Sam Darnold: I know I’m a good quarterback; I’ve proved it

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
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The Panthers are bringing the top quarterback prospects to Carolina as they consider what to do with the sixth overall selection. Panthers General Manager Scott Fitterer acknowledged recently the team doesn’t have a long-term answer at the position and “at some point you have to take a shot” if you’re picking at the top of the first round.

While it’s not a given that the Panthers will draft Liberty’s Malik Willis, Pitt’s Kenny Pickett, Ole Miss’ Matt Corral, Cincinnati’s Desmond Ridder, North Carolina’s Sam Howell or Western Kentucky’s Bailey Zappe, it does make clear what the Panthers think of Sam Darnold.

The Panthers moved on from Teddy Bridgewater last year after trading for Darnold. Now, they are looking for an upgrade to Darnold.

Darnold’s feelings are not hurt, because of his belief in himself.

“It truly is like whatever happens happens, because at the end of the day, it’s out of my control, and I know that,” Darnold said on Bussin’ with the Boys, a podcast created by Titans tackle Taylor Lewan and free agent linebacker Will Compton. “I have enough security in myself to where I can be like, ‘I know I’m a good quarterback. I know I can be a good quarterback in this league. I’ve proved it.’ And I know there’s a team, if something happens, that would want me.”

It seems unlikely any other team would want Darnold as its starter for 2022. The former first-round choice has played with two teams in four seasons and has a 17-32 record, 54 touchdowns, 52 interceptions and a 76.9 passer rating.

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  1. Who is he trying to fool? He’s getting replaced by one of the lesser QB’s from this year’s draft class…

  2. He’s proven he’s marginal, that’s about it. Granted he has t played for great teams either, but if he thinks he’s proven anything he’s kidding himself.

  3. Well, first of all its not about just wins and losses, second of all his years with the Jets should be discounted because its the Jets. Thirdly, the coaching staff in Carolina is unproven so he may be much better with better talent around him

  4. Colin Kaepernick is 100x better than darnold. It’ll hurt feelings and make certain ppl boo hoo alot, buts it’s facts.

  5. Gee, he sounds like a great replacement for Aaron Rogers. I think Green Bay is soon going to have to replace the GOAT (his assessment) with another QB, with the same attitude. Why not get him now to train under the goat and then they’ll be ready to just pick up where Aaron left off? Sounds like a win, win to me.

  6. Darnold’s best year was 2019, 19 TD’s, rating of 84, 3k yards passing, beating out the likes of Rudolph, Mayfield and Dalton. The other 3 years were just terrible. You gave it a shot but the best you can hope for is to stay in the league as a back up.

  7. I must have missed those games where he proved he was a good QB.
    And all those stats for the last 4 seasons much be wrong.
    Since he’s a good QB the Panthers made a great trade, only giving up a 2,4,6 for him. Good luck, see you in the playoffs this year.

  8. Great interview, highly recommend but Darnold seems to have no competitive fire. Very bland guy but Lewan asked good questions

  9. I’ll give Sam credit in that you always bet on yourself. As for myself and I dare say a good many others, I won’t be making the same bet on Sam. His career thus far is a pretty fair indication of what kind of player he is on the field; not good.

  10. Darnold says “whatever happens happens, it’s out of my control”. Actually it’s the exact opposite. It’s completely within your control. Play well and they will leave well enough alone.

  11. If they draft a QB how about you try to compete and beat him out instead of already thinking about playing for another team

  12. Since he’s “proved it” he might as well retire on top. A true legend in his own mind.

  13. “I’m a good quarterback. … I’ve proved it.’ ”
    Did I miss something, when was it?

  14. Matthew Stafford just proved last year that a very good QB can get lost on a really bad team and lets face it… both the Jets and Panthers continue to be really bad. Why?… because either their front office is really bad at drafting quality players and/or their coaches are really bad developing players. So maybe Darnold has a point?… maybe, like Stafford, he’s just been placed in bad situations created by dumb people who think they are smart. Or maybe Darnold’s really bad, hard to tell the difference when we don’t know if he’s in a decent enough situation where he can be evaluated.

  15. If his confidence in himself would translate into production on the field, he’d be a winner. Wishing him the best to show that.

  16. Kinda feel for Darnold. No talent around him really ever. CMac not healthy. Hasn’t had a decent coach around him yet. Has shown moments of being an NFL QB and has looked absolutely lost many other times.

  17. When did Sam Darnold prove he was a good QB1? I must of missed that season because every time I’ve seen him play he’s sucked. I feel kinda bad for Darnold because when he came into the league the potential was there, he was much better his first n second season than any season their after. The Jets ruined him to a degree playing him behind OL’s that had no business starting in this league. Carolina’s offensive line was just as bad, and he’s never had multiple blue chip players at the skill positions like a lot of QBs have.
    If I were Darnold I’d try to sign on to a good stable team for next to nothing. A team known for developing QBs that has at least an above average OL & has a good running game with a lot of weapons & talent at the skill positions & try as best he can to reboot his career. If Darnold can go to a good team that had good QB coach’s on staff with a good OL that can protect him & good run game to play to his strengths running a lot of play action n boot legs getting him on the move often then I could see Sam Darnold turning his career around and having some success in the league. Darnold has never really had adequate talent around him, at this point though he may be ruined. Here’s to hoping he can turn it around.

  18. If you have to tell everyone that you are that good then prepare to see the vultures flying above. This says it all two teams in four seasons and has a 17-32 record, 54 touchdowns, 52 interceptions and a 76.9 passer rating.

  19. He’s prob thinking back to his debut when he destroyed the Lions. Been all downhill since.

  20. Reporter: “Mr Darnold, do You think You transitioned to a good NFL-Starting-QB?”
    Sam Darnold: “I´m afraid not. My stats are poor and I couldn´t win anything in 4 years. It´s much harder than I envisioned and I´m lacking basic abilities for a successful NFL carreer. Nevertheless, I´m making more money this year alone than the average American in 100 years of real, hard work. So I´m blessed and humbled by the priviledged life that has been handed to me.”

    How refreshing would it be to read a honest statement! Now let me dream on.

  21. It’s always good to believe in oneself and one’s abilities. But Darnold is seriously delusional.

  22. When did Darnold prove anything other than he was a draft bust? Not trying to be a jerk, I am legitimately asking because I havent followed his career all that closely…

  23. He needs to get in right situation. Jets and Panthers are dumpster fires. See Rich Gannon what a right situation does for you.

  24. Wooo boy. You are best saying nothing here, Sam. Talk to your therapist, not a podcast about your feelings.

  25. I don’t understand. I would have been fine with “I know I’m a good QB”. I expect these guys to have irrational confidence. That’s one of the reasons they get as high as they do.

    But “I’ve proved it”? That would concern me if I was the Panthers or another team thinking about acquiring him if the Panthers give up on him.

    Because him thinking he’s already shown enough would lead me to believe he’s got a very low ceiling for what he thinks good QB play actually is.

  26. I watched a few of his games in college and frankly never saw any where he did all that much then either. I kept saying to myself, “Why all the hype over this guys? He’s average at best.” Then he proved in the NFL he’s not even average. Frankly he pretty much just sucks. Good luck earing millions as a journeyman backup, Mr. Delusional….

  27. Sam Darnold: I know I’m a good quarterback; I’ve proved it
    I must have gone to grab a beer during that play.

  28. Another failed USC Quarterback project. They’re superstars in college and failed projects in the NFL.
    – Matt Lienart
    – Matt Barkley
    – Mark Sanchez
    – Sam Darnold

    Carson Palmer was the best to come to the NFL and even he was taken out by injury and never returned to his former self.

  29. If we were to compare Taylor Heinicke’s “career” with Sammy Darnold, I believe Taylor has more career positive plays to watch.

  30. “Sam Darnold, it is time for your random drug test”. Dude is the modern Rick Meier!

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