Bruce Arians: Tom Brady and I get too much credit for what Byron Leftwich does

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Bruce Arians is enjoying his retirement from coaching. He’s currently in Arizona playing golf with a trip to Pebble Beach up next.

The Buccaneers’ former head coach, who now is a senior football consultant for the team, reiterated Wednesday that a rift with Tom Brady did not force him out.

“No, not at all,” Arians told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “You know me. I cuss them all out. We have a great relationship.”

Arians said he stepped down to give defensive coordinator Todd Bowles a chance to take over a contender. Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, though, remains wanting.

Leftwich was “so close” to getting the Jaguars’ job that went to Doug Pederson, Arians said, and he added that a head coaching job is “on the horizon” for Leftwich.

Arians has said many times that he gets too much credit for Leftwich’s offense, but on Wednesday, he also threw in Brady.

“I get credit and Brady gets way too much credit for what Byron does with our offense,” Arians said. “One of the reasons I hope he gets all the credit he deserves this year is to get a coaching gig; you know, he had about four or five teams real interested last year. . . . I would anticipate him to be a head coach real fast.”

Even if Arians was merely trying to pump up Leftwich, Brady might be less than thrilled hearing Arians’ comment.

21 responses to “Bruce Arians: Tom Brady and I get too much credit for what Byron Leftwich does

  1. Bruce Arians get’s credit for anything? Why would he? He’s been basically retired ever since Brady was signed.

  2. No, BA, just you received too much credit, Brady deserves all the credit and then some…for real

  3. Tell me you’re taking a shot at Tom Brady without telling me you’re taking a shot at Tom Brady. It’s like the guy can’t accept the fact that Brady is the SOLE reason why the Bucs are relevant and contending.

  4. Why didn’t Byron get the HC job instead of Bowles then? Especially given Bowles’ less than stellar HC record.

  5. Leftwich and Arians get too much credit for what Brady has done. There’s video of Brady rejecting whatever play call Leftwich sent in. It’s not hard to see who runs the show in Tampa.

  6. Brady effect – Brady thrived mostly every season he has played!

    Leftwich success has penned on Vet. QBs (Palmer and now Brady)…

  7. Even Bill admitted that if not for Brady, they wouldn’t have won as many games/championships. Give that guy some credit Bruce – you don’t lose anything

  8. When TB12 got involved in game planning in 2020, the Bucs were 8-5 and went undefeated and won the SB. Brady finished the season texting the entire team that they would win the SB. Arians was along for the ride.

    Beat writers write about whether there is/was a rift between Brady and Arians when it is right there in front of everyone. Arians stated priority is/was to mentor coaches. Brady’s stated priority is to win championships. Brady wasn’t willing to take time away from his family so that Arians could mentor coaches. It came to a head in the last 0:38 of the playoff game. Glazer and Licht facilitated the transition.

  9. Brady and Peyton Manning are the two most cerebral QB’S I’ve seen in my lifetime.That being said it should take nothing away from the job that Byron Leftwich has done especially handling Brady. The character he shows on the sidelines and playcalling attributes should put him at the top of the list for Head Coach and I would hope to see him as an eventual GM.

  10. I cant stand this guy. Seriously. Just stop talking and go away. He rode Manning’s coat tails in Indy, then he rode Big Ben’s coat tails in Pittsburgh, failed as a HC in Arizona, and then rode Tom Brady’s coat tails in Tampa. This guy is a fraud and a clown to top it off.

  11. The last time I checked Byron Leftfield was easily handled by Washington this past season and nearly thumped in the playoffs the year before by the same team. I am so impressed with what Leftfield has done – taking an old man and making him look like an effective QB. Next thing you know that Leftfield will be given credit for the defense in the Snoopy Bowl that was the real reason that team won.

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