounce, but if they fail to move up, they could re-shop a pick to add future selections or bolster 2nd day picks, and it should be a solid 2nd day draft.

    I don’t have a problem with this deal for the Saints. It comes down to execution of their picks/plan.

  33. I think the Saints look at this draft as a very good off
    & def lineman draft, and want to build from the inside out. They will draft an edge and OT, and then try to trade 1 or more of Lattimore, Cameron Jordan, Ramczyck or Michael Thomas at the deadline or after the season to recoup picks/ shed salary.

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