XFL unveils new logo


The XFL debuted in 2001 and returned in 2020. It will be back in 2023, and it will have a new logo.

Now owned by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia, the XFL unveiled a simple look this week.

Launched by NBC and Vince McMahon’s WWE, the original XFL started strong but then faltered. The reboot, led by McMahon in 2020, did well until the pandemic intervened. McMahon took the league into bankruptcy, from which the new owners bought it.

The XFL arrives one year after the USFL debuts next month on Fox and NBC. The spread of legalized gambling could result in enough interest in both leagues. The challenge could come from getting the best non-NFL players. Surely, the USFL nor the XFL will try to pay NFL-style wages.

Thanks to gambling, the revenue should be there. The biggest challenge will be minimizing expenses. The USFL will keep costs low by playing all regular-season games in Birmingham, Alabama and all postseason games in Canton, Ohio.

If/when either the USFL or the XFL turn a profit, the NFL could swoop in and buy one or both leagues. The NFL pulled the plug on its European minor league 15 years ago for one reason — money. If/when spring football can be proven to make money, the masters of pro football in the fall surely will be sniffing around.

13 responses to “XFL unveils new logo

  1. QBs and OL need a place to develop. Period. Successful spring football equals successful NFL football.

  2. The original USFL was a decent product because they competed with the NFL for the acquisition of talented college players. It’s also why they went broke. But that same kind of talent will not be present in this version. It will be an NFL minor league level of talent.

  3. I just need some football to tie me over until college football and the NFL begins…

  4. The XFL has already out done the Washington Commanders with the re-branding.

  5. blaine428 says:
    April 6, 2022 at 7:56 pm
    QBs and OL need a place to develop. Period. Successful spring football equals successful NFL football.


    Couldn’t agree more. There are plenty of players in every position group that need reps in real games for decent pay, living accommodations, etc. It gives teams a more experienced pool of players to bring up and can demote underperforming players without having to cut them. Maybe use the options system that baseball uses. It would be beneficial to every team.

  6. The four letter networks did a fascinating documentary on the original USFL. It was a spectacular failure for the former guy, one of many.

  7. Are they gonna do their opening kick off where one guy from each team sprints toward the ball at midfield? LMFAO. Joking. But I am hopeful that this league will be ok, because I just dont think the Rock would align himself with something that is going to be garbage.

  8. They probably paid a couple of hundred thousand for that. You could have done it yourself for free on Canva

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